Rayzor’s Review: Batman v. Superman – Dawn of Justice


Caution – there may be some spoilers within this review.

It has finally come, Batman v. Superman, as film possibly craved more by DC Comics fans than any other film.  I mean sure we want to see Justice League, but Batman vs Superman, this is an age old question.  Who would win in a fight, Batman or Superman?  I have heard this many times.  This fight, well it went about how I expected. But here is the thing for me, I never needed to see a versus movie.  But this movie worked very well.  I will explain below how I felt and how I feel moving forward.

First of all, forget the critics!  

This is not their kind of movie, Batman v. Superman is for comic book fans.  I am a fan of Marvel’s movies, but this is not a Marvel movie.  It is not “popcorn” or filled with silly moments.  There is some humor, but there is so much going on in this giant film, there is no time for that.  Honestly, unless you’re looking for the humor, then it becomes an issue.  I did not bust out in laughter, no, I did chuckle a few times.  This movie was emotional and I could feel that emotion within each character.  I loved this movie a lot.  I am already tired of seeing the negative reviews.  I keep thinking these people are either seeing a different film, didn’t see the film or are being paid off by Disney and Marvel.  I know some people are calling it “bad” without even seeing the film.  This film may not be the best superhero film ever, or even the best Batman or Superman film…it is very good.

The film opens during the battle of Metropolis from the end of Man of Steel.  Bruce Wayne witness’s Zod and Superman’s fight.  Which I thought was cool to see from a different perspective.  This also made the destruction so much more…impactful to the viewer.  In Man of Steel we do see action on the ground, but it follows Perry White, Steve Lombard and Perry.  This time we see all kinds of ground action with Bruce Wayne trying to make his way through the city.  Of course, it picks up 18 months later and Bruce is pissed off.  But the beginning of the film does a nice job at setting up why Batman does not like Superman.  This is clear, I have read reviews that Batman wants to fight Superman for no reason…It is clear in the damned trailers.


batman-v-superman-ben-affleck-s-batsuit-revealed-in-color-382438Let’s talk about Ben Affleck.  Most people made many, many jokes and had many complaints about the casting of Ben Affelck as Batman.  When the news broke, I was fine.  I actually became excited about the choice.  It is due in part to the fact, the guy was built to play a super hero.  So Daredevil didn’t work, I do not believe it was his fault, I blame the director, the writer.  Like Brandon Routh, he was stuck in a crappy movie, that was not his fault.

Batman can be a tough role to fill, especially after, and I still don’t understand why, fan favorite Christian Bale’s Batman series.  Ben Affleck is going to be compared to Bale forever.  They are different and Affleck embodies Batman/Bruce Wayne more in appearance.  He was great and sometimes I wish he would have gotten the chance earlier, if Year One would have ever happened.

Some people are complaining that Batman does things out of character, yeah.  But he is old, he is tired.  Some of the things he did, were justified.  Ben Affleck looked like Batman, he was great as Bruce Wayne.  His Alfred was amazing and somewhat reminds me of a mixture of the classic Alfred we all know and love, but Geoff Johns Batman Earth One Alfred.  He is not only Bruce’s butler, but he helps construct the suit and all of his tech.  It is a bold move we saw happen in the Scott Snyder Batman comics.  But it is needed, I think in Arrow and the Flash, they both have these teams put together and always someone in their ear helping.  I loved the scene with the batwing or the batplane when Alfred takes over as Batman jumps through the window.

I did not see Ben Affleck playing Batman, I saw Batman.  So, Affleck haters, let me know what you thought.


batman-v-superman-trailer-096At first he seems confident and fine with the way things are going.  We see him saving people and doing Superman things.  But when people speak out and call him a killer, he becomes very tortured and this is part of the reason the movie is so dark.  It had to be, Superman has to find himself.  People have said there is no emotion in Batman v. Superman…what?

I went in kind of knowing what to expect, but there were things I did not expect.  I knew the movie would be dark and after Man of Steel, this is not the same Superman from earlier films or comics.  He has human issues, when people are bad mouthing you and do not think you’re the best thing, it has to be hard.  I think after what happens, I may go into exile as well.  But he is called back into action and it is fantastic.

Superman’s supporting cast was as usual, except I am still not a fan of the Amy Adams, Lois Lane.  She was terrible.  Lawerence Fishburne as Perry White, not a huge role, but I love it.  Jesse Eisenberg as the Joker…Lex Luthor.  He was kind of a Joker/Lex hybrid to me.  Lex was not great and really, I would have loved to see a more seasoned actor take on Lex.  I think it would have been more effective than what we got…no I am not calling for Bryan Cranston, he should be this Batman’s Jim Gordon.  I don’t have an opinion on who should have been cast, but Eisenberg was one of the lesser parts of the film.  The scene in the library especially…this wasn’t the Social Network was it?

Batman vs Superman



The fight, yes it did happen and yes there was a clear cut winner.  But the fight is interrupted by someone and a common bond between our heroes.  Affleck handled this well, Batman’s part of the fight was as expected.  Yes, the suit worked and he had Superman’s number.  But they did not fight on an even playing field, Superman was taken down with Kryptonite.  It was great, Superman did not even know Kryptonite exists.

It did not go on too long and it was a very cool fight.  It made me happy, I thought it would go on and on for a good amount of time, it did not.

Wonder Woman and Doomsday

8371dbdd745ffa1efcf2d70e83dd669dGal Gadot…holy crap was she awesome.  Diana Prince shows up a few times and it is a nice teaser.  If we did not see her in full Wonder Woman costume, it would have made sense, but the final fight is why we saw Wonder Woman.  She of course has her awesome costume, sword and shield ready to fight the abomination that is Doomsday.  She actually kicks his ass a little and honestly, I best she could take Superman in a fight.  Some worried about her accent and some of the action before we saw the movie.  Her accent is sexy and her action was total Wonder Woman.  This has been called the best moment of the movie, maybe.  As great as it was to finally see her on the big screen, this was also ground breaking.  I am so confident we are going to see a cool Wonder Woman movie.  I cannot wait.

Doomsday looked silly, just like a cave troll.  But he was awesome, I loved the way he was worked in and the fight with Doomsday was awesome action.  Like I said Wonder Woman kicked ass, Superman did as well, Batman was fun to watch as he is no match for the near unstoppable Doomsday.  Some critics said the fight was too long and hard to follow…what?  It was good, Wonder Woman shined in the fight.

Plot holes galore, I don’t know if everyone understands what a plot hole is.  But yeah, the first act of the film was so slow and some of it was not needed.  I bet an hour could have been cut.  There was way too much on the fallout of Zod vs Superman and the dealing with Senator Finch.  I just didn’t care about her.  I wanted to see more random Batman action and more character building for the main characters.  In the trailers it seemed Finch and Lex were working together, that was not the case.  I think her role, Holly Hunter, did not need to be a part of he movie at all.  Some of the fan theories for the build up to the fight were better than the actual build up.  I did like it overall as a film, but the beginning was like watching Batman Begins or Man of Steel, all origin.

The movie as a whole is good, not great.  Where does it fall against the other Batman or Superman films, good question.  Henry Cavill really ends all debate for me, he is Superman.  Likewise with Ben Affleck, although I am still waiting for Tim Burton and Michael Keaton to do a Dark Knight Returns type film, with Keaton being old now.

You cannot compare Batman v. Superman to any of the Marvel films.  Marvel has their way of doing things, like in the comics.  Marvel is more light-hearted with a lot of humor with great action.  When Batman is in a movie or comic, it should be gritty, it should be dark, read a comic and you will see why this movie is a good comic book movie.  Do not listen to the critics, this movie was good and should be seen on the big screen.  Where does it rank of the all-time superhero movie list?  I do not know yet, somewhere behind Avengers, behind the Dark Knight, somewhere in the middle.  I admit the Dark Knight is good, I just don’t like it.

Bottom line, do not look at Rotten Tomatoes, it is a waste of time to read pretentious critics break down a good film.  Don’t listen to Marvel fanboys, who trash anything DC.  Go see the film and make your own decision on whether it is good or bad.  I loved it, I think it is a great film, better than the Man of Steel.  It could be the third best DC superhero film to date.  With that said, if you did like Man of Steel, you will like this.  I love it, I love Affleck as Batman, Gadot as Wonder Woman.  Go see Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Next up Suicide Squad August 5, 2016…should be a hell of a fun movie.  Marvel fans, beware it should be dark.

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