Rayzor’ Romances: Mrs. Esterhouse and the Lost Love?

RoR Romances

DISCLAIMER: Everything told in this story is from my, Rayzor’s point of view, I changed the names of the parties involved to protect their identities.

The title on this one may be a little deceiving.  Really there was no love involved at all.  I met a girl who we will call Mrs. Esterhouse and things happened.  I guess why it would be called lost love, well I was being a jerk about the entire situation.
Back in late 2000, I came off of a rough relationship with a girl and a large part of me was still not over that witch, even though she was a terrible person and treated me poorly.  I was not looking for a relationship, in fact I was 20 and looking to just have a good time with my homies.  There was a tight group of about 8 of us then.

Well, Tony and I scored tickets to the Deftones concert on Dec. 7th, Taproot and Incubus were opening .  By the way, this is how I became a fan of Incubus,  I had to hear them live.  Well the tickets we got from a friend of Tony’s who worked fot Joe’s Crab shack and she met us at a gas station to drop them off.  I was pumping gas and I guess looking good, because shortly after Tony got a call.

The call was from his friend with the tickets.  Turns out she had a friend in the car that saw me and she said, “I wanna lick chocolate syrup off of his body.”  I was like, oh snap, this girl is D.T.F. With me.
So after the concert I demanded we meet and we did and it was like a sex meet up.  Our friends brought us together to have sex.  It was pretty cool the way it went down, but I am not a man for the one night stand.  I wanted to hang out and see what could happen.
So we hung out once and a while, she came by the house a couple of times and we went out. For something was missing, for me, something was not right and I could tell he was into me and seemed like she wanted to date me.
Maybe it was distance, at the time she lived about an hour away from me. Maybe not, I could not commit and I moved on and within a couple of months, she was out of my life.
I regretted that I couldn’t get into the place I needed to be to try a relationship, she was a cool chick, I mean really cool and it could have gone somewhere, I had my own issues. I never got to explain myself to her and maybe she reads this, who knows.
I did see her about a year after all of that and I was being a complete ass and I think I was trying to get into her pants. We were in a field in the middle of the night and I am not sure why. But it was the last time I saw Mrs. Esterhouse. I am fuzzy on the timeline, but somewhere in there Ellen fits in and I feel like maybe I was being an ass because I was dating Ellen, the German Au pair.
So was it love lost? Maybe, looking back now, it was just another step to get to my wife or just me being 20 and full of hormones. I had never had a girl just see me once and was to hit it…nope that’s wrong, Kristy, Hammer’s daughter, the brick layer’s girlfriend, oh man that’s was a crazy night. I have to save that for a different post.

This song is actually really, not good, but back in the day when everything happened with Mrs. Esterhouse, my best friend Tony told me every time he heard this song it reminded him of our situation.  So now every time I have heard Faded by Soul Decision.  The song really takes me back to 2000 or 2001.

So to Mrs. Esterhouse, this one’s for you, wherever you are!

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