Rayzor’s Romances: Grand Moff Tarkington (part 1)


DISCLAIMER: Everything told in this story is from my, Rayzor’s point of view, I changed the names of the parties involved to protect their identities.

So yeah, I’m a big time star wars fan.  But honestly this girl has nothing to do with Star Wars.  Come to think about it, I’ve never dated a girl who was into Star Wars.  That is a shame.

Since this is the Christmas season, I thought I’d go back to the old days of seasonal retail work.  So back in the old days I worked at Toys r Us from 2000 to 2004 and every Christmas season brought a new batch of seasonal employees.  This usually meant a couple of things, young just out of high school kids and early 20s woman.  Usually there would be a few new relationships or hook ups during the Christmas season, giving an entirely new meaning to “it’s the season to be jolly”.

For the most part, I passed on these, 2000 I  was newer and didn’t know anyone and 2001 I was still fixated on Ellen.  2002 rolled anyone round and it happened a couple of times.  This particular case was a girl named…Tracy.  Of course you know the rules.  This is not her real name. Read More »