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So the news broke Tuesday morning, Charlie Sheen has tested as HIV positive.  It was a strange thing to hear, for some reason I thought about Magic Johnson and when he came forward and revealed to the world that he is HIV positive.  Back then, I was 11 and I thought Magic Johnson was going to die, well here we are 24 years later and he is still here and seems to be thriving.  Charlie Sheen could do the same, but he is way different from Magic Johnson, Charlie Sheen is a crazy person who seems to have possibly and knowingly infected many other women with the HIV virus, that is a dick move.

But, let me go back to Tuesday, for some reason it felt like Charlie Sheen had died.  I know times have changed and HIV is no longer a death sentence, for everyone anyway.  But for some reason, I started going back and thinking about all of my favorite Charlie Sheen movies.  Before the Internet, before I knew who he was in his bizarre personal life, I loved Charlie Sheen movies.  If you’d ask me who my favorite actor was back in the early 1990s, I would answer with Charlie Sheen.

I am not going into this scandal or what is wrong with the man with “Tiger Blood”.  I am simply going to make a list of my favorite Charlie Sheen films, a top 10.  I have to also state, I lost interest in Charlie Sheen when he joined the hit show, 2 and a Half Men.  I never understood why so many liked that show, I thought it was terrible and Charlie’s character, he was a shithead.

On with the Top 10!  Also, I am in no way trying to glorify Charlie Sheen, these movies are from my childhood and I loved them.  It is more like a tribute to his old life, before he went completely bananas.  This is how I remember Charlie Sheen and how I want to remember him.

10. The Wraith (1986)


The Wraith flies under the radar a little.  I remember seeing this when I was young.  It is about a guy who seeks revenge on a bunch of street racers in some desert town.  I watched this sometime this past summer and the plot is full of holes and it is just poorly written.  None of that matters, Charlie Sheen is great and the movie is fun.

There are some really good scenes in the movie, but most come off as cliche in a revenge plot.  He befriends the local nerd and steals the bully’s girl, things like that.  The one thing that boggles my mind about this movie.  This is a spoiler to those who have not seen it.  He is the Wraith, but he is also the guy who is seeking revenge.  Why?  Well the street desert racers, “killed” him.  Here is the strange part, Charlie Sheen’s character is the brother of the local nerdy guy.  But no one ever knew who he was…what?

Don’t let that take away from a fun movie with some cool race scenes.  Not to mention the Wraith’s costume is cool as is his car.

9. The Chase (1994)


Oh man, I watched a lot of this movie.  I remember when it premeired on cable, probably HBO.  I set my VCR to record the movie and I watched it the following day.  It was classic Charlie Sheen, he breaks out of jail, steals a car and kidnaps the daughter of some rich guy.  The movie takes place mostly in a car, where he and the kidnapped, which is non other than Kristy Swanson from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie, well the have sex while driving.  It, again is a fun movie.

With the chase lasting most of the day and into the night, we learn more about each character and find out why Charlie Sheen’s character, Jackson Hammond, kidnapped Kristy Swanson’s character with a candy bar.

On a side note, Henry Rollins plays a cop in the movie and it he is a part of a show similar to the popular police show COPS.  The story follows he and his partner as they are in pursuit of Charlie Sheen and Kristy Swanson.  I thought it was cool to get he Police’s perspective along with the main characters of the story.

8. Navy SEALs (1990)


I remember all of my friends were talking about Navy SEALs when I was a kid.  I had no idea what in the hell this movie was, it took me a long time to see it.  I would try to catch it on cable or even try to rent it from the video store, but I never had luck, ever.

It was when I was about 16, after I got my license and 6 years after the film had been released that I finally saw the movie.  I was watching Clerks, yeah!  Navy SEALs was mentioned for a brief second and it was like a kick in the nuts.  I went to Walmart and there it was, 10 bucks on VHS.  It was mine and I finally get to see Navy SEALs.  I get home, pop it in the VCR and…the tape was completely blank.  Eventually I saw the movie at a friends house later in 1996.  I wouldn’t say it was worth the wait, but I did like it a lot.

7. The Arrival (1996)


Does anyone else remember this movie?  I remember getting the chance to see an advanced screening of the Arrival before my 16th birthday in 1996.  One of the local radio stations had some kind of contest, I called in and won the tickets.  This was the second time I won something from a radio station.  The first time was in 1994 or 1995.  I won Boyz II Men’s second CD and a years supply of Crystal Light drinks and a tote bag.  My mom took the CD and the Crystal Light was nasty.

The Arrival was about Aliens, with Charlie Sheen, it was more of an on-the-run type of movie mixed with a mystery.  It also suffered from coming out around the same time as Jody Foster’s movie, Contact or something.  Also, a nerdy scientist Charlie Sheen, that was way…bizarre.

6. Young Guns (1988)


This one is more about Emilio as Billy the Kid.  But I loved seeing the brothers together, I think it was the first time.  Charlie Sheen played Dick Brewer and he was the leader of the Regulators.  He made kind of an early exit in the movie, but I liked the character and loved the movie.  I really loved all of the young Hollywood newcomers staring in this one.  The story wasn’t bad, it was based on true events.  I don’t know how true, but it doesn’t matter.  Some of the best are in this one, Terrance Stamp, Emilio Estevez, Keifer Sutherland and of course the great Lou Diamond Phillips, we remember him from the Imagine Dragons video for Radioactive, right?

This still goes down as one of my favorite westerns.  Paired with the second movie, I will be honest, my first two film experiments with the Western film genre.  It does not hold a candle to Tombstone.

5. Platoon (1986)


It does seem like Charlie Sheen has been a part of nearly every genre of film.  Platoon is by far one of the best.  It is a great movie set during the Vietnam war.  Again, we have an All Star cast on our hands, Tom Berenger, Willem Defoe, Tony Todd and even Johnny Depp.

Platoon is probably, other than maybe Wall Street, Charlie’s best movie.  It is for sure the most critically acclaimed film he has been a part of.  Platoon is also, probably the second best movie made about the war in Vietnam.  Apocalypse Now! is probably the best of its class.

4. Hot Shots!


I was 11 when Hot Shots was released and based on the trailer, it was a must see for me.  This was during the Naked Gun days and movies that made fun of other movies were the best.  Charlie Sheen played Topper Harley and this one spoofed mostly Top Gun.  Hot Shots! really made me laugh and still, from time to time, I will pop in the dvd and watch it.  Some scenes still get me.

There is a sequel, it is funny, but I think it went way too far over the top.  The first one was great for me and still lives up.  Lloyd Bridges is so damned good in these movies, why can’t we have more Hot Shots! movies?  With all of the remakes and spoof films, I don’t see why we couldn’t go back to the Hot Shots universe and hell, Charlie Sheen could have a cameo.  The guy is going to need some money after he gets sued by every singe woman who he has slept with…maybe.

3. Cadence (1990)


Cadence is actually a really good movie, does anyone remember Cadence?  Charlie Sheen is a soldier who goes AWOL and when he is caught, he is thrown in the stockade.  He seems to be a raciest, but rather than succumb to racism he becomes one with the other inmates to rise up against he actual father, Martin Sheen.

It has been a long time since I have seen Cadence, it is very hard to find.  Well you can buy it on Amazon for like 30 bucks on DVD.  I don’t think it is worth 30 bucks.  So, I am not sure how anyone can see this, but trust me.  Martin Sheen, Lawerence Fishburne are also in the movie and oddly enough, the other Sheen brother, Ramon Estevez is in the movie.

Check it out, somehow, wait.  Nope, good luck.

2. Men at Work (1990)

MEN AT WORK, from left: Emilio Estevez, Charlie Sheen, 1990. ©MGM

Oh man, this was one of my favorites.  In the summer of 1991, it seemed to always be on cable, some channel.  Men at Work was so much fun.  Murder mystery from the early 1990s with the Estevez brothers.  I wish there were more movies when they were younger and back when they both could get good roles.  I was always a fan of the both of them.  More so Charlie Sheen, but Emilio was very close behind.

But I will never forget this one and how much fun it was to watch.  No matter what part of the movie it was one, I would watch it.  Everyone in the family like Men at Work.

If there is a way to see this, it is timeless, well kinda.


1. Major League


Still one of my favorites.  I am a huge baseball fan and the Major League movies really helped me through the off-season.  For a baseball comedy, this movie actually works really well.  It starts just before Spring Training and goes to game 162, well it forces the rare 1 game play-off.  It was very dramatic and fulfilling.  The cast was well rounded and the roster was filled out with all kinds of players, vets, rookies and last chancers.

I will be honest, Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn is my favorite character in the movie.  I loved how tough he is, when the go to the resturaunt and he has to wear a neck-tie and he feels like a banker, while wearing his jacket with no sleeves.  I also liked when he eventually got the glasses to help him control his 99 mph fastball.

The second movie is pretty good, not as good, but a decent follow-up, I just think they waited to long to bring it out.  The first movie centered around Jake Taylor the catcher or Tom Berenger.  Major League II followed Rick Vaughn more, he is more grown up and become a douche.  But with the help of an old girlfriend he comes back to Earth.  I love these two movies, I never took the chance to see the third of the other movie.

One more note, former pitcher, Mitch Williams was nicknamed, “Wild Thing’ like the character and eventually changed his number to 99, like Rick Vaughn.  Also, here is the trailer for Major League, which is available on Netflix right now.


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