Rayzor’s Romances: Sandy Sullivan – the Amazing Catfish part 1

RoR RomancesWelcome to another installment if Rayzor’s Romances.  This week I am going to start and possibly finish the story of my first and only Catfish.  For those who do not know, Catfish is a show on MTV about people who have online relationships with other people and they may be stringing them along and possibly lying about who they are.  It is a sad and terrible thing to see happen, but it’s a big thing especially in the Internet era.  Mine was not 100% for sure a Catfish and it happened back in the old days, over the phone and actual letters through the mail.  This “Catfish” even cost me a possible relationship with a girl that seemed to dig me, you’ll read about her soon, I was caught in her web, so look for that.

Let’s talk about Sandy, Sandy Sullivan.  This time and this time only I am using the real name, well the one I was given.  I am going to take you back to 1998 with this one.  So yeah way back.


I was 17 and being pressured by my friends it throw a party at my house.  My mom’s house and it was a rental a duplex to exact.  So I started planning this party and a friend of mine, Jerry, had some girls he wanted to bring and one was to hook up with me.  So he gave her my phone number and we spoke on the phone every night leading up to the party.  It was going well, we hit it off.  

While all this was going on Jerry was having issues with the girl he was talking to and it started to sound like she wasn’t going to make the party.  Sandy was very sure she was coming to the party.  Our plans turned into something entirely different, she was going to stay the night at my house and someone I wasn’t going to tell my mom about it.

Leading up the party Sandy began telling me all of these things she wanted to to with me, sexual things.  She started by talking about making out and then taking it to the shower where she would, “go down on me and let me put it where I wanted.”  

Ok let me stop right there, I was 17 years old and my sexual experience was limited, this girl knew how to talk about sex and I will not lie…I bought every word she was selling.  She was so good, I should have paid her for her services.  It got to the point of her wanting to have “phone sex”.  Again, let me stop and say, that didn’t happen, that was not my thing…I listened while she “took care of herself” and that was cool, but I didn’t do anything.  I think that is strange, but if that’s your thing, cool…not mine.

Off track, she would tell me about all the sex stuff we’d be doing during my party and I got amped up, I was 17 and about to have a sex weekend and to top it off, It was Valentine’s day weekend.

Friday night all my friends showed up to the party and then more people came and more people.  It was crazy how many people fit in the duplex.  Eventually, I got a call from Sandy telling me she was leaving and would be here soon.  She lived about 45 minutes away.

A little later, I am drinking and having a good time when I get another call from Sandy.  This time she tells me she has to wait a little longer.  So I move outside and hang out and talk to people in the yard.  I lived on a cul-de-sac and if a car came down the street it was meant to be there, not passing through.  I watched every car hoping it was her.  Finally my buddy Jace, you remember him from the Casey Kay story, he came out and told me Sandy was in the phone.  I paused and looked at my friend Kim, who we’ll get more in – depth with later, she told me to go answer.

I get to the phone and Sandy is crying on the phone and she told me she couldn’t come to the party.  She said she would make it up to me and she would try to come to the party and maybe tomorrow.  It was all bull shit and I was mad.  At this point Jace came in the room and told me, “she’s here, Jaime is here.”  I quickly got off the phone with Sandy and ran downstairs to see my High School crush standing in kitchen.  I finally after 4 years got the chance to talk to her…until I hear my friend Kim outside yelling at her boyfriend and my friend Justin.  She caught him with another girl and she lost her mind.

I ran outside to calm her down and talk some sense into her.  We ended up having a great conversation and it seemed like a spark had been ignited between us.  When finally Donnie a guy in my art class came outside, drunk as shit and threw a beer can at my neighbor across the streets house.  That ended the party, Jace and I got everyone out of the house and did a mass clean up.  I had friends dispose of trash for me and by time the cops got to my house, neighbors did call the cops, it was only a few left at my house and the beer can Donnie threw was long gone.  Also, my mom was a bartender and she never found out about the party.

It is close to midnight and Jacen and I are the last ones standing and I told him this “Sandy” business is over.  She didn’t show up and I am kind of into Kim…then the phone rings.  It is Sandy.

Sandy explains everything and apologized for everything and she told me she’d make it up to me on Saturday night.  I told her, it was too late and she had to come tonight or not at all.  She said, “fine,  coming tonight.”  So I waited by the phone all night and by the front door, I slept on the landing waiting for her to show and nothing.

The next day I tried calling her and I got nothing.  Kim came by after work and brought me a rose and asked me to go out with her that night.  But I declined, Sandy was coming.

So, let’s talk about how fucking utterly insane that is.  Here is a girl sitting here at my house, getting along with my mom, which was hard for girls to do, basically telling me she is into me.  What did I do?  I lied to her and said I was busy.  In my head, Sandy was a sure thing for sex and I wanted that over possibly starting a relationship with a really cool girl.  FAIL!

Thank you for reading and join me next Tuesday for part two of my expeirence with my one and only Catfish.  Yeah, I had a Catfish before it was a thing, does that make me a “Hipster”?

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