Rayzor’s Thoughts on the Man of Steel and DC Films Future

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I have not been a fan of the Nolan Dark Knight series and have been very critical of the series.  I will be less negative due to the fact I am loving everything I have seen for the Man of Steel.  But I have been thinking for days on end what is next for the DC films.  I will begin with talking about the upcoming Man of Steel film.

Christopher Reeve’s Superman Films

superman-christopher-reeveBefore I begin let us go back and take a really quick look at the past Superman films.  Of course I am going to start with the Christopher Reeve films.  The first two are great, Christopher Reeve was fantastic as Superman and he probably would have played Superman forever if not for the accident.  In Superman II we see Zod, Ursa and Non in action and it was really cool to see Kryptonians fight each other and it really looked like the Superman films were headed in a really awesome direction.  Then Superman III comes out and I…don’t have too many words to explain the film, recycled characters, Richard Pryor, I like it because of my childhood, but it isn’t the best.  Superman IV: the Quest for Peace was very bad and it holds up as one of the worst superhero films made.  It is fun to watch, mostly to joke about, the same way you’d watch Batman & Robin.

Superman Returns, but not in a good way

Superman-returns_796484aThere was so much hope that came with this film that was destroyed after the first viewing.  I tried so hard to accept this film, but come on, lets take a look back at Superman II, he forfeit’s his superpowers to be with Lois Lane, right?  Ok so they had relations and I guess the kid was born from that.  But he had no powers and was basically human.  I am going to stop with that and just say Brian Singer should have made X-Men 3 not Superman Returns.  He made Superman a dead beat dad and a freaking stalker.  I do think Brandon Routh was not too bad in this film.

My hopes shattered, with Superman Returns and Batman Begins, I expected Justice League to follow soon after, but we had to wait another 7 years for Superman to come back, even if they were going to produce the sequel to Superman Returns, called, you guessed it, the Man of Steel.  Not to mention Christopher Nolan ending the Dark Knight Trilogy and closing the door on Christian Bale’s Batman, thank god.  For the record, I hated this suit very much.  Even then I thought it was a poor choice to make it a sequel to the 1981 film Superman II, that is 25 years between films and they did not count, for good reason.  I guess Warner and DC came to their senses in rebooting the series and this brings us up to date.  Well I was debating, but.


1600906-welling_sman123I have to say a few words about the terrific show Smallville, it may have lasted too long, but it was great.  I watched the show thanks to a friend of mine on the deal I would watch the show if he watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it was beneficial for the both of us.  Smallville took us through the early years of Clark Kent going through high school and his early 20’s and his growing powers, except flight.  The show was great and I know most of us hoped to see more of Tom Welling as Superman.  One of the best parts of the show was watching Clark grow into superhero and develop his powers not to mention seeing different members of the DC Universe.  Of course we never got to see the two everyone wanted to see, Batman and Wonder Woman.  I do think it is a great show and  if you have not watched, maybe you should.  One day I would love to see a Smallville reunion show on the CW, maybe as a TV movie event and force Tom Welling to wear the costume and fly.  This will not happen and I sure Tom Welling is done with Superman and Clark Kent.

The Man of Steel reboot

henry-cavill-man-of-steel-wallpaper-hd-142654125The Man of Steel arrives in theaters on June 14th, 2013 and I am excited.  I will be honest when I first heard Christopher Nolan has his hands on this project I wanted to puke.  I have had enough of this pretentious man taking my favorite super heroes and doing making the films set more in reality.  It worked, for the most part, well with Batman, but Superman I don’t see it.  Then they showed the costume and Cavill in the costume and I was disappointed, due to the lack of red undies and no belt.  The other thing that completely bothers me, why is it so damned dark.  But the costume has grow on me and recently I have really wanted to get the t-shirt of the logo and finally bought one.

Overall I am extremely excited about seeing the film, I have nothing negative to say.  Well, Amy Adams, never been a fan of her at all, I don’t look at her and thing Lois Lane.  I am fine with a female Jimmy Olsen and a black Perry White, none of this bothers me.  I will say when they announced Zod as the main villain I was disappointed, mostly because it had been done and Zod was one of the main villains of Smallville at the time and he was present in the comics with the War of the Supermen.  But as time has passed, it makes more sense to have Zod as the lead in for the reboot.  Not to mention Michael Shannon looks like he is going to freaking amazing, although no one can replace Terrance Stamp.  Michael Shannon really looks like he is full of hate and anger.  That is all I really have to say about the coming film.  I have a lot of questions about what is to come.

The Future of DC Films

Well, this is all my opinion and what I think should and needs to happen.  If you have other thoughts, please share.  I am always interested in other peoples opinions and thoughts.

green-lanterndcdIn 2011 we saw a Green Lantern film, it was not the best and not well received but lets face it how many people outside of comic book fans know anything about Green Lantern?  It was good enough for a start and I think it is too late and too early to reboot Green Lantern, besides you have a decent cast in place, Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan and Mark Strong was amazing as Sinestro.  I think if treated differently a sequel could be pretty good, especially if Sinestro destroys the Green Lantern Corp and begins to build the Sinestro Corp.  This would be the film that could lead the Green Lantern into the Justice League film.  I believe we have to see this made and released by 2015 or as early as late 2014.  A third film could be a Emerald Twilight where Hal Jordan becomes possessed by Parallax.  I think the Green Lantern film will fit with the Man of Steel.

The Man of Steel as I hope will be great and I know we will see a sequel and I believe it should be before the Justice League film.  But that will probably not come until 2016, the people at Warner are talking 2015 for the Justice, but too much has to happen for a Justice League film to happen.  So in the breath of Marvel’s Iron Man, maybe 2015 should be the sequel to the Man of Steel.  I know that is rushing it a little, but Warner should know that this film is going to kill and should have the next already in production.  It took 4 years between the Dark Knight and the Dark Knight Rises, this is too long.

Reboot Batman, do not bring back Christian Bale, do not bring in Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who I am beginning to hate.  Reboot and stylize like the Man of Steel, make it the same world, Superman is known in the world.  Then after a kick ass reboot of Batman, maybe just maybe we finally see a Superman/Batman film that would lead into the Justice League.  Oh I almost forgot, steal from the Marvel films, post credit scenes.  Batman needs to be out in 2015.

Between now and 2017 we need a couple of stand alone hero films, Wonder Woman and the Flash most notably.  I am sure they could find a way to add the other heroes, whoever they choose.  The only other hero I would want to see with there own film would be Green Arrow.  This brings another question who would be on the Justice League team?  Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Green Arrow and Aquaman, maybe.  Here is a timeline of events, call me crazy whatever and I am sorry this is going to take time to do this right.

Green Lantern (2011)

Man of Steel (2013)

Green Lantern 2 (2014)

Batman (2014)

Man of Steel 2 (2015)

Wonder Woman (2015)

Flash (2016)

Superman/Batman (2016)

Batman 2 (2016)

Justice League (2017)

I know this is really a long time 7 year commitment and it would be easier to bring back Bale.  This is not the way it is going to happen.  Warner is going to try to rush Justice League into production because of the Avengers film.  But look how long it took to get to the Avengers film.  So I bet we will see the Man of Steel this year, and then Justice League in 2015, introducing all of the other characters in this film, making it a giant turd.

Remember this all on thoughts and hopes and again probably will not happen, I think DC/Warner needs to take their time wait two more years and produce the films we have been looking forward to all of our lives.  Thanks for reading, enjoy Man of Steel.

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