The Origins of Rage – Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

The Origins of Rage Star Wars

Welcome back, if you read the first post about the Chapters of Evil, you are well on your way and through the first 4 years of my journey to…now.  If you missed it you can read it here.

This is where fun begins.  

It’s 1999 and Star Wars is back!

I was so pumped after seeing the Phantom Menace.  I always wished I could write a Star Wars story of some kind.  In 1997, my 9 year old brother became my first writing partner, kinda.  We went to see the Star Wars Special Editions in the theater.  After Return of the Jedi, I began writing my first Star Wars story.  I wrote one page, or two paragraphs as I tried to figure out the story.  The only memory is sitting at the kitchen table with my note book, I had no idea where to start and had no idea of how to write or structure a story.  I remember it took place after Return of the Jedi and Joopa the Hutt, Jabba’s cousin, was out for revenge against Luke Skywalker and his friends.  That is all I remember.

Fast forward from 1997 to extremely early 2002, Attack of the Clones is a couple of months away.  I watched the trailer and the other four movies so many times, building to the release.  Sometime in early 2002, I met a new friend who loved Star Wars as much as I did.  Brian Richards, he was someone who had a love of graphic design and we talked about doing a Star Wars comic.  This was my first thoughts about writing a comic.  I would write and he would draw.  This was the beginning.

I thought about writing my own version of what happened after the events of Return of the Jedi, which took place 20 years after Return of the Jedi.  II do not know if my versions were very good or bad.  I was still very new to writing and taking on Star Wars was a big task.  I know what you’re thinking, it is fan fiction.  I did my research, I read the Thrawn trilogy, Crimson Empire and Dark Empire and a handful of other stories.  The Essential Guide to the Characters was a big help in character creating, not to mention the other books that helped learning the different worlds of Star Wars and Technology.  Here they are listed below.  These books are all out-dated but terrific.  They really capture the original films, novels and the Dark Horse Comics of the old days.  I learned a lot from these books.  These were published before the Special Edition films were released.  For me, this helped more than reading the actual books.  Check them out if you have the chance, for any Star Wars collector, a must.  There were newer versions released after Attack of the Clones, but by then, it was too late.

Now comes the time, the time for me to share what these stories were.  I omitted everything from the Expanded Universe, like they did when Disney took over the reigns and made the Force Awakens.  I took it all out, the only thing I saved, Mara Jade and the Solo children.  I treated them differently, making Anakin Solo the more powerful of the three.  I also tried to stay on the same title theme as George Lucas, A New Hope, the Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.  Looking back the first title seems lame and silly to me, but it worked for the story.

Star Wars Silent Darkness

It has been 20 years since the death of the Emperor and fall of his Empire.  Luke and his Jedi academy are flourishing.  Han Solo and Leia had three children, Jacen, Jaina and Anakin(like the books).  Luke has taken Anakin on as his personal Padawan.  There is a new band of dark siders who are coming up and working together with the son of Nute Gunray and they are raiser a new army called the Knights of the Confederate Union.

The Republic has been rebuilt and it is place, Lando Calrissian is the Supreme Chancellor.  In a bold move, the Confederate Union strikes the capitol on Coruscaunt, destroying the senate and killing Lando and nearly all of the government.  This prompts Leia and Luke to go after who is responsible.  Eventually they track down Darth Cain and Luke and Anakin team up and fight Darth Cain.

There was a heavy influence from the prequels when I was writing this story, so many parts I have forgotten and this and its sequels are lost.

Star Wars KOTCU

This story is all about the Knights of the Confederate Union and where they come from.  Han Solo and Dash Rendar infiltrate the the KOTCU as bounty hunters, Han as a Mandolorian.  They run into to Boba Fett who ends up helping them in their journy.  Luke and Anakin train as Darth Cain nearly killed then as Anakin touched the dark side.  The end of the story deals with a large scale battle between a small band of Jedi and the force sensitive KOTCU lead by the Sith Lords, Darth Cain and Darth Blight.

Eventually, Mara Jade and Anakin are killed in the battle with the supposed Sith and Luke goes Dark and kills the Sith and it seems he has fallen to the dark side.

Star Wars ROTF

Reign of the Force, Luke has finally turned to the darkside with the death of Anakin Solo.  The first part of the story is all about ending the Knights of the Confederate Union.  Han Solo dies in the middle of the story, betrayed by Boba Fett, who is paid off by the KOTCU.  Dash Rendar tries to kill Boba Fett, but cannot as Boba escapes.

When Han Solo dies, Luke can feel Han in the force.  He returns to his family and mourns the loss of Han with his family, Leia tries to reason with Luke, they duel.  It is broken up when Jacen and Jaina arrive and see their mother fighting with Luke.  Jacen and Jaina go after Luke to try and help.  This leads to a big duel between the three of them and after taking Jacen out, not killing him, he fights Jaina alone.  Jaina pleads with her uncle when he begins to hear an old  voice, it is Obi Wan, eventually Luke is surrounded by force ghosts, Anakin Skywalker, Anakin Solo, Obi wan and Yoda.  The tell him the dark side is not the way.  Anakin Skywalker reaches out to his son and hits him the hardest.  Luke falls to his knees.  Jaina, could not see the force ghosts as she is not strong enough.  The dark side leaves Luke and Jaina takes him home.  Luke returns to the light side of the force, but steps down as the Grand Master of the Jedi.

Yeah, this was all written before Episode II Attack of the Clones was released.  The only part I borrowed from the Expanded Universe, Mara Jade and the Solo children.  I used absolutely nothing else.

Well that was fun, but this is only 2002.  We are currently in 2016, I still have another 14 years to cover when it comes to my writing history.  So, soon I will return with more, but there is going to be a big break in time.  From 2002 to 2007 I did not write.  It was my mid-20s, I lost my mother and became guardian to my younger brother.  I went through ups and downs in the 5 year period and writing just was not in the cards for me.  It became a giant pipe dream and I knew I was no go.  But, I did have one idea in 2004 and I have the Lord of the Rings to thank for that, this will be the next story.  The last story I wrote before I decided to go for comics.  Thanks for reading.

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