Worst to Best: Superman Costumes (Live Action)

So when I say “live action”, I mean movies or TV shows with live actors, Tom Welling or Brandon Routh, or our current film Superman Henry Cavill.  I hate when I see another website do something I want to do.  I did see this somewhere else and their list was good.  The difference, I am leaving out Kirk Alyn and the two Superboy suits, John Haymes Newton and Gerard Christopher respectively.  I am leaving them out, first, this is Superman not Superboy and Kirk Alyn…it is not fair to judge.  The arguement could be Tom Welling does not have a spot on the list.  Here is the thing, never was he “Superboy” and by series end, the “blur” became Superman.  Even if we got a B.S. CGI costume and never, ever got to see it in its full glory.  But in one season, he wore  a black costume, which was strange and the last season a leather jacket…That may be a good place to start.

Tom Welling – Smallville

As I said, we never got to see Tom Welling as Superman in the full suit and cape.  That sucked and I think after 10 seasons of playing Clark Kent, we as fans deserved to see him in the costume.  There are some great Manip fan photos out there and his costume looked like it would be similar to the costume worn by Brandon Routh in Superman Returns.  The black suit and the leather jacket is as close as we get.


George Reeves – Adventures of Superman

Why not Kirk Alyn?  We only ever got to see his suit in Black and White, never color.  George Reeves was the first Superman we got to see in living color.  Well, not me, it was Christopher Reeve.  But adding color to the iconic suit always bring something to it and George Reeves looked great in the suit.


Dean Cain –  Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Dean Cain…His costume was very shiny and it has the cape coming out of the shoulders, which would later change.  I was not a fan of this show or his costume.  I do like the way it was made, by he and Ma Kent.  I will say one thing, he looks good as Superman.


Tyler Hoechilin – Supergirl

The first picture we say was not good.  There were lens flairs and he looked tiny compared to Supergirl.  But we got to see some action shots and non-doctored pictures and to me, he looks a lot better.  This is a “wait and see” situation.  I am excited to get another take on Superman on the small screen.  We now have two different people playing Superman!  That is exciting in itself, lets go for a TV version of Batman!

One final thought, it is not too dark like Henry Cavill’s suit.



Henry Cavill – The Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, Justice League

Overall there at least two suits.  The suits slightly change from Man of Steel and BvS.  At first glance, it is way too dark.  I don’t like the lack of belt.  Cavill makes the suit look good and I mean, he looks like Superman.  I hope it does get a little brighter in the next Superman stand alone movie.  Looks like the suit in Justice League is nearly the same as the suit in BvS.


Brandon Routh – Superman Returns

Yeah, I may be in the minority on this one, but Routh was a good Superman.  It really sucks that he is the Atom now, he could have come to Supergirl as Superman and fit right in.  The suit itself fits to his body style, long torso, the S shield is too small, but I like the color of the costume, but the red…why can’t DC and Warner make red…red?  He looks good and he has the red trunks!


Christopher Reeve – Superman the Motion Picture, Superman II, Superman III, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

This is just classic.  Christopher Reeve looks amazing and his image as Superman as been used in the comics.  The costume changed a little in Superman III when he went rogue and Superman IV it changed again.  But his classic look remained.


Just for fun, remember when Nicolas Cage was going to play Superman?  Well here is one of the costumes he was going to wear.  Not terrible, I don’t get the long hair.  He was the wrong choice and the movie never got made…too bad, I would love to see it, maybe as an animated feature.  Take all the concept art and make it an animated movie.

The picture next to it is a picture of Christoper Reeve and Henry Cavill switching costumes and lastely, Tom Welling as Superman!  That image always makes me a little mad, he looks great!

Which suit do you like best, let me know?




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