Rayzor’s Romances: The Legend of Casey Kay part 1

RoR Romances

DISCLAIMER: Everything told in this story is from my, Rayzor’s point of view, I changed the names of the parties involved to protect their identities.

One night in early 1995 a friend of mine, Jace and I were walking back from the movies.  I don’t recall what the film was, but the cinema was only 4 blocks from the apartment building I was living in and very convenient.  I feel like it may have been “Forest Gump”.  Anyway, there is a bank about a block away and I saw a girl I know, Rosalia.  Yeah, that’s her name, didn’t matter, I was so into her at the time and it was kind of exotic.  She was this half Puerto Rican half white girl.
Rosalia was inside the bank cleaning with her friend Casey.  So they were about done and we hung out with them at the bank, outside the bank.  Jace and Casey hit it off, which didn’t matter I was so into Rosalia.
Shortly after we all started to talk more, Jace and Casey, I and Rosalia.  Then we started to date each other.  Of course I was 15 at the time so it was not all that serious.  We had a make out party or two, we would all sit together at lunch and eventually Rosalia and I parted ways.
This to me was heartbreaking, how could my 9th girlfriend of my freshman year of high school breakup with me?  The reason in those days was a classic cop out, “You’re too nice…”  Maybe that’s why I come off as such an asshole nowadays.  So, needless to say I was hurt, I think it was more of a “my best friend is dating her best friend thing”.  Rosalia and Casey claimed to be best friends.  Who knows, girls are weird about the best friend term.
Casey was amazing, she really took care of me, after school we walked around and let me vent out my 2 week relationship with Rosalia and I talked about how much this destroyed me.  Well, I was being over dramatic of course.  Eventually we ended up sharing some fries at McDonalds and headed back to her house.  We hung out for a while and I really started to think Kim was a cool chick and she was.  So I needed to get home and as I was about to leave I went in for a hung and somehow we kissed.
How could this happen?  She was dating Jace, one of very best friends.  For some reason we could not stop kissing and it turned into a make out session.  After I did get hit with a huge amount of guilt.  Mostly because he called her while I was standing there, so I took off and went home.
The next couple of days I avoided both of them, hell it was all three, Casey, Jason and Rosalia.  For Jace,  I couldn’t live with myself, for Rosalia, she was old news and Casey, I just wanted to kiss her more.  So finally one day after school I went to Casey’s house and talked about telling Jason, it turned into a make out session and me seeing her topless, at 15 that was an amazing day.
We finally confronted Jace and it was intense.   We nearly came to blows and fought while Casey and Jace broke up.  Not many days after, Casey and I began to date and I had lost Jace as a friend, for a time anyway.  The relationship with Casey is just beginning, things really started to get interesting with only 2 or 3 weeks left of Freshman year of High School.  I am going to stop there and save the rest for part 2.  This is kind of a tale of two relationships.  Join me, soon as I move on to the end of Freshman year and the end to Rayzor and Casey Kay.

As I like to do, this songs for you Casey!

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