Super Bowl 50 Prediction

TWITTER_panthersI do this every single year, why would this year be any different?  I am a football fan and losing the St. Louis Rams to Los Angeles, which did not make me happy with the NFL.  But I still love football and my favorite team is the Raiders, so I will be ok.  I am excited to see what happens to the Rams next season and what kind of games we will see rather than being exclusive to Rams games.

But this is about the Super Bowl, Super Bowl 50.  I cannot believe I have been watching the Super Bowl for 27 years, 49ers beat the Bengals.  Since then I have tuned in to every Super Bowl since.  I love this game so much and there have been times I have been let down and excited.

For this Super Bowl, we will see, possibly Peyton Manning’s final game.  But the interesting thing, we see an aging veteren who has shown us all, who the best Quarterback of all-time is, it is Peyton Manning, he has the records and this is his fourth Super Bowl, sure he has only won 1 Super Bowl.  But he took his team four times.  John Elway lost his firt 3 trips the Super Bowl and people in Denver think he is a God.

Cam Newton is amazing.  He has changed the game completely, in some ways.  I mean, he has some Michael Vick, Randall Cunningham, Warren Moon, Brett Favre, Steve Young and Aaron Rogers in him.  He may not be the most accurate QB of all-time, but he is one hell of a play-maker.  I have never watched a Panthers game with such interest until Cam came along.  Say what you will about his personality, he is there to win games and he does that.  The guy has a great arm and can make plays when he gets nothing.

Now for my predictions.  I have watched the Broncos and I have watched the Panthers.  The Panthers will come out strong and grab 17 points before the Broncos can even jump on the board.  Peyton will bring the Broncos back and even take the lead.  But Cam and the Panthers will eventually grabs the lead with a field-goal and it will be 27-24 at the end of the third quarter.  The Panthers will tack on one more Touchdown and the final score will be 34-24 and the Panthers will win Super Bowl 50.


My heart wants Peyton to win and retire, but I do not think it will happen.  The Panthers are so explosive and that 15-1 record speaks for itself.  I do believe both teams will put on a good show.

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