Rayzor’s Romances: Grand Moff Tarkington (part 1)


DISCLAIMER: Everything told in this story is from my, Rayzor’s point of view, I changed the names of the parties involved to protect their identities.

So yeah, I’m a big time star wars fan.  But honestly this girl has nothing to do with Star Wars.  Come to think about it, I’ve never dated a girl who was into Star Wars.  That is a shame.

Since this is the Christmas season, I thought I’d go back to the old days of seasonal retail work.  So back in the old days I worked at Toys r Us from 2000 to 2004 and every Christmas season brought a new batch of seasonal employees.  This usually meant a couple of things, young just out of high school kids and early 20s woman.  Usually there would be a few new relationships or hook ups during the Christmas season, giving an entirely new meaning to “it’s the season to be jolly”.

For the most part, I passed on these, 2000 I  was newer and didn’t know anyone and 2001 I was still fixated on Ellen.  2002 rolled anyone round and it happened a couple of times.  This particular case was a girl named…Tracy.  Of course you know the rules.  This is not her real name.

Christmas Season, 2002

So I worked the sales floor at Toys r Us, they called it Boys World.   It was action figures, sports and bikes.  I would have to sometimes back-up as a cashier and there were times I’d have to go to the checkout area.  Sometimes there were reasons like to check out the new seasonal cashiers.  This time, she wasn’t seasonal, oh no, she was wearing a shirt.  Back then you could tell the seasonal associates from regular by their attire.  If you wore the red shirt, you were a regular associate, if you wore a red vest…you were seasonal and affectionately know as a “vest”.

This girl was no “vest”.  She was good looking, had all the right curves and my interest was perked. I made random trips to the front to see her and thought about what to say to approach her.  Problem was, I was kind of seeing a “vest” at the time.  I was actually trying to get out of it, because she had certain qualities that I didn’t like.  So there were times I’d go try and get a glimpse of Tracy and I even tried sparking up conversations.  She really came off bitchy.

So I stopped bothering, when one day I come back with my lunch and Tracy is sitting there with some dude.  You could tell there was tension between them.  I sat a couple of tables away and I could hear them silently argue.  He got mad and walked out and Tracy left the room and went back to work.  I had the strangest feeling they may have just broke up.  

At that point, I was like, “nope”.  I didn’t want to get into any drama with some girl I didn’t know.  So I took a pass.  I figured the season would be over soon and more Than  likely she would be gone.  I even found out that she was here for the season and possibly leaving for school.

I rarely worked Sunday’s and somehow I closed on this particular Sunday night.  I was given the baby toy area to straighten up after we closed.  I was teamed up with, you guessed it, Tracy.  We started on opposite ends of the department before making our way to the middle.  We got to the middle and we had our backs to each other in the same aisle.  She decided to take her Toys r us tshirt off and when it happened it was like magic.  I turned and saw, she was wearing a black shirt with one word…Deftones.  I threw down the toy I had in my hand and she laughed.  She asked why I did that and unbuttoned my shirt to show her, my Deftones shirt.  Baam we were meant to be!

Join me next week for part 2, seems like this will be a 3-part story, just in time for the Holidays!  Tracy, here is a song for you, Deftones anyone?

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