Music Monday: Rayzor’s Top 10 Songs – Alice in Chains


We just finished the Top 50 Glam Metal Songs and during Music Month last September I did the list of my Top 5 Favorite Bands and Alice in Chains fell at number 3 on my list, followed by Stabbing Westward and the Deftones.  I also did a Top 10 Stone Temple Pilots songs after the death of Scott Weiland.

I have been listening to Alice in Chains a lot lately and it is time to reveal the rest of my top 10, of course I mean the 10 -6.  But I am going to add the rest also, that just wouldn’t be fair.

10. God Am

9. Rooster

8. Got Me Wrong

7. No Excuses

6. We Die Young

5. I Stay Away

4. Rain When I Die

3. Man in the Box

2. Down in a Hole

1. Heaven Beside You

Rest in Peace Layne Staley (1967 – 2002)

I’d like to do the same with the other bands, I did the Deftones 2 years ago but time for an update.

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