Rayzor’s Review: Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of the Sith


As I said before, Recently I have renewed my love affair with Star Wars and well it have had something to do with trailer for the new film, Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens.  Even if it will be close to 90 years after the Phantom Menace, I wanted to go back and watch Star Wars.  But this time around, I would have my best buddy, me son watch them with me.  So we started at the beginning of the series, well chronologically anyway.  He is 5 and has of course seen Star Wars and is a big fan of the animated series, the Clone Wars and even bigger fan of the Lego games.  So here I am, in full on Star Wars mode and I feel like we need a review of the Star Wars series and why not one year before The Force Awakens.

Revenge of the Sith takes place 3 years after Attack of the Clones and picks up right after an animated series called the Clone Wars left off.  Palpatine has been kidnapped by the Seperatists.  Obi wan and Anakin come to his rescue and fight and kill Count Dooku and eventually we meet General Grievous, who like Jango Fett and Darth Maul before, is a throw away villain, which is a theme in the prequel films.

After an epic opening we learn that Padme is pregos and the Jedi council wants to spy on Palpatine, by using Anakin as the spy.  Obi wan goes after Grievous and Anakin turns to the dark side, they fight on a lave planet and Obi wan wins.  Padme has Luke and Leia and they are split up, role credits.  Oh spoilers.

ROTS - Greivous 001

My Opinions

As in the first two films, I was blown away when I first saw episode III.  But this time it was different, this film was amazing.  I put aside most of my feelings about the acting, but when it opens on the space battle, it made me wonder where this has been.  The space battle, this is what I expected from the Clone Wars, this should be the middle movie.  I guess I keep mentioning this in these posts.  Looking back, I would have written things differently, in fact…I am a fan who wrote my own version of these films, you’ll see.

But then again, I am not George Lucas.

There are things that are rushed in this film and the acting in for the most part terrible.  Sometimes if even feels like Ewan McGregor had given up, although sometimes he was brilliant and a throw back to Alec Guiness.  Again, I wonder if bad acting, is due to poor directing.

The story, for me anyway is still great and it is for sure the best of the series, well of the prequels anyway and I still love to watch.  The light saber duels are amazing, General Grievous is really cool, even if he is a throw away character.  It is also great seeing Obi wan and Anakin fight at the end of the film, that is another thing as a child I always wondered about.  The fight lives up to what I had in my head.  I was totally disappointed in the death of Padme, she lost the will to live?  That is about all I can say about it, run out of ideas?

ROTS - Yoda vs Palpatine 001

2005 Review

At the time, it was the end to the theatrical Star Wars film and it was to be the last.  I went in thinking, Star Wars has to go out with a bang.  It did, I was so pleased, from the opening to the ending, it was non-stop action and Star Wars fun.  With this being the final chapter leading up to the Original Trilogy, I was pleased.  I put away the hate of the acting and I just enjoyed it.  This may be the movie I have seen the most in the theater.

By the end of the film, I did tear up as I knew it was the last to come.  But then in 2012 it was announced that Lucasfilm was sold to Disney and with that we would see new Star Wars films.  I again was in tears as I never thought I would see a new Star Wars film and here we may get 5 at minimum.  Star Wars episode VII the Force Awakens will be out this December.

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