Rayzor’s Review: Star Wars Episode V – the Empire Strikes Back



When I was younger, this was my least favorite of the three Star Wars films, let me finish.  It was the most available at the time and then came Return of the Jedi and I watched the last two so much.  I always wanted to watch Star Wars, A New Hope and it was pretty much my favorite for a long time.  That was before I realized how amazing the story was in Empire Strikes Back.  You see as a kid you do not watch movies for the story.  But sometime in the early 1990s the films were on tv and I watched them all back to back and it had been years.  I saw the story unfold as if I had never seen the series before.  It was amazing!  Everything made more sense to me and cleared up a lot of questions I had growing up, I felt, oh so good.  It was only then, I realized Empire was my favorite by far and I found how much I loved Han Solo and Obi Wan.
We all know the story of Empire, Boba Fett captures Han Solo at Cloud City.  Luke gets trained to be a Jedi, there was the Hoth battle and Darth Vader vs Luke.  During that battle we find out who Luke’s father is.  Now listen all you “Star Wars fans” the line is, “No, I am your father” not “Luke I am your father”.

ESB - VadervsLuke


There is so much greatness in this film, we get to see more Boba Fett, who is unfortunately a throw away character, like Darth Maul or Jango Fett.  I also loved the addition of  Lando Calrissian, he was a great character and I loved in the end when is with the Rebel Fleet in Han Solo’s clothes.

Bottom line, The Empire Strikes Back is amazing!

1997 Review

ESB - Vader001Of course we all know the “Special Editions” were released in 1997.  Each was released a couple of week apart and at the time Empire Strikes Back was my least favorite of the then 3 movies.  It had actually been a very long time since I had seen the movie and in 1997 I was 16 and could understand what was going on a little better.  Seeing the movie as an older person and looking past the fact it was the most viewed as a child, I renewed my love for the movie.

Why was it my least favorite?  I had seen the Empire Strikes Back more than any of the other Star Wars movies.  But over the years I seem to like it more and more.  The question that most people wonder, is this the best of the Star Wars movies?  I do think it is the best of the six released movie.  The story is great and it needed little change when the special editions were released and the DVD.  Which I will say, adding Ian McDairmid ‘s Palpatine was a good thing.  Some of the added effects in Cloud City were good too, mostly background stuff.  One of my favorite scenes is Vader and Luke’s fight.  I love the more seasoned Darth Vader fighting one handed against Luke, who has almost no light saber training.

It was overall great to see the Empire Strikes Back on the big screen for the first time.  When the film was originally released, I was negative 4 days old.  I have now seen every Star Wars movie in the theater, my son may never be able to say that.  That was one reason I loved the idea of the films being released in 3D.  Maybe one day they will all get released again and I can take my kids.  The Force Awakens will be my son’s first Star Wars experience in the theater.  Don’t forget, the Force Awakens is coming in a few short days.


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