Review: Sleight – 2016

Sleight – 2016

Synopsis : A young street magician is left to care for his little sister after their parents passing, and turns to illegal activities to keep a roof over their heads.

Director and Co-writer J.D. Dillard’s 2016 fantasy, sci-fi tale “Sleight”, tells the tale of “Bo”, played by young actor Jacob Latimore. Bo is a street magician and Child Science prodigy, who was forced to refuse an academic scholarship to college and take care of his young sister, “Tina”, played by Storm Reid.  Bo spends his days hustling tips from a tourist infested Los Angeles, and his nights selling Molly and cocaine for “Angelo”, a local and ruthless drug kingpin, played by Dule Hill. Bo see’s this as way to help take care of his young sister and survive the realities of our society. Bo does not, however enjoy the illegal activity he has found himself participating in.

When Bo meets “Holly”, played by Seychelle Gabriel, he feels a strong romantic connection, but fears his life will turn upside down as Angelo continues to involve Bo in more dangerous and serious crime. Conversely, Angelo’s trust in Bo continues to grow as he discovers Bo is capable of committing heinous acts against Angelo’s rival gang competition. Believing Bo is his young apprentice, Angelo decides to front Bo a Kilo of cocaine to distribute in his area. Fed up with his new found lifestyle, Bo see’s an opportunity and devises a plan to cut the cocaine in order make more sales and save money. This will allow him to move Holly and his sister Tina far away from the gang lifestyle. When Angelo finds out about Bo’s advantageous scheme, he is none to happy.  Bo has now put himself and his family in a life or death situation. Coming to grips with what he has done, Bo and his ability to perform magic with a deadly sleight of hand come to the forefront in all out battle with Angelo and his thugs.

I really enjoyed this film. The fantasy and sic-fi aspects slowly come to the screen as we learn more about our protagonist. A certain slow unveiling of his powers as the plot builds. I his really capable of magic? Or is he just that sleight of hand? I didn’t actually know I was watching a super hero movie until I was almost  at the ending. However, in my opinion, thats exactly what this film is. It is a coming of age super hero flick. The acting is more than adequate, especially from all of the younger members of the cast. I advise everyone to keep an eye out for the very young actress Storm Reid. Not only does she have an awesome name, but she is a very talented and beautiful young star on the rise. I hope she continue to get opportunities in the business.


With just a $250,000 budget, “Sleight” doesn’t rely on too many special effects, but the effects present are well done and believable for me. “SIeight”, is a different animal than most films of it’s genre, and if I didn’t know any better, I would think that this was an M. Night creation from the “Unbreakable” universe. You could drop this movie in that realm and it wouldn’t miss a beat. Most definitely, I give this movie 8 out of 10 stars.

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