Rayzor’s Top 10 Favorite Video Games

Going over a lot of old things in an effort to perhaps resurrect this old website, I have been thinking a lot about lists like this one.  I have updated it from the original 2014 list, enjoy.

This is my list, my favorite games of all time.  Everyone is different and loved different games for different reasons.   Just becuase these games are my top favorite, does not mean these are the best games ever.  I say this because I do not play some games that most say are great, Call of Duty, Bioshock, Portal, Dead Space, Borderlands, Halo and many other games.  Some games I have tried and just cannot play, I will make an excuse, with first person shooters, I get a little dizzy and feel pretty bad after playing. I have tried glasses and it did not work, so they are off limits.  Dead Space I just could not get in to at all.  Of course this does not mean I think these games are bad, if they were bad everyone on my friends list on Xbox Live would not be playing them.

This list spans my entire lifetime of gaming, form 1985 all the way to now.  From the original NES to the current Xbox 360.  So I hope you enjoy my list and maybe think about your top favorite games of all time.  So this is it, as of right now, this is Rayzor’s Top 10 Video Games.

10. Resident Evil 2 (1998) PSone

What can I say about Resident Evil 2?  This for a long time was my favorite game of all time.  But it isn’t anymore.  Well I do still love this game very much.

I bought this game because I loved the first one so much.  I played through this game so many time i really don’t know what to say about it.  The story was great, you got to play as to different characters, not to mention Ada Wong.  Leon Kennedy is one of my favorite video game characters ever.  I probably could have played through this game in one night, but I took my time with this one.  So many games I have just torn through, but I let this one burn and sink in, every single time.

I used to play this once a year, but unfortunately that stopped when the Xbox 360 was released and I played Resident Evil 4.  Resident Evil 4, they changed the game play and it worked a lot better.  It does not matter, this is by far my favorite of the series, may not be the best, but my favorite.

2018 – I had the chance to watch The Horror Syndicate’s own Bryan Enright play through Resident Evil 2 and it was great, but for me, it looks like I have closed the door on this one.  I still have great memories.

9. Contra (1987) NES

Contra is one of the earliest games I can remember.  Well other than Super Mario Bros.  Anyway all I have to say is, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A…You have got to love the Konami code.  My cousins and I played the living crap out of this game.  So many late nights, just killing everyt thing in sight, trying to get to the Red Falcon has it really been 20 years.  It is or was downloadable on Xbox Live.

I have to say this game has not lost its luster.  Playing on the Xbox Live network or hooking up the old NES version during vintage gaming days.  Have not had the chance to play this in some time.  I think it is time, it only takes about 30 or 45 minutes to beat this game and it is worth every minute, grab a friend, last time I beat it was with an old friend, Deefuzz.

2018- Yeah, Contra is still a game I can pick up an dplay at any time.  Any time, no matter what.

8. Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag (2013) Xbox 360

This spot was originally for Assassin’s Creed II, which  do absolutely love, I love them all…Well, not the first one.  That was complete crap, but we had to get a start.

With over 90 hours in my first ever play through and second that has clocked over 40 without even getting to the middle, I just love this game.  It is deeper with so much more to explore.  Taking over enemy ships, fishing…well harpooning sharks and whales is a lot of fun.  The only thing I really miss, which there is a little bit.  This one is missing some of the bigger puzzles or they just are not hard enough.  I don’t know.  The story is good and it works as a prequel for the great Assassin’s Creed III.

Edward Kenway is great, but he is not my favorite of the chracters in the series, that still belongs to Ezio.

2018- I am dabbling in this again, with over 40 hours of game play in, it is hard to tear myself away and move on to the newest installment, Origins.

7. Mass Effect (2007) Xbox 360

Something must be wrong with me, it takes me so long to listen to my friends, you will find out more later.  My brother-in-law told me about this game for 2 years and it took me that long to play the game.  This was one I could not stop playing, but I had to try to get it done fast.  I had to fight through this to get to Mass Effect 2, it was nearing it’s release.  When I finished the second game I went right back to the first one and played it again.

I was told if I liked Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and Dragon Age, I would like this, yep.  I prefer it to Dragon Age, but Bioware, knows gaming and produced to nearly equal…sequals.  Just like Assassins Creed II, we got another unforgetable main character, Shepard.  The best part was creating the character based on everything you do in the game, even at the begining creating your appearence and even your sex.

I cannot stress this enough, if you have never played this game or the others, do it as soon as possible, please.  You are in for one of the greatest video game saga’s of ever.  I do not know a single person not satisfied with the series.

2018- I still love this one over the other 4 games.  But, really it is hard to choose, the trilogy is possible the finest Science Fiction video game trilogy ever made.

6. Red Dead Redemption (2010) Xbox 360

John Marsten!  I loved Red Dead Revolver and a little game called Gun, not enough westerns out there and when this game out it was first in line.  This did not disappoint one bit.  Not only the story which was long and very good with an unexpected twist, but the multi-player.  The deep, open multi-player is great for anyone.  You do get some bozos once in a while, but for the most part people leave you alone.  If people don’t, posse up and go after them and their entire gang.  TAKE…THEM…DOWN!

As I said the story is great and it is hard to see it go when it ends, but you can continue in a non canon way with the Undead Nightmare.  I found this a little, frustrating at times and the easiest way to kill the zombies was by fire.  It was a nice touch, but this game did not need the addition at all.  You can hunt, take out gang hide outs, all kinds of challenges.  This game is so large, between the story and getting 100% and 100% of the multi-player you can log some serious hours in the game, and I did for sure.

Bottum line, this is a great game and I do think everyone should give it a crack.

5. Batman Arkham Asylum (2009) Xbox 360

After so many aweful and painful to play Batman games, too many to count, Rocksteady finally gives us the best game to date.  Some may argue that Arkham City is better.  It is deeper and there is so much more to do in Arkham City and that is a part of my problem.  I love how linear this one is, where Arkham City is so damned open, not usually a bad thing, just at times was too much.  I know so many people who have not finished the game to this day.

Arkhan Asylum was ground breaking, there are others who have tried to follow, but no one duplicated the success and this awesome game.

I did have some complaints, but they were few and not worth mentioning.  I would have like to see more costumes, but thanks to the sequel it happened.   Pretty much everything in the sequel we found everyting I wasnted to see in this game.  I want to mention one thing, I loved Arkham City, I prefer Arkham Asylum.

2018- Well, I have played all of the Arkham game, Asylum, City, Knight and Origins and I still find Asylum to be my favorite.  The most linear and it takes less time to get through.  I have played through each game multiple times for sure.

4. Gears of War 2 (2008) Xbox 360

This is the game that made me want to do this list.  I popped this into the old xbox and played horde mode.  I realized then it has been some time since my last offering of my top 10 games.  I checked over my last list from 2009, this game placed 2nd.

I will start by explaining that I love the series as a whole.  Gears 3 may be the best offering of the bunch, but this stole my heart.  I played the horde mode before even playing the story mode.  Countless hours of my life wasted on the multi-player, killing grubs and gears.  So much fun, between myself and my friends.  This game is the reason I had to buy a second 360 and a second copy for my wife.  She is a total Gears head.

Overall the story is great and all three games get better and better.  Judgement comes out next week and I am sad to see Marcus and Dom gone, but I know they will be there in multi-player.  I hope one day we will get either Pendulum Wars game or a Marcus and Dom, taking place before Marcus goes to prison.  It was touched on in the third game, but not enough.  I love me some MARCUSES!

2018- Well, I lost my wife and best friend in 2017 and we played Gears 2 so much together.  It takes me back to when she was pregnant with my son.  She would sit there next to me with this determined look on her face killing grubs.  She was awesome.

3. Star Wars Battlefront II (2005) Xbox/PS2

How many people out there have been craving the next installment of Star Wars Battlefront?  What in the hell is wrong with Lucas Arts?  This era of gaming has been huge for online multi-player, most gamers these days buy games for the online expierence only.  I do not understand why Battlefront III has not been released.  A few years ago I saw a concept video and a bunch of concept art for the game that was never released.  What in the hell happened?

Ok, enough with the ranting and raving.  I love this game, Star Wars is my end all favorite thing to geek out to and this game did so much for me.  First, killing Ewoks, second killing droids by the handfuls.  The first game again was very good, but the second time around, they totally got the game right, near perfect in my mind.  There are things that could be improved upon, but for the most part it is lovely.  I have played many hours playing this game, my first ever online game.  My brother-in-law still to this day comes over and we will play for hours on end, 8 YEARS LATER LUCAS ARTS!

I could talk in great lengths about this game, but I will wait and possibly do a special post about this one.  I wish we could some how get another game, we are nearly moving on to another generation of gaming systems and Star Wars Battlefront is absent from the library.  It’s not right, not at all, and now Star Wars 1313 has been put on hold.  I need to stop, because this is not the last time I will mention my problems with Lucas Arts.

2018- Since I wrote this post, there are now 2 new Battlefront games.  They do not compare to this one.  Not even close.  The good people at Microsoft recently made this game backwards compatible.  Thank god for that, because I have renewed my love affair for this game and Star Wars.

2. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (1997) PSone

I bought my Playstation to play sports games, honestly.  But I found out a new Castlevania game was released and I had to buy it.  Castlevania was my gaming childhood.  From the original to Bloodlines on the Sega Genesis and Super Castlevania IV on the Super NES, I loved the everything about these games.

If anyone would like to try and argue with me about this game bring it.  This is the best Castlevania game of all time.  Anything that has come after has been complete, poop.  I will excuse any game on handheld systems and the fantastic Xbox Live Harmony of Despair, mutli-player offering.  The 3D games have just not worked at all.  Sidescroll all the way for this series and I think that is why the games are so great.  Harmony of Despair is a great game played like a handheld and like Sympony of the Night.

So back in 1997-1999 all I played was the three Resident Evil games and this.  When I found out this was available for download on Xbox live, I wasted no time.  I am not sure if it is still available, but if so download this and Harmony of Despair and then hit me up and we can play, my gamer tag is rwm33.  Haha, not anymore!

2018- The amazing thing about this game, how long it took me to get anywhere.  Because now, it is very quick.  I think I must have gotten lost a lot.  I still love this damned game!

1. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2003) Xbox

HEY BIOWARE, LUCAS ARTS!!!  Why was the Old Republic made, rather than Knights of the Old Republic III?  Or why not in conjuntion with the Old Republic make a game that was a RPG for consoles?  This may be the best RPG ever, in my opinion of course.  I would have never played games like, Dragon Age Origins or Mass Effect if not for this game.  To be honest it also led to my love for the Dark Horse comic book part of Star Wars Expanded Universe.

In this game, again took me a long time to listen to reason.  I did not get an Xbox until around 2004 which kept me from playing the game, but still my friends continued to tell me to play this game.  Finally I bought the Xbox and KOTOR with it.  I played for more than 12 hours in my first sitting.  There was so much to explore, so much to do.  Every decision you made affected the game later, it affected the people who were with you, I was hooked.  Finally when I finished the game, I turned around and played it in a different way and the ending changed, how could this be.  I was so happy, I played it again.  I played through this game three times in just over one month.  Then I went and picked up the second game, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.  It was not even close to as good, I did love it, but it did not have the Bioware effect.

2018- Still great, that is all.  Actually I would love to see an HD version this and its sequel.

So in my history of gaming this is by far my favorite game, due to the fact I put ever single game aside once a year to play through this game.  It has not gotten old for me, not one bit.  I have recently started playing it again for 2013 and decided to go all darkside and so far, glorious.  Again if you have not played this game, check it out.  Do not play it on the Xbox 360, break out the old Xbox, the frame rate is too slow or something.

That is my list, it may in time change a little and I have no idea when I will make another game.  It took 4 years for me to do this, I guess when I feel I need to update.  Assassins Creed II is the newest addition to the list, if you are interested in seeing the list check this link http://www.cheapassgamer.com/forums/blog.php?u=241161, this is also my very first blog ever.  The list includes my top 5 games of 2009, top 10 games of the decade 2000-2009.  It is interesting to read this after all of this time.

I hope you enjoyed yet another list, there are more to come.  One of these days I will reveal my top gaming systems.  By the way as I always like to do, I challenge you to make your top 10 video game list.

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