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What is there to say about Deadpool?  Originally in reading few of the Deadpool comics by Marvel, I thought it may be hard to center an entire film around the Merc with the Mouth.  But this movie kicked so much ass!  It was pretty awesome.  Some critics are calling Deadpool a “game changer” for superhero movies.  How could you even call Deadpool a superhero movie?  I guess it is because it comes from the same world as Marvel superheroes.

Let’s be honest here, Deadpool is a balls to the wall, raunchy action movie.  It just so happens to be set in a superhero world as I said.  The raunch factor is off the charts in this one, so I would leave the kiddos at home.  I have a 6 year-old son and he loves Deadpool, has an action figure, some comics and saw an episode of Ultimate Spider-man.  He thinks Deadpool is hilarious an amazing, he will not see this for a long time.  Parents, it is rated R for a reason.

With that said, the story was engaging and did not drag on.  The way the story was told was really well laid.  We did not get a legnthy origin story like Batman Begins where it takes an hour to see the character in costume.  Deadpool is in the costume at the beginning.  The film uses a series of flashbacks to work the origin into the film.   The action was top notch and Deadpool was hilarious.  The language was terrible, so many nasty jokes and suggestive talk.  As a parent, I urge the rest of you to be mindful and keep your kids away for now.


As we saw in the trailer, Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead show up and help Deadpool.  This was great, we finally get to see a Colossus like we saw in the comics.  He was on point, had the Russian accent and everything.  Negasonic Teenage Warhead…I had no idea this character existed.  She was pretty awesome and I loved her X-men costume.  It was black and yellow and reminded me of the New X-men from Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely.  Turns out, she was created by the amazing team of Morrison and Quitely.

Morena Baccarin was great as was T.J. Miller.  The cast was very good and entertaining.  I mean the entire movie was great, start to finish.  I loved it.  So, do I think this is a game changer?  No, it was pretty awesome, it is not a game changer like Iron Man was in 2008.  I keep seeing this all over, it is a fun movie that does not take itself too seriously.  I do not think we are going to see a bunch of comic book movies ushered in that are influenced by Deadbool, maybe the cinematography.  But Deadpool is so cude, I do not want to see this stuff popping up where it does not belong.  I think Suicide Squad could be the next film remotely close to Deadpool and rightfully so.

Stick around after the credits, the after the credits scene is awesome and there is an announcement that should make most X-men and Deadpool fans happy.  Also, look for Stan Lee’s cameo, it is great.

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