Rayzor’s Theory – Doom? Is the DC Comics Cinematic Universe Doomed?



I have a bad feeling about this.  This line is said in every Star Wars movie.  But this is not about Star Wars, it is about the shared cinematic universe of DC comics.  It seems like there are shared universes popping up everywhere, since Marvel started theirs.  But now, after I saw Avengers: Age of Ultron, things seem bleaker than ever.  Even if Age of Ultron is somewhat a copy of the first Avengers film, it is very epic and I feel Batman v Superman needs to top at the very least Age of Ultron.

We are still about 11 months away from the next installment in the DC shared universe film.  Batman v. Superman.  While the film is surely going to come out and it seems to be picking up steam I am worried.  Suicide Squad is the follow up film, which I am excited about and it is currently filming.  Now to be sure, I am excited about both of these films and I am a big time DC comics fan.

In the 1990s we had the chance to see the beginnings of a DC Cinematic Universe that started with Batman in 1989 and would continue with Superman Lives, which I do believe is a sequel to Superman IV.  Now we are on the cusp of something I have waited most of my life for, a Batman/Superman film and not to mention Jusitce League.  So why do I think this is doomed?

Batman v. Superman is 3 months away and Suicide Squad is 8 months away, but for some reason I really feel we, as fans will get left feeling empty when it comes time to finally see the Wonder Woman film, which is filming.  I worry about the formula DC while the trailers look great, is it wise to rush to the Justice League movie?  This could be a mistake, they are trying to rush to get to the two-part Justice League to beat Marvel to their Ultimate event, Infinity War.  Hey Warner Bros, Hey DC, Marvel now has had to ultimate events, called the Avengers and Age of Ultron and their formula worked perfectly.  Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Captain America all got their own films to lead up to the Avengers.  DC, Superman, Batman v. Superman and Wonder Woman to lead to Justice League.  Whats the rush?

Well, they know Batman is a money maker, I see why they are doing a Batman v. Superman movie to introduce Batman to their universe.  Ben Affleck as Batman excited me, but I did feel like I was alone in that.  If the follow up to Man of Steel was Batman staring Ben Affleck, I think fans would lose their minds.  I do not think the Suicide Squad film is a mistake, it is ballsy and could end up being a great move, especially since Ben Affleck looks to be in the film adding the Batman lore for the series.  My issues is what is to follow, Wonder Woman.

While I am totally excited about a live action Wonder Woman film, with Gal Gadot, I am worried about it because of her past.  The NBC series that got a pilot and never made it to TV, the stand-alone Joss Whedon film that never got made, the Justice League film from 2008 that never got made.  Now they have had to replace the director, not a big deal, but there are rumors the script is a mess and not finished.  Wonder Woman is supposed to begin filming this fall.  Yikes, someone needs to get their stuff together.

The other thing, why wont DC put their movies directly against or closer to Marvel release dates?  In 2017 we are getting 3 Marvel movies, same thing in 2018.  Why in the hell can’t they squeeze in one more movie a year.  Why is it taking so damned long for BvS to come out?  Really something else should have happened, there is a huge gap now from Man of Steel to BvS, 3 years.  Usually a single film franchise will take about 3 years, sometimes 2 years.  Batman Begins 2005, The Dark Knight 2008, Captain America the First Avenger 2011, Captain America the Winter Soldier 2014.  But the thing is, between First Avenger and Winter Soldier we got the Avengers 2012, Iron Man 3 2013 and Thor the Dark World 2013.  See what I mean, the planned has been flawed since day 1.


Part of the problem was the Dark Knight trilogy, one has to think DC and Warner tried to include Christian Bale and the Dark Knight films to be a part of that Universe.  I also believe Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds may have been a part of the universe, but the movie failed.  Think about if we had the foundation of the Dark Knight and a sub-par Green Lantern film, we could be even deeper in now.  2014 we could have seen the follow up to Green Lantern and possibly the Flash.  This year could have been the Man of Steel 2 and Wonder Woman and 2016 finally Batman v Superman with Christian Bale as a seasoned Batman.  The logical follow up would be Justice League in 2016 for Christmas.  But of course, none of this happened.  We could back to Brian Singer and look at Superman Returns, if it were a different film, with Brandon Routh, he and Christian Bale in the same film would have been a great and intense difference in character, like Batman and Superman should be.


I look at pictures of Brandon Routh as Superman and shake my head, not because he was bad, he was in a bad movie.  But then I see pictures like the one above and it upsets me.  DC could have beat Marvel to the punch.  But they would rather continue the Christopher Reeve Superman film from 19 years before and technically 26 years, because Superman Returns ignores Superman III and IV.  Hell, it would have been great to see a Keaton and Reeve Batman/Superman film.

So, my theory, yes I think this version of the DC will fail, either at the box office within the first 4 movies or things will just fall apart.  When I say within the first 4 movies, I mean post Man of Steel, if Batman v Superman fails and Suicide Squad falls apart.  If a Justice League movie is made, I do not think it will be as big as the Avengers first film.  Of course I could be wrong, I read Facebook and I know how many people want to see this succeed, but it also seems there are just as many who are negative.  But we as fans do not want crappy product with bad decisions, in casting and story.  Man of Steel was cool, but it has the same issue, it takes 48 minutes to get to Superman, the main attraction, but then we are left with half a movie.  Not to mention, why’d they make Superman so dark, his story, his costume.  Henry Cavill looks like Superman, he is Superman and he may be wasted.  It is the same thing with Ben Affleck, he was made to be Bruce Wayne/Batman and it could be wasted.

If it fails, I would love to see a couple of Batman stand-alone films with Affleck and a couple more Cavill Superman films.  But DC and Warner need to figure out the formula, I am so worried about this universe working.  Some of the casting, rumors, costume choices and spoilers I have seen, this is what worries me.  Even if some of the casting has been good, in theory anyway.

My DC Cinematic Universe

If I were in charge, I would write a big long out-line of how the universe would go to at least get to the Justice League, of course I think I am an expert on DC comics and of course this fan boy has all of the answers.  But I would start with Superman and a Batman film in the same year.  So lets do a reboot of the series starting in 2020, if the current series falls on its face.  This is all for fun and the way my brain works with this subject, also I took the Marvel Cinematic Universe into account.

I realize that DC does not to duplicate Marvel’s formula and everyone is burnt out on lengthy origin stories.  But I do think Man of Steel was a good jump off point, but getting to know Batman through a “vs” movie is not the best idea.  Plus, there are chances of ruining the characters.

What I fear, this fails and it sets DC and Warner back 10 or 15 years…We will see in less than a year.

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