Rayzor’s Romances: Ellen, the German (part 1)

RoR Romances

DISCLAIMER: You know the rules, I once again changed the name of the girl to protect her identity.  Although the title kind of gives her away.  I actually have permission to use her name.  So, some of the names have been changed.

If I write this, I need to be honest.  I need to be honest with you, the reader and myself.  I of course need to protect the identity of the people in this story so the names will change.

I say, honest.  When I met Ellen, I was actually living a little wild for my standards.  In saying this, I was seeing a girl that was a little too fast for me, an exotic dancer, oh hell,  a stripper.  I don’t even remember her name, I wanna say Amy, so we’ll just call her Amy.


It was early 2001, mid-January at least and my sister came to me asking to date one of my friends.  So, I said if it’s cool with him, sure.  But in asked a favor, introduce me to a girl she knows.  At first I met the girl and didn’t know she was a stripper until she began talking about working with my sister.  This was after we had been physical, not sex, but other stuff.

Later, I was looking for a way out.  I was uncomfortable with where my life was going.  Listening to her talk about “stripper life” was too much for me.  I was simple, I worked at Toy R Us and collected action figures.  Finally my sister told me she was seeing other guys.  I was pretty happy about that and that very night I met Ellen for the first time.


Let’s backtrack a little.  Sometime in either late 1999 or early 2000 my friend began dating a girl who was amazing, beautiful and as girl with great energy.  It was strange as well, she was German. Most of us had never met someone in our little area of the world from a “foreign land”.  But my friend, Michael met a German girl through a friend and they dated.  Eventually they broke up, but not before we were introduced to a girl from El Salvador.

These girls were Aua-paurs.  They were foreign students who came to America to study and in their program would help the host family.  They were basically students and maids.  In a way it was terrible.  But we met four of the coolest girls ever.  First it was Barb, then Carolita, Sondra and finally Ellen.  The story of the time of the foreign girls is for a different time.  I need to get back to 2001.

2001 (again)

Back in 2001 there was this show on MTV called Jackass.  I used to have my friends come out to the house and we’d watch Jackass and call it Jackass sundays.  Well one day my friend Tony called and told me he was bringing someone else, Ellen.  I didn’t know who he was talking about, but a few days before he told me of a new German girl who looks like Rachel Leigh Cook.  Now I was super attracted to Rachel Leigh Cook, so I couldn’t wait to see her.

She came over and we all hung out and had fun.  Ellen sat next to me on the love seat while watching the show.  This went on got a couple of weekends and we could tell there was a mutual attraction.  Eventually we sat so close it was as if we were cuddling.  One Sunday my sister came home and saw Ellen and I sitting on the couch and she so bluntly asked, “Who is this, your girlfriend?”

I responded out of complete ignorance, “No.”  Little did I know, this was not the answer Ellen wanted to hear.  Later in the evening she took me aside and talked to me about this.  She told me when my sister asked, she hoped I would have said “yes”.

This made me happy and I didn’t know how to react after that.  I remember looking at her, outside in the moonlight on the back porch thinking, “damn it, she is so gorgeous, I wish she was my girlfriend.”  But, I didn’t think it, I said it out loud.

She smiled back at me and took my hand, “then I am your girlfriend.”

We walked back in the house holding hands and everyone was a little surprised.  Tony looked at me and asked, “What happened outside?”

I smiled at him and said, “Ellen is my girlfriend now.”

This is going to be a long one, so tune it next week for part 2.  But for now, lets have a song, hmm…Ok, one of the first songs we listened to together.  Yellow, by Coldplay.

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