The Dark Knight Rises (4 years later)

Four years since the Dark Knight Rises?  Wow that was fast.  If you had the chance to read the last post, 8 Years of the Dark Knight, you know I am not a huge fan of the series.  In fact I think with each film, they get worse.  This is all based on my thoughts and mine alone.  I do think each film offers something different and each has their strengths and weakness’.

I love Batman and I have to get used to people having different views.  I have learned a lot since The Dark Knight took on Bane in the battle for Gotham.  This movie showed us how human Batman is and he really gets pushed to his physical limits, not only with Bane, but when he is sent to the prison.  Reminds me of a line from the Dark Knight, Alfred tells Bruce to “know your limits.”  Bruce replies with, “Batman has no limits.”  He was wrong, Bane destroyed him, well he was also 8 years out of practice.

The Dark Knight Rises took a little from the Knightfall story-line from the comics.  There were many cool things, including kind of a No Man’s Land situation, not because of an earthquake, rather Bane cutting off the way off of Gotham Island.  I also think Nolan thought Bane would steal the show in a similar way the Joker did in the Dark Knight.  I do remember how many people tried doing Bane’s voice after the movie was released and I know a lot of people thought he was great, he was ok.  He was half Bane to me.

I’d also like to talk a little about Catwoman or Selina Kyle as she is called, never Catwoman.  Which I guess is ok, in Nolan’s world.  In the Batman v Superman world, I think if Catwoman shows up, she will be known as Catwoman.  Anne Hathaway was a great choice, I loved her, she really took on the role became Selina in every way.  I loved her costume, attitude, everything about her.  She may have been the best part of the movie for me.

When I did the top 50 Superhero movies of all-time last year, I really got the chance to figure out where this belonged and where it belongs among the other Batman films ever made.  Where do you think it belongs.  Among the 8 live action Batman films, it ranks number 5.  Of the top 50 Superhero movies made before Guardians of the Galaxy was released, it ranks number 18, for now.

I look forward to the next chapter in the live action Batman universe as Christian Bale hands the cape and cowl to Ben Affleck, it will be great to see Batman on the same screen as Superman, our dreams as fans will finally be coming true.

I would like to see Tom Hardy return to DC somehow, he was supposed to in Suicide Squad, but he was good as Bane, but I would like to see him play someone else, I will not bother fan casting him either.

Watch the trailer, then watch the Dark Knight Rises today.

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