Good-bye 2015


Finally, this one is ending.  I hate to say it, but this was a rough year.  I went in to 2015 with a lot of hope.  2014 ended in a strange way, especially with Nightfall Unlimited, my old site.  I saw most of the staff drop like flies, included were my partner in creating Nightfall and a very “intricate” part of the 2013/2014 production and even the podcast.

The good part of 2015, my first comic was published.  Rockitt and the Sharkhorse was released as a weekly web comic on Nightfall Unlimited.  It was very exciting, we were able to publish 12 pages.  After many discussions, we pulled the comic and talked about doing a Kickstarter to finish and publish the book in print.  So far, that has not happened.  Jane, the artist behind the comic, has moved on to other projects and I have gone back to the rough road of submitting comics to publishers.  That…is a living hell.

Another good point, Rage of Rayzor has come to you all.  Yes, I know, enjoy.  But really this works as a way to get my opinion out to the masses, all 17 of my visitors per day.  I focused on Horror films in the beginning, but there is so much more to the site and stick with me, 2016 promises to be a big year for films and I will share my opinion.  Plus, I would love to start a Star Wars podcast.

There were some really cool movies that came out in 2015, the new Star Wars, Avengers and a bunch more.  But I am looking forward to 2016, with Batman v. Superman, Captain America Civil War, Suicide Squad and X-men.  There are so many more films coming out, I want to see them all.

2015 was filled with so many struggles, just like every year.  But when I looked back this year, I was filled with sadness.  But I am going to keep pushing and my biggest goal still remains, I want to get published by some comic publisher.  Dark Horse comics would be ideal.

Good-bye 2015, you were a bitch.  There were good times, the video podcasts and good movies and bad times, I will not mention.  But I hope everyone has a safe New Years Eve and a great 2016.

Oh, if anyone knows a comic artist who will work with me on a couple of projects, who will work for cheap…hit me up.  Happy New Year!


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