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Yes, I, like every single Star Wars fan have my own theories about the long awaited sequel to Return of the Jedi.  But rather than go into the complete idea of the story, which there is no way to predict.  I am going to break it down to what I think about each character.  What I think will happen to certain characters in the movie.  I have heard many different rumors about what people think may happen in the movie, so why not voice my own theories.  So I will break this down by character and only feature the characters I have a theory or opinion about.  There are of course story elements inside these character theories.  I have no idea and will not try to predict the movie.  There are plenty of theories, like Luke’s old light saber is the key to open some ancient evil, which make zero sense.  Let us not forget that weapon was constructed during the Clone Wars, by Anakin.  I

Remember, these are all theories and if any of it comes true…Spoiler Alert.



He is the most debated character in the film so far.  He has been seen as a First Order Storm trooper and on the run with Rey and Han Solo.  But in some posters and the newest trailers, he can be seen wielding a blue bladed light saber.  He must be a Jedi right or force sensitive right?  I don’t think so.

Rumors started more than a year ago, part of the plot had to do Luke’s old light saber, the one he lost when Darth Vader cut his hand off on Bespin.  There are rumors Finn comes across this light saber and they have to deliver it back Luke.  The other rumor is Kylo Ren is searching for this light saber.

With that, Finn encounters Kylo Ren and ignites the light saber and looks terrified.  Kylo Ren is imposing looking, is this why Finn looks terrified or because this is a situation where he has no other weapon.

There is a possible spoiler released by Amazon over the weekend, which makes Finn, Lando’s son.  Why would he be a part of the First Order?

My Theory

I think Finn is not happy with the First Order and takes his chance to escape, while rescuing Poe Dameron, they land on Jakku which could be a false name, it could be Tatooine.  Somehow they get split up and Finn meets with Rey and he either comes across the light saber or it is given to him by Poe, who stole the light saber and that is why he is being tortured by Kylo Ren.

When it comes to his place, I do not think Finn is a force sensitive at all.  I think he tries to protect Rey with the light saber and gets easily defeated by Kylo Ren, who moves on to kill, Han Solo.  If it is not who I think dies, see below, it may be another.  Either way I think the Millennium Falcon has to do with his future.  Ok, if Han Solo dies, Finn becomes the new Captain of the Millennium Falcon, the other option, if Chewy dies, then Han and Finn work together, to reunite Finn with his father, Lando Calrissian.  If that spoiler is in face true.  People read a lot into the posters, I usually don’t.  This poster has Finn and Chewy together with the Millennium Falcon flying away from them.  I do not think Finn is a Jedi or force sensitive.  I think he will be a big part of this series, a new type of character, not a Jedi, not a rogue, but a bad ass soldier type.




Most of the rumors are cut and dry.  She is either a Solo or a Skywalker.  She is force sensitive and more than likely the sister of Kylo Ren.  She is hiding out as a scavenger on Jakku, which looks to be true.  But she is not aware of who she really is, Solo or Skywalker.

She does fit into the same type of situation as Luke, with a twist.  She is on the desert planet, looks homely based on her clothes.  She is watched over by Max von Sydow’s character who may or may not have been former Empire now friend of the Resistance.  I do think Max von Sydow belongs in a Star Wars movie, but he would have made a cool Sith Lord of some kind of bad guy for sure.

My Theory

I think Rey is Han Solo and Princess Leia’s daughter.  There is little doubt in my mind.  I do not think she is Luke’s daughter, I have a different theory about Luke’s possible offspring.  I am not too sure of why she does not know Han Solo is her father.  There was a rumor I read a few months ago, Han Solo was captured by the Empire and was flying around in some kind of Star Destroyer prison with Chewbacca.

I believe Rey to be the new hope for the Jedi, Luke is the last of his kind, for sure this time.  Rey is going to be trained by Luke in over the course of the next two movies and she will be the one to wield the blue bladed former Anakin Skywalker light saber.  Which brings me to a wild thought, what if she is Luke’s daughter and she was taken to Jakku to hide while Luke had to take care of his other business.  This way it would when she does get the light saber, it is passed down from one Skywalker to the next, third generation Skywalker.  But I am pretty sure she is Han and Leia’s daughter, everyone has thought that since the first group read when she sat between Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher.  Also, she may live in a downed ATAT…awesome!


Poe Dameron


Not too much on this guy, he is the best pilot is the galaxy.  He fights for the Resistance and pilots and X-Wing.  There were thoughts that he and Rey would have a love story.  He looks like at some point is being tortured by Kylo Ren, but why?  Finn ends up with his jacket when they get to Jakku.  There is not much, but he is apparently one of the main three characters.  The trailers have him flying the X-Wing, being tortured and giving Finn some kind of look.

My Theory

He is said to be very loyal to the Resistance, I wonder if he was brought up knowing the Empire is evil.  His parents fought for the Rebellion against the Empire.  I just think he will fit into the Han Solo type, not exactly the same way.  He will be their ally and fight by their side, their being Finn and Rey.  But I do not think there are going to big things for him.  Not force sensitive, just a rad pilot who is loyal to his friends and the Resistance.  I think Finn sees him being tortured at the beginning of the film and rescues him from Kylo Ren.  How about this, Finn puts him in an escape pod and sends him to Jakku,  then Finn steals a TIE fighter that gets shot down.  So they are separated on Jakku and when Finn finds Rey, they search for Poe while running into Han Solo and Chewbacca.  When Poe is rescued Han Solo takes Finn and Rey on the Millennium Falcon, while Poe rejoins the Resistance.  This is why he is not seen on the Millennium Falcon.  If I am wrong about Finn tking over the Millennium Falcon if Han Solo dies, the it will be Poe and he gets his ultra cool jacket back from Finn.

This looks more like a “bro” interaction, I’ve heard people think these two may be at odds. If Finn saves Poe’s life, he can keep the jacket.

Kylo Ren


This guy looks cool and at first, I thought his light saber was silly.  Well since then, I have bought into this guy and I believe he will be awesome.  So the theories, he may be Han and Leia’s son, which would make him, possibly Rey’s brother…maybe twin?  I am not sure if he is a part of the First Order or just working with them.  The other thing, he is one of the Knights of Ren, are they the new Sith and is Supreme Leader Snoke the leader of the Knights of Ren or is he the leader of the First Order?

My Theory

When Han and Leia had Kylo Ren, he was found to be force-sensitive and Luke Skywalker took it upon himself to train Kylo in the ways of the Force.  Kylo learned about the past and his Grandfather Darth Vader.  He took it upon himself to seek out the Dark side of the force and left Luke’s side.  This is when the Knights of Ren found him or he found them.  He takes to the Dark side of the force because it is more powerful, like Anakin he is power hungry.  I think Kylo Ren is jaded and possibly Snoke makes Vader out to be some kind of hero, I think he is jaded.  If he is the one holding the Darth Vader mask, it could be Luke.

My biggest fear, he dies in this movie.  I think Luke could possibly kill him.  Star Wars loves very cool throw away villains, is he the new Darth Vader or more like Darth Maul, Jango Fett or even Boba Fett.  I think Kylo is to Darth Vader as Snoke is to Palpatine.  I think Kylo Ren is Rey’s brother and Han and Leia’s son.  I think it could be similar to what happens with Jacen and Jaina Solo in the old Expanded Universe, although Jacen was pushed because of the death his younger brother, Anakin.  Kylo Ren may kill Han Solo or Chewbacca, not sure which, I do expect a great light sabet duel between him and when we finally get to see Mark Hamill as Luke.

Han Solo, Princess Leia and Chewbacca



Rumors, well Han and Leia were split up after the battle of Endor.  But, if Rey is their daughter, that is doubtful, same if Kylo Ren is their son.  Han Solo has been watching over Rey while Leia is leading the Resistance.  Chewbacca is forever at Han Solo’s side.

My Theory

I hate to say this, but when Han Solo and Leia hug in the trailer, it could be a tearful good bye…or hello.  Harrison Ford wanted Han Solo to die in Return of the Jedi.  For many years he said he would never play Han Solo again.  Could there be a clause in his contract to say Han Solo dies?  Or was it in the contract that he would be able to do more Indiana Jones movies?  I am worried Han will die by the hands of his son, who is jaded by the Dark Side.  But there is a part of me that thinks Harrison Ford is cool with being Han Solo now and we may see Chewy die.  I don’t know, I bet Leia lives through this movie and I bet we even hear the name, Lando at some point as they are both Resistance leaders.  I think Leia is the only person who knows where Luke is hiding, if he is hiding.  My final thought, Chewy dies, Han lives and Finn takes Chewy’s place with Han Solo.

Luke Skywalker


There have been many rumors.  There are people who think Luke is Kylo Ren, which I do not think is true.  Some say he has been locked away by the First Order since the end of Return of the Jedi.  The rumor I like the best is probably the one I agree with, Luke is guarding an ancient relic.  The other, he is like Yoda and Obi-wan, last Jedi in exile.  If that were true, it would be too much like the movies that came before.

My Theory

I am going to agree with a couple of things, I think Luke is in self-exile.  I also think Luke is guarding some kind of either ancient relic or a former Sith’s tomb.  If it is some old Sith tomb, I hope it is not Darth Vader or Palpatine.  I do not want some kind of clone situation or a resurrection of on older character.  I think he is going to fight Kylo Ren, his former student of the force.

That is it, I do not have any other theories at this point, Captain Phasma will be awesome, but I do not expect much from her.  There are others like General Hux, although he could be a Resistance spy and maybe even Luke’s son…that may be a stretch.

Thank you for reading, what are your theories?  Please share them here or on Facebook or Twitter.


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