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Looking back on old posts, I came across this post, following the release of Avengers Age of Ultron.

Mostly, Friday was “date night” and I took my son today.  Watching it multiple times took me back to a time before kids.  When I had time to see movies more than once.  I did see Guardians of the Galaxy twice last year, but over the course of weeks, not days.  The last time I did this type of thing, 2008, the Dark Knight, saw the midnight show and had tickets to a noon show the following day.

So, you may be wondering, how was the movie?  It’s a Marvel movie, It must be good, right?  Yes, it is very good.  I liked the film a lot and was pretty happy with a lot in the movie.  But it is not great.  Let me explain.  There will be some spoilers ahead, if you haven’t seen the film yet.

In the beginning the team is back together, the take down a Hydra base in Sokovia, were we find Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.  Oddly enough they are mutants and the children of Magneto.  But their back story has changed to fit into the Xmen-less Avengers Universe.  But it was great seeing the team work together and getting Loki’s staff.

Eventually we see the scene with Thor’s hammer and everything seems to be chilled and relax.  But then Ultron appears and things begin to pick up.  Every moment Ultron is on screen from this point on, could be some of the best parts of the film.  James Spader does the voice and since Tony Stark created Ultron in the film, he is very similar to Tony Stark in personality, that was great.  It reminded me of watching the Office, when James Spader played Robert California, I just loved watching him and see what he would say next.

There are times in the movie we see the team fighting and it seems Captain America and Thor have really bonded.  They has a lot of very cool combo moves together from the beginning.  Took me back the Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance when you can use two characters powers together.  It was very cool.  Then we finally got to see the Hulkbuster Iron Man code named, Veronica.  Hulk goes a little crazy and Tony needs to calm him down.  The fight is pretty awesome and well played, I was very pleased to see this on screen.

I also liked the way the team was taken out of the Hulkbuster fight.  We got to see a bit of what the Scarlet Witch brings to the table, she has so many powers and sometimes, I do believe she is the most powerful mutant, see House of M.  But she is able to read minds, get into peoples heads, showing their “nightmares” and create force fields, shoot a blast from her hands.  Who recieved the better of the powers, Scarlet Witch or Quicksilver?

The end game was massive in this movie, I cannot say it was bigger in this than the last, but it was Extinction Level Event.  Loki wanted to rule, Ultron wants to destroy or evolve the world.  So the stakes are higher and the way Ultron decided to do it, goes back in history.  The fight at the end between the Avengers and Ultron and his bots, was very big.  But it was similar to the orginal Avengers film.  I really felt like it could been different.  There was a better sense of team work, but I feel like the battle in Avengers was so much better, not to mention there really isn’t any fighting in the US, it is all over seas.  The only fighting in US take place at Stark tower.

While I could go on and ramble about this film, I will wrap this up.  It was what you want from an Avengers film, good action, a decent story and a lot of fun.  There are too many down moments to grab kids attention, my son got bored at times.  I do think at times the script tried to hard for laughs and some of the jokes were not needed.  Ultron was great as I said, he is a robot, but you don’t feel like that, he seems to have human emotions.  I think that is all James Spader.  It was great to see War Machine fight and S.H.E.I.L.D possibly back.

I liked this movie and it is a great filler film.  I only say that because the main event is still to come.  Avengers Infinity War is coming in the next 3 years and that seems to be what everything is building to.  It was nice we get to see Ultron on screen, but I do think it was handled, well not great.  Ultron really takes a hold of the world in the comics and it seems like it is over, but this film he wasn’t everywhere, the earth did not seemed to be threatened.  That is why I complain about not enough action on US soil.  Ultron was going to end the world and only the Avenger knew about it, should have been world wide and a world of panic.  That alone made it a smaller movie.  But again, it is filler, just like the Dark Knight was filler between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises, both were about the League of Shadows, the Dark Knight was not.

So why is it filler, well as I said, Infinity War is coming, it should be huge as it will span two films.  In Age of Ultron, Thor talks about the Infinity Stones and we have seen them pop up in this universe starting with the Tesseract in Captain America the First Avenger and used in the Avengers, which is now on Asgard.  In Thor: the Dark World we see the Aether(reality stone), the Collector has it and of course in Guardians of the Galaxy Peter Quill finds the Orb(Power Stone) which is with the Nova Corp on Xandar and now, Vision has the Mind Stone in his head.  There are two stone left to find.  The mid-credits scene shows Thanos putting on the other of two Infinity Gauntlets.  He is trying to collect the stones.  We have two more stones which I bet possible pop up in the second Guardians of the Galaxy film or possibly in Doctor Strange.

That is where this series is going, Thanos will collect all 6 stones and wear the Infinity Gauntlet and we will see a huge crossover war.  But first, Ant-man, Avenger Civil War and Doctor Strange or yeah we will finally see Black Panther, should be fun.  I’d like to go over this more, not in a review.

Go see Avengers Age of Ultron, it is great?

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