St. Louis Rams and the Relocation Situation


I love sports, it is a tricky subject to talk about.  Everyone thinks they are an expert.  This is just a simple article to chime in on the possible relocation of not only the St. Louis Rams, but the Oakland Raiders and the San Diego Chargers as well.  This is tricky, I am from the St. Louis area and I am a huge Oakland Raiders fan.

I’m going to go back to the early 1990s, we as football fans of the NFL did not have team in St. Louis.  We lost our team when I was 7 years old, so I have no memory of having two Cardinal teams in St. Louis.  My father raised me to be a Raider fan.  At the time the Raiders were in Los Angeles with the Rams.  We did not have a home team to root for, most were Kansas City Chief fans and no thank you.  Being a Raider fan, you’re brought up to know the Chiefs are our sworn enemy.  

I followed all sorts of teams when I began watching football.  The Raiders, Bills all Lions were the ones I seemed to care about.  The Buffalo Bills were going to four Super Bowls in a row, the Lions had Barry Sanders and the Raiders were my team.  I did like the Miami Dolphins, watching Dan Marino was amazing.


The LA Rams move to St. Louis.  I was not a huge fan of this move.  They were nothing to me, from what I remember they were terrible in every way.  But the came to St. Louis and we had football again.  They stormed out of the gate and 5 of their first 6 games and the the San Francisco 49ers put them in their place.   The Rams would finish 7-9 in their first season and it would not be long before they would go to the Super Bowl.  The Rams won a Super Bowl with Marshall Faulk and Kurt Warner and the rest of the greatest show on turf.  For a few good years from 1999 to 2004, St. Louis was a home to one of the best football teams in the NFL.


I believe St. Louis is a great sports town.  We love our Cardinals, Blues and Rams.  The Rams have been here for 21 seasons now and sure sometimes the attendance is down.  But no matter what, we support this team.  I do think this a money and greed situation and it sucks that we, the fans get caught in the crossfire.  I do believe the Rams will leave St. Louis as long as Stan Kroenke owns the franchise.

The situation is strange, I don’t think the Raiders nor the Chargers will stay where they are.  But I don’t think we will see three teams share a city.  The is ridiculous and just not fair.  Not fair to St. Louis, Oakland or San Diego.  My prediction is the Raiders  and the Chargers will move to LA.  From everything I hear $tan Kroenke is breaking rules all over the place.  Not to mention he recently bought land in Maryland Heights, Missouri.  Why?    Somehow, some way I think we as St. Louis football fans will have a team.  What if Kroenke builds a stadium in Maryland Heights and moves the Rams.  Would the Chargers or Raiders move to St. Louis to fill that stadium that $tan Kroenke built?  That sounds uttlery ridiculous, but who knows what this silent man has on his agenda.  The guys is like a sphinx, impossible to read.

I am a Rams fan, no doubt.  But if the move, would I be ok with a different team moving in?  

If it were the Chargers?  

Sure, I guess.  We would have a team here in St. Louis and it would be like getting the Rams.  A team I don’t really care about that would have to earn my love.  I do like some of the current players on the roster, like Philip Rivers and if they could keep their uniform, that would cool, not bad looking.


If it were the Raiders?

This would be a dream scenario for me.  The only way it would not make a happy if Oakland pulled a Cleveland and retained the rights to the team name, logo and history.  Then the NFL would be Raiderless and that would piss me off.

Not to mention the future looks bright for the Raiders with Derek Carr and Amari Cooper, I love both them.  The Raiders seem to be on the right track and soon, hopefully, I will not have to hear the jokes about how bad they are.  I love my Raiders!


In a perfect world the Rams would stay as would the Chargers and Raiders.  But for some reason the NFL needs to go back to LA, even if two teams left at the same time 20 years ago.  That is a bad omen to me.  This may be a little overkill, why doesn’t $tan Kroenke sell the Rams and maybe we could get 2 more NFL teams.  New York has 2 teams, I guess LA could too.  Is 34 teams too many?

The NFL could realign the entire league and we could get the 18 game season we have all wanted.  Right?  That is for another article, it would be fun to figure it out and re-align the league that desperately needs it.

Thanks for reading.  I hope the Rams stay in St. Louis, I have become a big fan and I love them, my number 2 favorite team.  If they move, it will be a dark day for St. Louis.  But I hope somewhere along the lines we get a different team, maybe the Raiders..who knows.  For now I will continue to root for my favorite teams, Go Raiders and Go St. Louis Rams!

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Source: Getty Images

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