Rayzor’s Review: Star Wars Episode II – Attack of the Clones


Now we move on to Episode II, yeah you know Attack of the Clones.  As I said before, Recently I have renewed my love affair with Star Wars and well it have had something to do with trailer for the new film, Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens.  Even if it will be close to 90 years after the Phantom Menace, I wanted to go back and watch Star Wars.  But this time around, I would have my best buddy, my son watch them with me.  So we started at the beginning of the series, well chronologically anyway.  He is 5 and has of course seen Star Wars and is a big fan of the animated series, the Clone Wars and even bigger fan of the Lego games.  So here I am, in full on Star Wars mode and I feel like we need a review of the Star Wars series and why not one year before The Force Awakens.

This one is set 10 years after The Phantom Menace and just before the beginning of the Clone Wars.  That was enough, well, know it is a Star Wars movie was enough.  But as a kid, I wanted to know more and see more of the Clone Wars.  In A New Hope, Obi wan speaks in short about the Clone Wars.  Growing up I always wanted to see what he was talking about.  So going into Attack of the Clones, I was more than excited. 


The beginning was great as we got to see Jango Fett and a really awesome chase through Coruscant after Obi wan jumped out of the window to try and catch the assassin.  Then we get the most awkward and rushed love story of all time, with Anakin and Padme.  But at least while that is going on, we get to see some awesomeness from Obi wan as he investigates and finds the the Clones and Jango Fett.  Soon, we finally get to see the opening salvo of the Clone Wars.  I remember the lightsaber duel was a little disappointing, until Yoda slowly walks in and fights Count Dooku.

There is so many good things about this film, but the bad plague the film so much, it sometimes hurts to watch.  Let’s start with the re-shoots and Obi-Wan’s beard.  There were some re-shoots and I guess Ewan McGregor shaved his beard and cut his hair.  So the props department went to the local Halloween store and bought a terrible wig and beard.  There are too many CGI backgrounds in this film as well.  It seems to be a running trend with fantasy or Science Fiction anymore.  I am a fan or more practical effects and lately there have been so many films relying heavily on CG effects, parts of the films look

The acting is rough, Anakin’s casting was not the best and I believe it drags down the entire film and the actors he works with.  The thing is, I wonder if it the direction he was working under that lowered his game and the same with the other directors.  Even in the older films, after A New Hope, everyone was better and we saw different directors in Empire and Jedi.

Then there is an awkward rushed love affair between Anakin and Padme, the good thing is we get to see it play out in the animated Clone Wars series.  But this just makes me think, Episode I is worthless even more.  If they met and Anakin was older in Episode I, the love affair could have started there and carried over into the next film, rather than rushing it.

I loved the beginning of the Clone War and the foreshadowing into the next trilogy.  The ending was a terrific payoff to a lack luster film, with the arena battle, into the clones saving the day, the of course light saber duels and some good ones.


2002 Review

I saw Episode II multiple times on the day it was released.  The first time was around 10 am, in my area there were no midnight shows, I am not sure what happened, but I got off work at 6 am and had to hang out until the film started.  Finally when it came time I was so tired and sleepy, until I heard the theme and I was awake and the Star Wars got my attention.

I remember watching and sitting on the edge of my seat.  There was a lot of action and at the time, the love story did not bother me, consider this.  I am a huge Star Wars fan and I got new film to watch and I just was so overjoyed.

When the film reached Geonosis, my jaw dropped open and I finally saw the beginning of the Clone Wars.  The Count Dooku takes off to his secret hangar with Obi wan and Anakin on his tail.  Of course it leads to a light saber duel, where Dooku really shows who is the dominant of the three.  He could have and should have killed both Anakin and Obi wan, when Yoda walks in, and holy crap!  Everyone in the theater was going crazy when Yoda and Count Dooku fought, we had never seen anything like it and I do not think it was spoiled before.  When I walked out, I wanted more and I could not get enough.  I saw Attack of the Clones 5 times in 2 days.

I loved the film when I first saw it, I do believe now, it should have maybe been episode I.  But with everything I have said, Attack of the Clones was really weak and the ending saved it.  Bottom line, too much CG and a weak, rushed loved story really hurt this film that could have been great.  Easily the 5th best Star Wars film of the series.

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