Star Wars the Force Awakens Japanese Trailer


This is the newest trailer for Star Wars the Force Awakens.  J.J. Abrams said there would not be another trailer, but I guess he forgot about any kind of International trailers.  This one comes from Japan and we get to see some really great new looks.  I love the shot of Kylo Ren holding the lightsaber over Rey’s shoulder and when Finn and Rey exchange names.

People have said this is better than the last, I don’t know about that, but it is very cool.  So far all four trailers have satisfying to say the least.  I now have tickets to see the Force Awakens at least two times within the first 3 days, so I am excited.  I hope someone adds this trailer into the “chronological” order trailer.

I have so many theories about this movie and with 41 days to go, I will probably throw up an entire post with some of my theories.  Of course I am not the only one with wild theories about this movie.  But for some reason, I bet we are all wrong.

Star Wars the Force Awakens is coming December 18th all over the place, I will make one bold prediction now, it will be the all-time top grossing movie.  Why?  We, the fans have been waiting for the follow-up to Return of the Jedi for 32 years.  Sure the prequels were cool, I loved them.  But this movie will somewhat explain where everything goes after the Emperor dies and the Death Star is destroyed.  I say “somewhat” because of George Lucas.  He had his own ideas of what would happen after Return of the Jedi.  I say to poppa George, write it and make it a comic series, somewhat like the Star Wars Infinities comic Dark Horse released a few years back.  Star Wars Infinities…I will get back to that another time.  Just sit back and enjoy this trailer, again.


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