Review: Captain America – Civil War (2016)

I know, I know, Civil War came out in May.  Why should you read my review?  Well, you come to my site for my opinion.  Civil War is coming to Blu Ray very soon.  I have been thinking about Civil War a lot.  I see posts on Facebook all the time.  Which hero had the better trilogy, The Dark Knight or Captain America?  Which movie was better, Batman v Superman or Civil War?  Everyone has their own opinion, as do I.  

I really have enjoyed the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  From Iron Man and on, the universe has been a really great and fun ride to watch.  Lately, something feels off to me.  I honestly think it is missing something.  Avengers: Age of Ultron fell flat with me.  It is hard to watch, the dialog feels forced and there were some low points.  I am started to wonder if these movies are starting to get old.  Ant-man was a breathe of fresh air.  But there was not many in the movie from the others.  That was a good thing and I think.  Don’t get me wrong, I love these characters and I love their movies.  I think Civil War was a little, premature.  Two years in a row we have seen the Avengers Assemble.  I think seeing a Civil War would have been cool, but this movie fell extremely flat.  We should have seen one more Captain America movie before Civil War and I think Civil War should have followed Infieverything-we-saw-in-the-game-changing-new-captain-america-civil-war-trailernity War.  I actually think Marvel was pushed into altering their plans when Batman v. Superman was introduced.  At one point the were going to go up against one another.  Marvel waited to announce Civil War after BvS.  The Russo’s did say they have been waiting to do this one since they began.


So the basic premise of the movie, the Avengers are tearing up the world and need to be put in check.  At this same time the Winter Soldier is being blamed for assassinating more people.  Captain America goes after his friend and throughout the movie tries to protect his old friend.  We later find the Winter Soldier is to blame for Tony Stark’s parents death.  Iron Man is with the government about keeping the Avengers in check and Captain America is not.  Black Panther jumps into action after there is an explosion and his father dies, it is blamed on the Winter Soldier.  But everything is being orchestrated by Baron Zemo.  He is the main reason the heroes are at odds.   Sounds like Lex Luthor a little.

Other heroes choose sides and it culminates in a battle at an airport, that is basically empty.  We see Hawkeye fight Black Widow, Vision vs Scarlet Witch.  Ant-man and Spider-man were the highlights of this battle.  For some reason it seemed really small to me.  In the epicness of the series, for some reason, this movie felt smaller and it really wasn’t.

They traveled all over the place and they superimposed the name of the city to let you know where they are.  That got old fast, I don’t recall this happening in the other movies at all, but it wasn’t the problem, how large the font was bothered me.  It was too much, too often.  I know, nitpicking.


The movie was ok overall, I didn’t think it was the best or the worst of the MCU.  Truth is, it fell flat, even the trailers fell flat.  People talked about the emotion of the trailers and the movies, I didn’t feel it at all.  Tony Stark and Steve Rogers were never these great friends the trailers and movie tried to show.  In the first Avenger movie, Iron Man and Cap jaw jacked back and forth and Iron Man showed no respect for Cap.  Age of Ultron, again these two were at it, I don’t think they liked each other at all.  So the scene when Cap says, “He’s my friend.”  Iron Man says, “So was I,” or something to that effect, it did not sit well with me.  They were teammates, not friends.  I honestly felt like most of this was forced, like a lot of the dialog in Age of Ultron.

Spider-man was a true highlight and I love Chris Evans as Captain America.  Anytime we get to see Robert Downey Jr. suit up as Iron Man, it is a treat.  Hell, seeing all of these heroes in the same movie is a treat.  I just wasn’t happy with the outcome.  I wish this would have come after Infinity War and we could have seen a different Captain America movie.

So, I was disappointed with Civil War.  If falls in the middle of the pack for me with Winter Soldier and Avengers being the best.  The day I saw Civil War, I watch X-men Apocalypse before Civil War.  I actually enjoyed X-men more that Civil War and BvS more than both…possibly, I need to see X-men again.

Civil War comes out on Blu Ray Sept. 13th, I will buy it and watch it again and again…I think it is one that has to grow on me for some reason.  I wasn’t in love with Captain America the First Avenger either, I love it now.

If I had to rate Captain America: Civil War…wait, I will do this The Horror Syndicate way. rates Captain America Civil War at 8.2

I am going to give it a 7.6

I cannot deny others love this movie, it made over 1 billion in the box office, but sometimes…I get the feeling people drink the kool-aid and buy in to the critics.  I don’t, I make my own opinion.  I was excited about this movie, but not as much as Batman v. Superman or X-men, was that my problem.  I don’t think so.  I look forward to seeing Civil War on Blu Ray.

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