Rayzor’s Romances: The Legend of Casey Kay part 2

RoR Romances

DISCLAIMER: Everything told in this story is from my, Rayzor’s point of view, I changed the names of the parties involved to protect their identities.

Last time I talked about the beginning of our relationship and how we came to meet.  I basically screwed over one of my best friends, over a girl.  Hell, I was 15 and it was the mid 1990s, I had an entire life ahead of me and to me at the time, it felt like the right thing to do.

But before I move on, I wanted to go back to one of the make out parties we had.  Jace decided to take a shower and I was going to walk the girls back to Casey’s house.  I forgot to mention that Casey lived really close, like a block away.  So I was walking them home and as we get to the corner, I see a previous girlfriend and her new boyfriend, who was a “thug”.  Well he did not like me too much.  He and Sonya were sitting on the steps of this building not far from my apartment.  He saw me and without a second thought stood up and pulled a gun, I told the girls to run, they did and he fired at me.  I turned and took off running to my apartment and went inside, scared for my life.  I did call the police, but nothing came of it.  Days later, I had heard Sonya broke up with the guy and he was overcome with grief and put that very gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger…He survived.  I do not know how true the last part was, but I did get the gun pulled on me while I was walking Casey and Rosalia home.

After everything fell apart with Jace, Casey and I began to date.  We would walk up to the movies or go eat pizza or even visit one of my favorite places to eat, a pharmacy called Schaffler’s, it was also a diner.  It was fun…for a while.  Late in the school year I found out a good friend of mine was moving away to Arizona, his name is Stevie.  We hung out a lot from 8th grade through Freshman year of High School.  So I wanted to spend a lot of time with him before he left.  Casey was very upset, she wanted my time.  Between baseball and hanging out with Stevie, Casey did get pushed aside, but it was May and Stevie would be gone by mid June.

On my birthday, Casey wanted the day for herself, it was my 15th birthday and she wanted me all to herself.  So we had school and I went to my locker and I had a present in my locker, not sure how she got my combo, but she broke into my locker.  It was cool, it was a Pittsburgh Pirates hat and I wanted one, for some reason I am a Cardinal fan who likes the Pirates.  But she took me for pizza and a movie, it was a good time.  I really thought we had something.  But things change when sex gets involved.

Most teenager eventually experiment with sex at some point, it was early for me, I was 14.  Casey and I discussed sex a lot, we were very active with making out and that was about it but, we would usually be knocking on the door.  There things like teen pregnancy would come up and we tried to be smart about everything, but little did I know, it was all apart of her warped little game she liked to play.  I told her, if it did ever happen, I would not leave her side, my dad left when I was 2 and it made me feel noble.

So, again I lived not far from Casey and she was over a lot.  My mom did not like her at all, “wolf in sheep’s clothes”, she said a lot.  My mom also told me, Casey was controlling and that was for sure.  My mom had this boyfriend, I am child of divorce…but Tracy, my mom’s boyfriend was a jerk and maybe a little bit of a pervo, I did catch him looking at Casey and again, she is 15 and he was in his late 20’s maybe 30.  So, Casey used this when I mentioned it to her.  She wrote me this note on graph paper about having a nightmare about Tracy raping her.  I mean, I was 15 and did not know how to react, it was so extreme.  She told me she would not come over anymore when he was over.  We had a big fight and I had a baseball game that day.

While I was at the game, I could not stop thinking about the “dream” or “nightmare” she had and my head was not in the game.  At one point I looked over and standing behind a tree I saw Casey.  I ran in after the inning and she was gone.  When I got home that night, I guess she knew my mom was working, there was a rose on my bed and a song playing on my CD player, it was Bryan Adams, “Please Forgive Me”.  There was a note sitting next to a candle above my CD player and it told me to call her when I got home.  By this time it was storming outside and my family was out to dinner.  I did not go, I wanted to break it off with Casey.  So, I was going to walk to her house in the pouring rain and end it before it got worse.  I walked to the front door to leave and when I opened it, I was surprised to see Casey, soaking wet and crying.

Casey Kay, here it is, this one is for you.

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