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I am not going to throw the word review into this post.  I just finished watching the season finale, finally.  It sat on my DVR for a couple of weeks, just finished last week’s Arrow and said, “To hell with it!”  It wasn’t bad and what’s in the POD!?  The entire season wasn’t bad.

I have been watching these DC shows since Smallville back in…2005, yeah that was when I boarded the Smallville bandwagon.  When Arrow started,

"Red Faced" -- Personal and professional stress get the better of Kara (Melissa Benoist , pictured) when she goes too far during a training exercise against Red Tornado, a military cyborg commissioned by Lucy Lane's father, General Sam Lane, on SUPERGIRL, Monday, Nov. 30 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET) on the CBS Television Network.  Photo: Darren Michaels/CBS ©2015 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Supergirl’s Costume

followed by the Flash, I was on board.  I do not like Gotham, although, I watched…maybe 4 or 5 episodes from the first season, but I keep seeing things that turn me off in the show.  But, when Supergirl was announced, I was pretty excited.  I was hoping it would fall into the Arrowverse with the Flash and Arrow, but not really.

Supergirl in many ways reminds me of Smallville, all grown up.  We get to see Supergirl in costume, there shadowed visions of Superman.  Supergirl has “freak of the week” episodes and a fun support team.  The interesting part, she lets her closest friends know nearly immediately.  That was strange, but in these shows, the heroes need these teams.  Her team is good, her sister Alex, who I want to see suit up as a hero.  Hank Henshaw, not the Cyborg Superman, but Martian Man Hunter, he was great and seeing him live action in costume was amazing.  The rest of the team is so-so.  Cat Grant, played by Calista Flockhart was awesome, I really loved her in this role, she was great.

Silver Banshee

The season had its ups and downs, there were some dark moments.  But the show did not give in to the darkness.  That is something I loved about the show, Arrow has completely succumbed to the darkness, while the Flash is dabbling, with everything going on with Zoom.  Speaking of, super-hero team-up, Flash and Supegirl working together aganst Livewire and an awesome looking version of one of my favorite villains, Silver Banshee.

Another thing about the current line-up of these super hero tv shows, costumes.  The costumes are looking better and better.  Leading the way was Arrow, but the Flash stepped up and now Supergirl.  Hell the movies are finally getting it right, look at Ben  Affleck’s Batman.  Supergirl’s costume is the best by far.  It is darker, but not Man of Steel dark.  The cape is red as are the boots and you can tell.  I love the change to the classic S shield on her chest.  This tells me, she is on her own, she doesn’t need Superman.  She is seen in the costume often, even in down time scenes with the DEO.  I thought that was great, in scenes that are not “battle” scenes, we normally see superhero’s lose the costume, but not Supergirl.  Also, I love her heat vision, rather than the classic red or the flames from Smallville, it is blue, brilliant.  I love the heat vision.

Melissa Benoist did a really great job playing both parts, Kara and Supergirl.  I also loved her supporting cast.  It is a well rounded cast of characters and the best part…a lot of B-list DC characters getting recognized.  That is how you build a fan base.  The Green Lantern movie failed for many reasons, one thing that didn’t help.  Most people had no idea who in the hell the Green Lantern is.  With these shows on television, people can learn who certain characters are, before they ever get introduced to the cinema fans.  Just wait, Martian Manhunter will appear in the big screen soon.


I look forward to a second season and I have a few ideas of who I would like to see show up.  The likes of Batgirl in some form, even if her sister becomes some kind of Batgirl type is a kick-ass costume.  I do not think we will see Superman, unless somehow DC can realize people can tell the difference between television shows and movies.  More girl heroes!!!

Miss Martian


They have already shown us a White Martian, why not Miss Martian.



It does not have to be Barbara Gordon or Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain would be amazing.  If there is a Superman in this world, why not a Batman and Batgirl.

Power Girl


I am calling it now, she is in the pod!  She is from another Earth and we have no idea what Earth Supergirl is own, if Barry Allen is Earth-1 and there is Earth-2…who knows.



Why not?  If we cannot have Superman, how about Val-Zod, he is also from Earth 2 in the comics and he is pretty damed awesome. Talk about a guy who deserves his own comic, I’d read it.



Anyone remember Mon-El?  He took over for Superman during the New Krypton story-line, back in 2008.  He was cool and kinda got pushed aside during the War of the Supermen.  They could go the Superboy route with Mon-El, that could be cool.

Alright, that is all the energy I have for this one.  Supergirl was a decent show with a lot of work to do.  It could be great if they stay on course and have a little bit better writing.  It is hard writing a Superhero character knowing Superman is in the same world.  But they did a fine job without him.  I would love to see him one day and yes, I hope it is Tom Welling.  But I won’t hold my breathe.  If I want to see Tom Welling as Superman, I will watch the final 10 seconds of the Smallville finale.

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