Rayzor’s Romances: Sandy Sullivan – the Amazing Catfish part 2

Thanks for coming back to finish this enchanting tale.

So I failed with Kim and decided to try things with this, “Sandy Sullivan” person.  Saturday night, she didn’t show.  I did get a Sunday phone call filled with all kinds of drama that I didn’t want to deal with I finally told her that I have had enough and I called her out.  I asked her if she truly liked me and if she wanted to see me and if her name were Sandy.  She then told me that she thinks she is falling for me and I was floored.  I had already dealt with a drama queen a couple of years prior (see Casey Kay).

And that was it, I told her we needed to stop talking and move on and she left me alone…or did she?

I tried to repair things with Kim after the weekend and it was a short glimpse into a possible relationship shattered by bad decisions.  Things like that, not thinking things through, have made me who I am today.  I regret what happened and Kim…I am sorry.  Kim is not her name.

Soon after I’d get a random call from Sandy, but I’d have my thug sister threaten her or hang up on her.  Eventually she would call work and try me there, she had my address and would send me letters.  So finally said enough is enough, “Prove it to me, come to my house, let’s meet somewhere.  I will come to you.”  I was ready to do whatever it took, so she asked me to meet her at a park near her school.  Jace and I got in his van and headed that way.  But then, we were about half-way to the park I decided to turn around.  I told Jace I felt like a fool and all he did was told me, “I’m here for you no matter what.”

We ended up driving back to my place and ordering pizza and watching South Park.

Weeks went by and months, I would get the occasional letter from Sandy when finally she tracked me down again.  At this point I was very venerable, I was coming off of a relationship with a girl named Mary and I was actually still pining for the girl I dated and took to prom…Let’s call her Sara.

By this time it was July and I was a month away from leaving for Army Basic training and Sandy called me at work, somehow she tracked me down again and here is where it got weird.  She told me over the past few weeks, she had been thinking about me and actually drove to my house and sat outside the house l, thinking about knocking on the door.

One day, she followed me to work and I was working fast food at the time, KFC.  Eventually she got the nerve to call me at work and we started talking.  I remember being a jerk to her and I was tired of the games she was playing.  I wanted to meet her in person.  That night we made plans again to meet at the school by by her house.  So my buddy Tony came with me this time and we drove all the way out there.  We found the school and cased the place.  We drove around and not a car nor person came around the school.  We sat and watched across the street.  Nothing happened, no sign of Sandy.  So Tony and I left and we headed back to town.

The next day Sandy called me and I told her it was over, I was leaving within a few days and told her to leave my mom and family alone.  This comes after I found out she had talked to my mom a few times when I was at work.  She told my mom she was my girlfriend and how they couldn’t wait to meet.  I told my mom to change the phone number and don’t talk to her again.  I got worried it would get out of control and dangerous.  Even though she never even showed her face to me.

August 1998

The day finally came, I left for basic training in Oklahoma.  Not 2 weeks into my training do I get an unmarked letter.  I open the perfume stained letter, as all of hers were, to find it was Sandy…again.  This time she tricked me sister into telling her my address.

The letter told me about her emotional problems and dealing with an abusive father.  I started to feel bad and she left me a number if I wanted to call her.  Like a fool I did.  She now was on a work force program in another state and no longer at home.  This program was for troubled teens and I really felt bad for her.

She would send me sexual letters and finally sent me some pictures of herself.  I finally got to see her, I don’t think they were her.  I wish I still had the pictures and the letters,  I would scan them and put them here on the site, although with some digging, I may be able to find them.  These letters were so graphic, maybe I could do an erotic reading, if I could find them.

The letters help while I was in training and they got me through rough times.  But I left the army in December and my mom moved away, I was going to a new home and I felt it was a chance to start over.  I said goodbye to Sandy after nearly a year of never meeting.  She was also going home and said we should meet at midnight on New year’s Eve to start our life together.  Where?  You guessed it, the same old high school from before.

I knew I was being played this entire time, I had no intention of meeting her, but I agreed.  I never made it out to the high school on New Year’s Eve, I hung out with my closest friends.

I started 1999 without Sandy and made a vow to never, ever let this happen again.  Since then I have never had an Internet date or carried on some kind of email relationship or even done the online dating sites.  I could see then, people may not be genuine and like to play games.  That is all that was to her, a year long game.

I have searched for her on Facebook and Google and there is no Sandy Sullivan that matches the pictures I got in basic training.  So, Sandy, wherever you are, thank you for teaching me so many valuable lessons and helping me to close myself off to people and gain huge trust issues.

This song…she played this on the phone for me, it makes me feel sick when I hear it now, it is a nice song.  But the catfish used this song in her sick game.

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