Music Monday: 10 Favorite Doors Song


It is Monday and I was driving today, I heard a son by the Doors.  It is one of my very favorite songs by the Doors and I thought to myself, I’ve never done a Doors Music Monday, so here we are.

I don’t know that I have much to explain or say about each song, so this is more a list with YouTube videos.  But, I will tell you seeing the Val Kilmer Doors film in the early 1990s is how I got in to listening to them.  I first bought the soundtrack, which I enjoyed and then slowly from there I searched for their CDs.  It took me a few years, but by 1996, I finally had them all, with the exception of Morrison Hotel.  Eventually I would find Morrison Hotel and of course, it was enjoyable.  But I found my favorite album to be Soft Parade.

With that, I give you my top 10 Doors songs.

10. 5 to 1 (Waiting for Sun)

9. Love Street (Waiting for the Sun)

8. The Crystal Ship (The Doors)

7. Riders on the Storm (LA Woman)

6. The Unknown Soldier (Waiting for the Sun)

5. People are Strange (Strange Days)

4. Strange Days (Strange Days)

3. Not to Touch the Earth (Waiting for the Sun)

2. LA Woman (LA Woman)

1. The Soft Parade (The Soft Parade)

That is my list, what are you 10 favorite Doors songs?

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