Good-Bye 2016, You Were Terrible!

I normally do a year in review and most of the time it is only on my personal Facebook page.  I know I did this last year here at Rage of Rayzor!  Last year was a recap of the end of Nightfall Unlimited, this year I want to talk more about good movies, what happened with me and a death in the family.  So let us take a journey back to what happened to me, then I will jump into the highlight movies of the year, for me.

The end of 2015 I started down my own path and lost a few friends coming into 2016.  A good friend and artist left my side after creative differences and then a good friend and artist decided to freeze me out.  I got frozen out by the second because I did not want to play along in his experiment in getting published by a comic book company.  The same person who convinced me to give up Nightfall Unlimited.  So, I made the decision to not deal in drama and soldier on.

At the end of 2015 I joined a great Facebook group, Horror DVD and Blu Ray collectors.  It was great finding out about so much horror I had no idea about, like Italian Giallo.  But, in 2016 I got booted out of the group thanks to one of the admins getting upset.  I did a March Madness bracket, putting horror movie up against one another and it was super popular.  One of the admins lost their shit and we had words and I got booted.  I started my own group, Horror Movie Massacre and it has been good.  We have grown to 318 members since February.  Some of the people from the collector followed me over to HMM and we continued the brackets.

In April, I created a new website, The Horror Syndicate.  We opened with a few, maybe 5 members, Jared Letourneau, Morgan Sawan, Mike Annerino.  Eventually we added more, Robert Smith, Ray Cannella from SyFy, Baron Craze and the ever important Bryan Enright.  Richard Krueger followed me over from Nightfall Unlimited.  The site is doing well and I have gotten into the Horror Genre more than ever and couldn’t be happier about it.  We do a live podcast every Wednesday at 7pm Central. Although, my passion lies in writing comics.  So, check out the Horror Syndicate, follow us on Twitter and Facebook!  Helps us grow…

As for comics, I decided to put myself out there more and made some new friends.  One friend is THE Nick Garber.  Nick is one of the owners of Guerilla ComX.  We chatted about favorite comics and our love for creating comics.  In October, I had an idea, to create a comic together and document everything, the writing process to pencils and to print.  We had a few Live podcasts about creating comics and really just bull shitting about comics.  We plan to get into more in 2017.  The comic project is called Wrath of Redemption and were hoping it go to print in March.  Nick and I have seem to become friends, even if he lives in Texas and I am in St. Louis.  Its the magic of Facebook.

With that, he introduced me to a killer artist named Clint Scott and I am now working on a second project for Guerilla ComX and Nick has sent me paperwork to be a part of GCX.  So, yeah, I am making waves and getting myself out there to get that goal I set in 2010 of becoming a comic writer.

I miss my old team, Todd Mitchell and the gang from Nightfall Unlimited, but it seems like it had to end.  Todd and I did a podcast called After the ‘Fall, documenting what has happened since Nightfall ended.  I think we may have to do another soon.  Todd has moved on to other things, as have I, but there is always this feeling of wanting to work on a project with Todd, a successful project would be nice.

Catching up with me was fun.  Next I will talk about the comic books movies and keep it short…Click the title for the review for each movie.


I loved watching Deadpool in the theater.  It was a lot of fun, but with Ryan Reynolds playing Van Wilder in a Deadpool costume.  Yeah, I know, but it was very cool to see it and not hold back.  It turned out to be a fun movie and a lot of people thought it was how superhero movies should be.  I disagree.  But it was fun and I hope they can get a sequel made.

Batman v. Superman

BvS has become a much debated movie, Rotten Tomatoes killed it, I mean it was trashed.  I loved BvS.  Sure it was not perfect, not even great.  But I really liked the movie, I do think some things could have left some things out.  But seeing Ben Affleck play the Batman I have been waiting for, for a long time was happiness.  I was one of the few who really liked the movie and cannot wait for more, Justice League and Wonder Woman.

Captain America: Civil War

Kind of a bore.  I cannot bring myself to watch it, it fell flat in every way to me.  It seemed like DC beat Marvel to the punch with BvS.  Of course the masses disagree with me, I know it is a Marvel movie and it should be great, it may be the worst in a while.  I just did not care for it as much.  The villain was lame and the story way too long.  I will watch it again and hope I like it better.  I still think the first Avengers film is the best Marvel movie, Captain America Winter Soldier was the best Cap movie.

X-men: Apocalypse

Again, I loved this one.  I put aside the issues everyone else had and just enjoyed the first viewing of the movie.  I did not do a review, but I did like it and thought it had heart.  I am not a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence and her role being expanded bothered me.  I hate to think we will not see a follow up, rumors of an actual reboot.

Suicide Squad

DC seems to be missing according to critics.  I am a fan, it wasn’t great, but I liked it and had fun with the story.  I think it was too big for Suicide Squad, I would have rather seen a smaller scale villain, like the comics.  But, it was cool to see the villains, Deadshot and Harley, El Diablo and the others.  I’d really like to see a Deadshot/Deathstroke movie.  We are going to get a Gotham City Sirens movie and I mostly look forward to the Batman.

Rogue One

It is still fresh in my mind and it brought me back to the old school Star Wars.  Before the prequels and before the sequels.  Rogue One took us back to the Empire and Rebellion and it was welcome for me.  The cast was great, the story was good and the ending was amazing!  I want more Star Wars Anthology movies.  I do look forward to Episode VIII, but I like that Rogue One stepped out of the normal Skywalker zone and did something different.  Brilliant!

The last thing I want to talk about is Carrie Fisher.  I mentioned a death in the family, well Star Wars crew and fans, we are family.  We all lost Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher was a strange bird.  But, I was a fan of hers because of Star Wars.  When she popped up in some of my favorite shows, Smallville, 30 Rock I would get excited to see her.  When she would speak outside of a character, at Star Wars Celebration or on a talk show, you stopped and listened.

She was truly one of a kind, beautiful to the very end.  I cried when I heard the the news.  The only celebrity death the hit my heart.  I loved Carrie Fisher, from a young age, 3 or so.  She was always a crush.  She may have been an actress, but lets face it, Carrie Fisher was royalty.  She will be missed.  I think seeing her in Star Wars Episode VIII will be rough, tears will flow.  Good-bye Carrie.

Good-bye 2016.  I had a decent year of growth and I hope to expand further in 2017.  Click and follow everything I linked.  Look out for The Horror Syndicate and Guerilla ComX in 2017!


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