Rayzor’s Romances: The Legend of Casey Kay part 3

RoR Romances

DISCLAIMER: Everything told in this story is from my, Rayzor’s point of view, I changed the names of the parties involved to protect their identities.

This is the final part about Casey, I need to end it.

So we last left off with Casey soaking wet at my front door.  She had tears in her eyes and I was stunned.  She started to tell me she was worried about me breaking up with her and how she feared the “end of us”.  To combat crazy, with crazy, I had to stop her so I kissed her.  I kissed her so hard she fall back onto the steps and we made out on the steps outside my apartment building.  I have to be honest, it was amazing, I can remember it like it was yesterday, at 15 it may have been the most passionate moment of my life, to that point of course.

From that point things got better between us, my mom moved us to a duplex a little further away.  It did not stop Casey from coming over whenever she wanted.  By the time summer began, she was over everyday, until Stevie would come by to hangout.  Stevie and I would hang out a lot and he was dating a girl named Amy and we would hang out with Amanda frequently.  Looking back, I probably should have brought Casey along, but Amy would always bring her friend Shana.  When Casey found out about that, I think it pushed her over the edge with jealousy.

I guess she thought Shana and I were hooking up and well, that was not happening, I only hung out with Shana once or twice, I don’t even remember her at school.  But she was not my type as she was over 6 feet tall.  Nothing was there, but Casey thought it was happening, so she sprang into action.  She, seduced me…

One day she let herself in, my family was gone and she got into bed with my and started to kissing me and working on me.  We eventually were naked and we began having sex.  This, did not last long, not because of my part, it was only a couple of…pumps and she started crying.  I stopped put my clothes on and went down stairs and grabbed an ice cold coca cola.  She came down stairs took a drink of my coke and told me this story of a boyfriend raping her.  Again, with the rape, I did not know what to think about this, she used it multiple times and I could not tell if it was the truth or not.  I will never know, but at that point, I was done with her.  She was crazy, possessive and controlling, I had to get out.

I waited a few days, said good bye to Stevie and knew my next step was to break it off with Casey.  I called Casey over and knew I had to do this like a man, a 15 year old man child.  I walked over to her house, wearing my Pirates hat of course.  She greeted me outside and told me I looked great, I had a new hair cut.  Casey was so cute, I have to admit, there was a part of me that could not do it.  We walked downtown, like we liked to and I could not get the nerve.  But finally we went to East End Park and I took the shot and began to break up with her.  But…before I could do it, she could sense it was coming, she told me she was pregnant.  This scared the living shit out of me, I had no words, I could not break up with her, I promised I would not leave her.  I just told her I needed time to think about everything before we moved forward and I told my mom.

I remember later that day being at home and thinking about, how this could happen to me, why me and when the video for Michael and Janet Jackson’s song Scream was on MTV, I remembered something.  I never ejaculated at all inside her or ever around her.  So there was no way it could happen, there is no way Casey could be pregnant with MY child anyway.

A few days later she told me she wanted to have an abortion, so I countered with I needed to see a test.  She lost her mind and I did not hear from her for about a week.  She popped back up and told me about an abortion she had.  I did not believe her at all, not one bit.  To this day I do not believe that she was pregnant and no one, not even her sister could tell me.  I believe she thought this would be the way to keep me from breaking up with her.  Well, either way it ended and Kim was out of my life by July.

Later, Jace and I were made to make up at a friends birthday party and we decided it was not worth ending out friendship.  The next year he and Casey got back together, despite my warnings.  That lasted through High School, it was strange arranging time to hang out with him around his time with Casey, oh no I take it back they broke up some time Senior year.  In 2006, Jace was going to marry a girl that was, well I felt wrong for him and I did not go to his wedding and it ended a great friendship, sadly.  I miss him everyday.

Casey and I tried one time during High School to try to mend what was broken and once again after High School, both times at Jace’s request.  It did not work out.  There was too much history, even if it were a short time, it was there and it was messed up.

Casey turned me off to ever having a relationship in High School.  During my Sophmore and Junior year of High School, there were girls around, but I did not date anyone.  Senior year I got back into the dating scene and that was a shit storm, let me tell you, I will soon.

Thanks for reading about my bizarre relationship with Casey.  Casey if this ever reaches you, my hat goes off to you and your crazy games you played with me.

Casey Kay, things were so weird between us and I thought there were some great things that happened.  I remember so much about what happened and I will never forget you!  This is for you…

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