Rayzor’s Top 10 Favorite Video Games

Going over a lot of old things in an effort to perhaps resurrect this old website, I have been thinking a lot about lists like this one.  I have updated it from the original 2014 list, enjoy.

This is my list, my favorite games of all time.  Everyone is different and loved different games for different reasons.   Just becuase these games are my top favorite, does not mean these are the best games ever.  I say this because I do not play some games that most say are great, Call of Duty, Bioshock, Portal, Dead Space, Borderlands, Halo and many other games.  Some games I have tried and just cannot play, I will make an excuse, with first person shooters, I get a little dizzy and feel pretty bad after playing. I have tried glasses and it did not work, so they are off limits.  Dead Space I just could not get in to at all.  Of course this does not mean I think these games are bad, if they were bad everyone on my friends list on Xbox Live would not be playing them.

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