Music Monday – Winging It Edition


This is one of my favorite Music Monday’s from Nightfall Unlimited.  So I brought it over for today, I hope you enjoy it.  It was 2015 then and I decided to do some songs from years ending in 5s.

Rayzor here with a little Music Monday for you.  I know, I know, we are a little late, but if you’re on the west coast, first off, thank you and its not too late.  Artist Jane Bush had a big day out and about in the world so she needed back up.  I guess this is the part where I play the hero, HA!  Anyway, when she told me that she was swamped with things today and asked for my help, I had no idea what in the hell I was going to produce for all of you for Music Monday.  As I type, I still don’t really know, so this is a special Music Monday, the Winging It Edition.  So I am just going to throw some songs from 10 years ago, then 20 years ago, the 30 years and even 40 years ago.

Let us begin.

Average White Band – Pick Up the Pieces

This song came out in the 1974, but hit Number 1 on the Billboard charts in February of 1975

America – Sister Golden Hair

Summer of 1975, this song hit and reached number 1 in mid-June.  It is a lovely song, my mother introduced me to when I was about 14(1994) and I loved it and I still do.

USA for Africa – We Are the World

How many of us remember this, I was 5 and I was always a huge fan of music and MTV.  I loved this song, simply because it had everyone I loved together singing a nice song.  We are the World was #1 on the Billboard charts 30 Years Ago today!

John Parr – St. Elmo’s Fire(Man In Motion)

Summer of 1985, what a great year!

Simple Minds – Don’t You (Forget About Me)

Truth, this may be one of my favorite songs ever.  Everyone remembers this song from the Breakfast Club.  But to me, it is still a terrific song and still holds up today.

Seal – Kiss From a Rose

Admit it, back in the mid-1990s you loved this song.  I had to, it was on the Batman Forever soundtrack.  But honestly, I did love this song and still do 20 years later, yes 20 years later.

Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise

Look at the guy at 3:34, I was told in High School I looked like this fool, guess I looked like a thug.  This had to be one of the most popular songs.  May not be the best song ever, but this list is for fun and I am winging it.  And lets not forget, Weird Al parodied this song.

Better Than Ezra – Good

This was number 1 this week back in 1995, I thought it was an ok song.  Sometimes I still hear it and think about the end of my freshman year of high school.

Foo Fighters – Best of You

Maybe a little redemption, this list went into the world of the bizarre a little.  How about a great song by the Foo Fighters.

Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc.

I have never been a big fan of this song, but 10 years ago it was everywhere and I could not escape it.

Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl

What in the hell is a Hollaback girl, someone tell me.  I was 25 in 2005 and I like to think I was in the know and I have no idea.  But this was a fun song I heard every single day at work.

This is where I leave you, it was a bizarre time, bringing you some songs from the last 40 years.  So strange the songs I picked, do not ask where I got the idea for these.  I have no idea, but it was fun.  Enjoy!

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