Rayzor’s Review: Star Wars Episode VII – the Force Awakens


This will be the movie that puts Star Wars back on track, right?

Before we go any further, deep into this post will be questions about the movie.  These questions will contain spoilers.  But the first two paragraphs or so will let you know if the movie is worth seeing.  It is.

I have been a fan of Star Wars since birth.  When I was a child, I always wondered why we never saw the follow up to Return of the Jedi.  Then in 1999, I wondered more, why go back, what happens to Luke Skywalker and the gang?  This movie did not do that.  This is a spoiler, sorry.  The only reason I say that, it jumps 30 years in the future.  I wanted to see what happened right after Return of the Jedi.  Perhaps Marvel Comics will fill us in or possibly some kind of spin-off movie Episode 6.5 or something.  Maybe one day we will get all of the things I want to see, a comic series a new animated series the is after Return of the Jedi.

Star-Wars-Force-AwakensI have now seen the Force Awakens two times.  I will tell you, it gets better the second time.  I was able to notice more that the first.  I will admit the entire time during the first viewing, I was extremely nervous.  That is probably why it has taken me so long to write about the movie.  So much is running through my mind and the movie, like the prequels left me with tons of questions.  So if you have not seen the movie, please know, I will have spoilers.

The Force Awakens starts out like any other Star Wars movie, the Lucasfilm Limited logo and then, “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” STAR WARS.  We get a great opening crawl and the film pans down.  I will tell you, there was a rumor about the opening would be Luke’s severed hand will be floating through space, clutching his father’s old light saber.  For those reading who have not seen the Force Awakens, rest easy, this is not so.  The movie dives right in, just like A New Hope and from there it is Star Wars full force.

The film as a whole looks and feels like Star Wars, the bulk of the characters are new, but familiar, could be all of the trailers and commercials.  The new cast will handle the series with care.  There are some moments I did feel like these characters don’t fit.  But that only lasts a short period of time.  Things that made no sense, why Jakku and why not Tatooine?  The New Republic exists along with the Resistance and the First Order.  I am not sure how that works out.  In my mind I have an idea of how the New Republic works with a “Resistance” against the First Order, but it does bring up the question, is there more Imperial remnants?


I have been waiting to post this to see others reactions and it is a mixed bunch.  There are a lot of people who criticize this movie because it borrows elements from the original films, even some of the characters line up the same, almost.  That may actually be true, but to some points it makes sense and others, it could be the will of the force.  Sure that is an easy out, but at the same time, some things could have been handled better.  Some fan theories were better than what appeared on screen.  But, like I said, overall it is Star Wars down to its bones.  We get a chance to see new exciting faces, along with the ones we have been waiting 30+ years for.  If you’re a fan of the series, it is hard to tell if you’d like it or not.  But don’t wait, go see Star Wars the Force Awakens.


We are now 4 days from the release, so if you have not seen the film and want to remain spoiler free, turn away and good luck in the rest of the Internet.

These will come more as questions and theories for Episode VIII, due out May 26th 2017.  In no order.

    1. Who is Rey?

Rey was abandoned on Jakku when she was very young and she has been waiting for her family for years.  I thought she would be Han and Leia’s daughter, nope.  So who is she.  Signs point to her being the possible daughter of Luke, but I feel like she may remember if her name is Skywalker.  Not to mention when she sees Luke, wouldn’t she know?  I think she was one of the new Padawans in the New Jedi Order and possibly the only survivor of the Knights of Ren’s slaughter.  Although, she is good at tinkering with things and one hell of a pilot, that has Skywalker all over it.

    2.  Who is Supreme Leader Snoke?

I guess he is the Supreme Leader of the First Order, is he “force-sensitive”?  Does he fit the role like Palpatine and how in the hell did he convince Luke’s nephew to join the Dark Side of the Force?  Questions inside of questions.  Theories buzzing, he may be an Inquisitor from the Empire or even a clone of Anakin Skywalker(doubtful).  Some say he could be 7 feet tall.  I think he is the size of Yoda.  Andy Serkis did say he could not physically perform the role.  Does he use the power of the Force?

    3.  What is next for Kylo Ren?

Kylo Ren reminds me of Anakin, before the fall.  He throws fits when he loses both prisoners and I feel if Anakin had not had to wear the breathing Vader suit, he would have acted kind of like a brat also.  Kylo is very conflicted, he believes he is following and trying to complete what Darth Vader started.  What did Vader start?  If I am not mistaked, Palpatine brought Vader in, right?  Kylo is jaded, he is having trouble balancing himself between the light and the dark.  I think there is a lot of good in him, even after being seduced.  I just hope his redemption story(if he is redeemed) is not the same as Darth Vader’s redemption.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Ph: Film Frame ©Lucasfilm 2015

    4.  Where does Finn fit in now?

Finn has left the First Order and helped save Rey from the First Order.  I had the theory Finn would become the Captain of the Millennium Falcon when Han Solo dies, well he is no pilot.  But he has a fun relationship with Chewy, so I am keeping my prediction.  I think Finn will learn to become a pilot, you need to be.  Stormtroopers do not need to be pilots, but in the comics, even Leia was a pilot.  I think he becomes Chewy’s co-pilot and eventually becomes the pilot and Captain.  It would be great to see Finn kind of be a Han Solo type.  I do not think he is force-sensitive, as I have said before.

    5.  Does Luke take his old Lightsaber or does he have the Return of the Jedi saber?

Not that big of a deal, but I hope Luke let’s Rey hold on to the Anakin Skywalker light saber.  Every Jedi has to build their own lightsaber as a part of their training.  So, Luke did not build the Anakin saber, he built the ROTJ saber and Rey should build her own, eventually.  But for now, if the saber “called” to her, it should be hers.

   6.  Rey and the Force?

Ok, that is not really a question and this is my final question or theory.  Rey, the Force Awakens in her during the film, why is she so strong in the force?  Is she just, the newest hope for the Jedi and some kind of ultimate force-sensitive person?  A lot of my friends have come out of the woodwork to ask me questions about the movie.  This is one I keep seeing.  I think Rey is very strong, untrained but very strong.  Kylo Ren is visibly shaken by her untapped ability.  If Anakin was once the “Chosen One” to bring balance back, well maybe the force is out of balance again and Rey is now the “Chosen One”.

    7.  Lonely Luke?

Has Luke been alone in his exile?  With physical beings, I would say yes.  He may be at one of the first Jedi temples, but I am sure he has been communicating with his former masters, Yoda and Obi Wan Kenobi and possibly his father, Anakin Skywalker.  In this time of meditation and learning more about the force, it should becoming more intuned with the force.  I want to know this, will we see Force ghosts of these three, Ewan McGregor is still alive alone with Frank Oz and everyone’s favorite, Anakin himself, Hayden Christianson.  The end of Return of the Jedi shows all three, first Obi Wan and Yoda, then Anakin.  I would think, these three would be with Luke in his tough time.  I hope to see each in Episode VIII Reign of the First Order.  Just gonna throw that out there.


11875118_1007880092596925_2204135516599208531_oDon’t walk away from Star Wars.  I am sorry some of the “die hard” Star Wars fans did not like the movie and some think it is mostly a rehash of the older movies.  There are some moments that feel like a Star Trek movie as well.  But overall, it works and I think this movie did bring us all back.  Some felt burned by the prequels, the Force Awakens should bring you back.  It is Star Wars for sure, just a new generation, like the prequels were.  We have at least two more main movies to figure it all out, this is just the first piece.  Be happy we even have a new movie and multiple films coming.  I thought Star Wars was dead when the credits rolled after Revenge of the Sith, I am happy.

Five more films coming, Rogue One December 2016, Episode VIII May 2017, Han Solo 2018, Episode IX 2019 and Boba Fett 2020, I believe.  I would like one more animated series and a live-action television show.  That may be asking for too much, I cannot get enough Star Wars, even after watching all six movies before, catching up on Rebels seeing the Force Awakens three times in four days.

May the Force be with You!

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