Rayzor’s Romances: Jenny the Girl with S.A.R.S.


Happy New Year everyone, I hope you are ready for some more stories of romance, from my past.  Some identities I do not think I need to protect.  I have contacted a couple of the girls in these stories to get permission to use their names and it has worked out.  The next person, I don’t even know where to begin to look to find her, let’s call her Jenny.


I’m my trials of moving in past Ellen, I was introduced this girl who was from Korea.  Jenny was good looking and a lot of fun.  We went to dinner with a group of friends and hung out at a few bars.  One night, we were drinking and having fun at my favorite mexican restaurant, Loredo.  Jenny was sitting next to me and I was clueless that she was interested in me…sexually.  We were laughing having fun when she grabbed my hand and was holding it like we were dating.  At the time I was looking for casual thing, no dates, no commitments.  She looked at me while holding my hand and gave me this look, sorry to be crude, it was the “I wanna fuck” look.  

I tried to play it off and enjoy the time.  She took my hand again, this time with both of her hands.  She moved my index finger up and with one hand made a circle with her index finger and thumb.  She took those fingers and slide my index fighter between them.  Yeah, she simulated sex with our fingers. But the she looked up at me and said, “You want?”

What was I supposed to do, deny her what she wanted?  We went back to her place and started making out.  Eventually it turned into sex and let me tell you…it was so great.  She was wild, it was the craziest sex I had up to that point.  

We had so much fun, but I had to go.  As I was leaving I ran into her roommate, Kim.  I had only heard about Kim.  She asked me who I was and I told her I was hanging out with Jenny.  She didn’t seem surprised.  I was a little taken by her roommate.  I was super attracted to her.

Over the next few weeks,Jenny and I got together to have sex a few times.  We did a few other things, saw some movies.  But one day someone told me she had S.A.R.S.  This was a big deal back around then.  I asked her, but she denied it and really it didn’t matter.  It just became a thing, Ray slept with a girl who had S.A.R.S.  Jenny did disappear shortly after all of this happened.  She moved out of Kim’s apartment and I have never seen her again.

A few weeks later, I felt enough time had passed.  I called Kim to ask her out, I wanted to actually make something of it, I was very interested.  

So I called Kim and talked to her for a few minutes and it seemed to go well.  So I asked out, her reply was priceless

Me: So you wanna go out sometime, dinner maybe?

Kim: Yeah, that’d be fun, we can hang out…as friends.


Yep, pulled that age old card before we ever got anywhere.   She let it be known that there was no chance.  So, I never called her again.  I don’t even remember what her last name is or what she looks like.  Which is fine and within a few months I met my future wife and if I ended up dating Kim, I may have never met my wife and I wouldn’t have my amazing children.

The moral of the story, if you ask a girl out and they pull that “as a friend” shit.  Just forget about it and move on.

I could not figure out a good enough song for Jenny, so I though this would be funny, it was popular back in 2003.

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