Rayzor’s Review: The Man of Steel


Finally, the Man of Steel.  I went to a midnight show at the historic Lincoln Theater in downtown Belleville, Il.  It really is a fun place to see a film, they have recently upgraded most of the equipment, http://www.lincolntheatre-belleville.com/.  Ok enough plugging, well no hold on, the show was sponsored by Fantasy Books Inc. this is my local comic book shop, so remember if your in my area, three local locations check the site http://fantasybooksinc.com/.  The store manager asked trivia questions and handed out prizes before the film, it was a fun event.

Now that is out of the way on to the film.  It was good, no it was great.  I was really impressed with the film as a whole, maybe it is because the origin story is not long and drawn out, it was handled in memories.  Rather than sitting thru the complete origin from Krypton to Smallville to Metropolis.  It bounced around and there was a good amount of action. 

Krypton was pretty cool, I am going to expand on what Mike said about how a film about Jor-El would be cool.  Jor-El on Krypton was a scientist but at the same time he was a bad ass.  SPOILER…When Zod came to take the council, Jor-El reminded me of James Bond a little when he escaped.  I could see a film maybe not based on Jor-El, but the Kryptonian Civil War maybe.  The entire Krypton scene was fantastic and the way it was presented was really great.  Russell Crowe was fantastic.


As I said most of Smallville was handled in memories, but I will say Kevin Costner was perfect in the casting of Jonathon Kent.  He really took me back to the performance by John Schneider, who to me was the embodiment of Pa Kent.  Of course he did have more time with the role.  He was a great and again perfectly casted.

He does get his suit kind of earlier than expected and had fun flying around and jumping like the original comics.  The suit itself is almost like long underwear.  When Jor-El and Zod both hand their armor off they had similar suits to the Superman suit.  So it looks like Jor-El left the suit for him but, I am confused on the scout ship, why was the suit with the House of El crest in the ship that had been there many years before Kal-El.  But the suit looked great on camera and Cavill looked great.

Now, when he gets his suit and Zod comes to Earth, holy crap.  Action packed does not even come close.  It was pretty amazing and Michael Shannon as Zod freaking unreal.  One thing I really liked was the how Zod was not used to Earth’s atmosphere.  Faora was pretty awesome as well as Nam Ek.

I nearly failed to mention Lois Lane played by the awful Amy Adams.  I am not a fan of hers, but I liked her in this film.  I am surprised how good she was, but everyone seems to like her.  I also liked Laurence Fishburne as Perry White.  I read today that the Jenny, is not Jenny Olsen, who cares really.

I could go on and on about this film, it was great the action, the story and the effects.  My hopes for this film were met and after seeing this and Iron Man 3, I may have to redo the Top 10 Superhero Movie list.  Probably just do another after the new Thor comes out.  But in my opinion, I loved this film more than all three Dark Knight films and the Avengers.  This is easily THE best Superman film.  This is the perfect jump off point for a DC shared film universe.  We can hope anyway and I hope for a Batman reboot.  Go see the Man of Steel, it was fantastic.  I am gonna go ahead a say, I have more hope for the DC film universe than the comics at this point.

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