Review: Suicide Squad (2016)

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I know, it took me a week to get to this, but I wanted to let the movie sink in and take a little time.  I read reviews, I watched reviews and I saw people praise and shit on this movie.  Now, as of maybe an hour ago a former Warner Bros. associate is calling the Wonder Woman movie a mess.  This could be bullshit, I don’t know.  At this point, I do not care about what anyone says.  I said on my person Facebook page, “I don’t drink the Kool-Aid, I make my own.”  With that, I make my own decisions on how I feel about a movie or a comic.

So, have you seen Suicide Squad yet?  Well if not, turn away now!  I am going to spoil this movie.

Spoiler Alert

First things first.  I liked Suicide Squad.  It was not great and it was not terrible.  Overall I liked it and I don’t understand what these critics are talking about.  Some say it was over edited…how the hell do you know?  That sounds like some pompous bullshit.  The movie was not a scattered mess.  I will admit there were a bunch of flashbacks and maybe one or two were too late.

This movie was a tall order, big movie with a lot of moving parts and a lot of characters, mostly new to the audience.  I wonder if some of us forget, not everyone knows who Katana is or Captain Boomerang.  Hell, the average person doesn’t even know Deadshot or Harley.  These characters needed to be introduced and I thought it was a fun way.  Amanda Waller doing a briefing and it is told with flashbacks.  I do admit, Harley and the Joker with their “Mad Love” was jammed in there.  I do not think we will see a Harley and  Joker movie and I am not sure I want one.  I would love to see the two of then in a Batman movie for sure.

The story, it was average.  Similar to the Avengers.  Yep, mindless enemies taking trying to take over or destroy Earth.  Enchantress, was not a good villain, fine.  I agree.  But, we have seen, in DC movies, an entire city destroyed by aliens. Now they delve into the Supernatural or even a little into Mythology.  There were moments during the movie I got chills.  Batman taking down Deadshot and Deadshot standing on a car shooting his wrist guns.  I loved that stuff.

So, I had fun.  The movie is just as fun as I expected.  I did not go in thinking either of two things.

  1. I didn’t think this was a “must win” for DC.  I have been worried and I still am worried.
  2. I did not think this was going to be the best movie ever, by any means.  I got what I expected.

So now, I want to break down how I feel they did with the characters.  Because that is a big deal to me.  DC and Warner have messed up Superman so far and made Batman a killer.  Affleck was great with what he was given.

Amanda Waller…They nailed “the Wall” in this movie, more so than any live-action version.  Viola Davis was perfect casting.  We have seen Amanda Waller in Arrow, Green Lantern and Smallville, Pam Grier played her in Smallville, wasn’t bad.  CCH Pounder did her voice in the Justice League cartoon and Davis killed it, so much Deadshot calls her “gangsta”.

Rick Flag…Joel Kinnaman is not a good actor.  Tom Hardy was supposed to play the role and would have been much better.  There is something about Kinnaman I just don’t like.  He is stiff, it worked for Robocop, but he was one of the worst things in the movie.


Deadshot…I was actually excited to see Will Smith attached to the movie and he would play Deadshot.  Of course, there were people saying, “Deadshot is white”.  Who gives a shit.  Smith carried this movie and this could be one of his better performances.  There were moments he gave me chills and I am not going to bullshiting, I love Deadshot.  Will Smith did add some “Will Smith” to the role, but it worked.  I didn’t see Will Smith, I saw Deadshot.  I am very happy and he needs to come back for another movie.  Deadshot/Deathstroke, like a buddy cop movies.

El Diablo…I bet you thought Harley would be next.  El Diablo was slightly different from the comcis, but damn it if they didn’t nail him.  Great performance from Jay Hernandez and he looked the part.

Captain Boomerang…I am not a fan of Jai Courtney, until now.  He was so much fun.  He wasn’t used a lot and this is a different spin on the character from what I remember in pre-new 52 comics.  I loved it, he was nuts and fun.

Katana…not much to be said, she had little screen-time and she looked the part.  People complain when she gets on the helicopter and Flag tells everyone about her.  “This is Katana, her sword takes men’s souls.”  I don’t think the line was a problem, I think it was Kinnaman’s delivery.

Killer Croc…As far as I can remember he was never a part of the Suicide Squad.  I was happy to see him added to the film universe.  I love they are really getting into the existence of Meta-humans.  The role was supposed to be King Shark, but Ayer wanted a live action make-up, not CGI, fine by me.  He was good, not much to say…but he wanted some BET.


Harley Quinn…One of the most beloved characters in the DCU lately for sure.  I was happy to see her jester costume, thank you for the fan service.  I have not been happy about her costumes since the beginning of 2011 and the New 52.  But whatever.  She was good, not great.  Her accent slipped a few times and I was worried about not getting the cartoon sounding Harley.  She was not bad overall and I can’t wait to see more of her.  Margot Robbie has the look and she did get into the role.  I liked her.

Joker…ok, lets get into this.  I did not like Jared Leto’s Joker.  I hated hearing him talk, everything he said sounded like garbage.  Not to compare, Heath Ledger’s Joker was unnerving, menacing, scary at times.  Jared Leto’s Joker was a gangster with a gimmick.  Which it does take me back to the Joker from the original Batman comics.  But to me, he was way out of character.  He sacrificed himself for Harley, I don’t know that he would do that.  Joker treated Harley bad, he used her and abused her.  Watch Batman the Animated Series or play the Arkham Asylum games.


Other things about his role, he was trying to get Harley out of Belle Rev, I can see that.  But Harley was his obsession.  Batman is Joker’s obsession, not Harley, not ever.  He would kill her if it meant getting to the bat.

Also, Leto himself was disappointed a lot of his scenes were cut.  Most of us would notice that scenes from the trailer were missing.  That is a shame.  Maybe it would have made his performance better.  Who knows.  I do not like this Joker, I wanted the madman, psycho clown prince of crime.  Not a gangster with white face.  I hated that Joker give Harley the toxic bath.  So much, I hate the tattoos, no eyebrows.  I just didn’t like his Joker, maybe the more we see the better.  I do not want to be stuck with Leto as Joker for, however long this universe makes it.

Overall, I liked it and I am ready to see Suicide Squad again. I have heard from multiple people it is better the second time around.  It is strange, Man of Steel was way better the second time as was Batman v. Superman.  I think there is a lot going on in these movies and that is why people shit on them.

It isn’t about catching up to Marvel, it is about making good movies.  DC has work to do.  I wonder if Warner Bros. is the problem, like Sony and Fox for Marvel.  Marvel Studios has made things right for comic book fans.  Warner produced the Dark Knight trilogy, but these are barely Batman or comic book movies.  They are action movies with Batman.  Maybe, somehow DC needs to break away from Warner and create DC Studios and do their own thing.  Geoff Johns is kind of in charge, but still has to deal with Warner Bros.  DC Studios could be controlled by Geoff Johns.

Check out Suicide Squad, it was not bad.  Help this make some money so we can get more and more movies based on the DC universe.  Don’t forget, Deadshot v. Deathstroke.  That is the movie I want to see.






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