Some Thoughts on Suicide Squad

I tend to do this with every single upcoming DC comics movie.  Batman v Superman, I had my worries about the DC Cinematic Universe and to a point, I still do.  Two movies in and people are bitching, not to mention it took three years to get two movies.  Of course when Suicide Squad is released it will be three.  But the DC movies will be compared to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and by the three year mark, Marvel already released two Iron Man movies, the Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America the First Avenger.  DC seems to be going in a different direction, is it a good thing?  I don’t know, everyone keeps saying DC is rushing everything to get to Justice League.  Let’s take a look, we have Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman, Suicide Squad and the forth year Wonder Woman and then Justice League.

With Suicide Squad, it is different and there is nothing in the MCU that you can compare to the Suicide Squad movie.  I want to first say, every single thing I have seen for the Suicide Squad.  It seems like DC put all of their hope in BvS being a game changer for the DCU, but I think Suicide Squad will be that movie.  They have done a good job with all of the marketing.  We are seeing lesser known, to the public anyway, characters become household names, already.  I predict everyone will say they are a Harley Quinn fan after the movie is out.  We will see more and more Harley costumes pop up.  Think about what the Dark Knight did for the Joker.  Harley has been dubbed by some as the Deadpool of the DCU and I would not be surprised to see a stand alone Harley movie one day.  It could be possible with the next Batman movie to see Joker and Harley appear.


I am excited mostly to see Deadshot, yeah I am going to jump on the bandwagon…but not really.  I have a list of DC villains and Deadshot is on my list.  He does fall behind Deathstroke, but they are different and the same.  Will Smith as Deadshot, for some reason clicked for me.  I was happy about the casting and he looks great.  The rest of the cast and the “squad”, some don’t belong and others I am just excited to see.  Killer Croc…Katana…hell yes!

I look forward to see how everything fits into the much bigger universe we are seeing more of from Batman v. Superman.  Watching the Suicide Squad movie, it looks bigger for some reason.  I am not sure why, but it looks bigger than any of the Dark Knight movies.  They did a fine job casting, from what I can see.  We are seeing the first ever group movie, like the Avengers, yeah…DC is taking all kinds of risks, rather than leading with the Justice League and easing into a movie like this…Balls to the wall.  That is the thing about these DC movies, they are taking risks to out out their movies.

I read some of the Suicide Squad comics, mostly the New 52.  They were entertaining for sure, but I was surprised DC though they could pull off a movie with lesser known characters.  The last time they did this, Green Lantern.  Most hate that movie.  The marketing has been so much different for Suicide Squad, the trailers have really shown us each character for the most part…that is why I said the marketing has been good.  Better than Green Lantern.  BvS they gave too much away, the Doomsday trailer was too much.


I do want to address the Joker situation.  I am a fan, of course, but when the first photo was released I hated it.  It looked terrible and I was so damned scared for future Batman movies.  I was not worried about Leto as the Joker, I think he will kill it.  But the tattoos, they really bother me and still do.  In watching the trailers and different previews, I am all in with this Joker.  Other than the tattoos, he looks really good as Joker and the laugh gets me.  I think Leto will be great.  He will be great and compared to Heath Ledger, which of course, was a one in a million performance.   I cannot wait to see what part the Joker will play in the Suicide Squad.

I nearly forgot, Batman is in the film as well, what part does he play?  Where do his scenes take place?  Are we going to see multiple flashbacks?  That was one of my other questions, when does the movie take place, before after Batman v. Superman.  I wonder this because I am worried DC will jump around the timeline, Wonder Woman takes place 100 years ago.  Will we get to see an earlier Batman movie?  I have so many questions and I hope some are answered after this movie.

Overall, I am excited to see this movie.  It is going to be history one way or another.  The film is about bad guys saving the world.  We are seeing an Avengers type movie, but a “rag tag” group of baddies.  Seriously, this is a bold move.  I cannot wait, I hope the movie is great.  More importantly, I hope it makes big money.  I would love to see this be DC’s big blockbuster and get everyone pumped for the next few movies.  DC has movies planned out for the next 3 or 4 years, but I predict Suicide Squad could change the lineup if it is as good as it looks.  I cannot wait to see what happens.

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