Rayzor’s Review: Solo (2018)

Waiting for Syndicate Unlimited to launch, I may as well voice my opinions on my personal site and seeing the newest Star Wars anthology film has me wanting to write more than horror related articles.

A little background.  I am a big Star Wars fan, like most I grew up with the Original Trilogy.  I have always been a big fan of Han Solo.  Other kids were all about Luke or Darth Vader.  But me, it was all about the rogue pilot.  He was a great character in all three movies.  2015 we saw Han return to the big screen in Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens.  I knew going in, with Harrison Ford over the years wanted the character killed off, I knew it was going to happen.  Solo’s story was over and I was ok.  There are many books and comics we can read for more Solo, even if they wee no longer canon.  

When the Solo movie was announced, I think I was with the rest of the Star Wars fandom in asking, “Why?”  Do we need to know more about where he came from, I mean there are plenty of other stories out there I want to see.  I would love to see more from Post-Jedi.  Sebastian Stan playing a slightly older Luke from Jedi and the rise or fall of Kylo Ren.  Also, with Knights of the Old Republic not being canon, I would love to see something from before The Phantom Menace.  But, we get Solo.  I wasn’t angry or anything, I was fine.  Until the casting rumors came out and Miles Teller and  was on that list Alden Ehrenreich.

I do not like Miles Teller at all, he isn’t a very good actor and I hate his face.  Alden Ehrenreih, I saw him in two things and he was just awful.  Those names stuck out to me as the two I didn’t want to see.  I mean, there is a young actor named Anthony Ingruber who looks very much like Harrison Ford, can even do the voice.  But in the end Alden Ehrenreich was cast and I was unhappy and really had no faith in the film, even is Star Wars vet, Lawrence Kasdan was penning the script.  I don’t even want to get in to the first choice for directors, who were fired early on.  Which Disney, brought in Ron Howard, which is a good choice.


Board the Millennium Falcon and journey to a galaxy far, far away in Solo: A Star Wars Story, an all-new adventure with the most beloved scoundrel in the galaxy. Through a series of daring escapades deep within a dark and dangerous criminal underworld, Han Solo meets his mighty future copilot Chewbacca and encounters the notorious gambler Lando Calrissian, in a journey that will set the course of one of the Star Wars saga’s most unlikely heroes.

Now comes the time I talk about how I feel about the movie, Solo.  I think the best way going in, is to have no or low expectations.  But that was not the case for me.  I love Star Wars and regardless of what I try to do, I always go in wanting to like the film.  I had little hope for the Last Jedi and when I saw it, I, for the first time walked out pissed off at a Star Wars movie.  So, Solo was their chance to wash the filth out of my mouth from the Last Jedi.  Did that happen, yes.

Solo was a fun movie that moved pretty fast.  We had a speeder chase scene from the beginning and it sets the pace of the film.  We meet the young Han Solo in Corillia and his girlfriend, Qi’ra.  They have plans to get off planet and live a life among the stars as Han wants to be a pilot.  But things get messy and they end up separating and Han joins the Empire.  That was only the beginning, eventually he leaves the Empire and saves Chewbacca and meets Beckett, which is played by Woody Harrelson.  Han and Chewy get thrown into the world of smuggling and nearly immediately are key in the next heist Beckett is hired for.

Solo: A Star Wars story was flat out fun.  Early on there are some moments, but I think part of it was hard taking Ehrenreich as Solo.  But, he did ok overall.  The fun of the film helps you get used to Ehrenriech as Solo.  But other than the moments, we get a wonderful performance from Donald Glover, he didn’t steal the show, but he was wonderful as Lando and really wanna see more from him as Lando.  The interactions between he and Han were terrific.  We get to see why Lando and Han are the way they are with each other.  It was a movie where I enjoyed all of the characters and we meet some interesting characters in this one.

Solo was good, it was fun and I think fans who were upset with The Last Jedi should check it out.  We could end up with three of these movies and I personally would not mind that one bit.  I mean, Solo vs Fett is still something I want to see more of.  Of course there was news of a Boba Fett movie announced, so maybe we will see Han Solo show up in that movie.  I mean, the film leaves you feeling there is gong to be a sequel.

I think Star Wars fans so go and see Solo, it is a fun ride that may surprise you, it may actually bring smiles to your face.  Speaking of faces we see familiar faces and some new intriguing characters, Enfys Nest is one I wanna see again.  It was also nice to hear things from the prequels, for all their problems, they are a part of Star Wars.  Aurra Sing was mentioned, as well as the planet Felucia.  So, that made me happy.

Go see Solo.  The anthology films are the future of Star Wars movie.  I loved it and had the chance to see it twice within about 14 hours and I am ready to see Solo again.  I literally walked out with a smile on my face and had to fight the urge to not walk into another showing immediatly after my first viewing.  I have not felt that since Revenge of the Sith.

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