Rayzor’s Remakes: The Star Wars Prequels


This is a new segment I am going to place right here on my personal blog.  I do not think I will ever be a screen writer, I would love to, but since I am not, here you go.  The internet gets to read my ideas and judge me.

Here it is, I promised my vision of what I would do with the Star Wars prequels given the chance to re-imagine the trilogy.  Most people or a lot of people hate the prequel trilogy or at least the first 2 parts.  I am not so upset about them, sure there are issues, but what can I do.  Well in this article I will tell you my ideas of what to do differently.

The first thing I would do is combine movies.

The Phantom Menace should really only carry over the threat of the Sith, Qui Gon Jinn and the discovery of Anakin Skywalker.  My Episode I would have Obi-Wan and Qui Gon discover Anakin at an older age in his life.  Yoda says Anakin is too old to being the training, really?  Well I’d make Anakin about 5 to 7 years older and his power with the force very erratic.

The film would not be about a trade dispute but a rising force against the Republic the sends the Galaxy into Civil War.

Sure we can keep the Droid army and most of the Separatists in place.  But Count Dooku will be thought as The Sith lord and Darth Maul his apprentice.

Where does Padme fit into all of this?

Same place as before, but she is the Queen of Alderaan.  This makes way more sense as Leia becoming a Princess.  Bail Organa was a Senator, not a king.  So let’s get this show on the road.  Bear with me, this is going to be “off the hip”.  I have thought about it and there are certain points I have had in my head for some time.


(22 Years Before the Battle of Yavin)

  • Episode I took place too long ago.  Either Anakin should have already been in training or older.  Anakin was way too young.
  • The beginning of the Clone Wars should have started in Episode I.
  • There should be no Jar Jar Binks.

Qui Gon Jinn and his apprentice are dispatched to a Tatooine and the are ambushed by the Droid army lead by a cloaked figure with a red bladed light saber.  They are rescued by a local boy who gives them shelter after showing he has force powers against the Droids.  The Jedi agree the figure used the dark side of the force and needed to learn more.  They contact the Jedi council and ask for a team of Jedi to investigate and possibly stop this threat.  The council speaks with Chancellor Palpatine(already in office).  He believes the Jedi can remove the threat.

The boy the aided the Jedi is Anakin Skywalker.  Qui-Gonn is amazed at how in touch with the force Anakin is at such a young age, he only lacked control and focus.  Qui-Gonn and Obi-Wan have Anakin lead them to the base of the droids.  The find Darth Maul talking to Count Dooku on a 2977851_height370_width518transmission.  They learn the Count has raised many to his cause and they are nearly ready to attack Coruacant.  The Jedi are caught off guard and they fight off the Droids and duel with Darth Maul.  Qui-Gonn dies and Anakin and Obi-Wan steal a starship that Anakin pilots.  The escape but their ship is damaged and they have to land on Alderaan.  When they land Queen Padme helps them and takes an interest in Anakin, they are of the same age and there is a mutual attraction.  Obi-Wan sends word about Qui-Gon to the council and he is ordered back to Coruscant.

When they arrive, Obi Wan tells the council Anakin is force-sensitive and must be trained, it is Qui Gon Jinn’s final wish.  The council agrees.  Palpatine urges the Jedi to lead the Republics new Clone army to take out the Separatists threat before it spreads.  Bail Organa of Alderaan urges the Chancellor to not send out the Clone army, it could lead to open wat across the Galaxy.  Rather send the Jedi to find Count Dooku and bring him to justice.  As the debate is ongoing Coruscant become under attack, it is the Droid army lead by Darth Maul and his apprentice Asajj Ventress.  Anakin jumps in a starship and flies through Coruscant taking out speeders and ships.  Palpatine releases the Clone army lead by the Jedi.


Obi-Wan fights Asajj while Darth Maul remains on the command ship.  Anakin pilots the a ship he is followed by the Republics own Navy.  Eventually, A ship from Alderaan is captured by Darth Maul and his command ship.  Queen Padme is taken captive.  Anakin crashes his ship and moves to rescue the queen.

On the ground Obi-Wan and Jedi handle most of the droids and send them in retreat with their commander Assaj Ventress after she duels with Obi-Wan.  Anakin calls for aid but cannot get through.  He makes his way to the bridge where Count Dooku talks with Darth Maul.  Anakin fights Darth Maul and loses his arm, but in doing so he says the Queen and kills Darth Maul.

Later there is a celebration in Coruacant as Anakin is welcomed in to the Jedi order under Obi-Wan guidence.  Palpatine takes great interest in the hero of the Republic. Padme and Anakin share a moment and and kiss.

Count Dooku is at his command base, the under construction Death star talking to his master, Palpatine.  He has ordered more attacks against the Republic.  The Galaxy is now at war and the Clone War has begun.


(20 Years  Before the Battle of Yavin)

  • We should be in the thick of the Clone Wars and Anakin should fall at this stage or at the end of this story.
  • This should be a dark chapter that leads to an even darker chapter.  Obi Wan made it seems like the old times were very dark, just before the Empire, the “Dark Times”.
  • A hint of Hope, Luke and Leia are born or very close to being born.


2 years into The Clone Wars, Obi Wan and Anakin are battling on the outer rim. Anakin keeps contact with Padme, while Obi Wan warns him of the dangers of having a relationship.  Anakin ignores Obi Wan, there is a lot of strife between the two.  Count Dooku has recruited more to his cause included, General Grievous and known bounty hunters Jango and Boba Fett, Father and Son team.  The Galaxy is in the middle of a big Civil War.  Count Dooku rallies more systems to his cause and has his sights set on Alderaan.

Before Dooku arrives, Padme contacts Anakin and tells him Dooku himself is coming to meet with Bail Organa and herself.  Anakin is worried about Padme and tells her he is coming.  Obi Wan orders Anakin to stay or he could be expelled from the Jedi.  Anakin goes over Obi Wan’s head and informs the council of his intelligence.  The council dispatches two Jedi and a band of clones to Alderaan to stop Dooku.  Anakin later leaves without Obi Wan and goes to Alderaan.

When Anakin arrives, Alderaan is caught in the Clone War.   There are battles near the capitol and as Anakin reaches the palace and he and Bail Organa know Padme would be safer with Anakin as he is a Jedi.  Anakin and Padme go into hiding on…Naboo, she has family on Naboo and they hide.

Obi-Wan finally catches up to Anakin but he is too late, Alderaan is in shambles and Bail Organa informs Obi Wan that Dooku has set out for Mustafar, a volcano planet where the droids are assembled.  He also reveals Anakin is on Naboo with Padme.  Torn Obi Wan goes to Naboo to retrieve Anakin to then go to Mustafar with Anakin.

On Mustafar, Dooku orders Jango Fett and Boba to retrieve Padme from Naboo and kill the Jedi, Grievous is to remain at his side for now.

On Naboo, Anakin and Padme get intimate but right after, Obi Wan shows up and ruins the party.  Anakin loses his temper and draws his light saber on Obi Wan.  Obi Wan explains he knows the location of Count Dooku.  Anakin drops his guard.  Padme is frightened of Anakin and runs to a nearby hangar on Naboo.  Waiting for Padme is Jango and Boba Fett.  Boba takes Padme away and Jango holds off the Jedi and loses his life in the process.  Boba, witnesses his father’s death as he flies away.

Obi Wan and Anakin try to follow Boba but lose him.  They again argue, Anakin wants to find Padme and Obi Wan wants to go after Dooku.  Obi Wan explains Padme is being taken to Dooku by the Separatists.  Anakin is overcome by rage and it shows to Obi wan.  Obi Wan worries that he may have to keep Anakin contained.

The Jedi arrive on Mustafar with a large force of clone troopers and all hell breaks loose.  They find that Count Dooku is in fJEDISITHCONFLICTact holding Padme.  During the battle Anakin breaks off and follows Greivious and Boba Fett.  Anakin fights Grievous and Boba until Count Dooku arrives.  Obi-wan lost Anakin in the heat of the battle and takes a group of clones to find him in the nearby base.  Anakin and Dooku duel and Dooku can feel the dark side flowing through him.  Dooku lays down his guard and urges Anakin to join him on the dark side, he will find more power.  Anakin is conflicted and rather than join Dooku, he strikes him down.

Obi-wan finds Padme in a locked room.  She explains why Dooku took her, to try and seduce Anakin to join him on the dark side.  At that very moment Obi-wan can feel Anakin touch the darkside as he slays Dooku.  Padme can see Obi-wan is in distress and she urges him to explain, he then reveals Anakin has gone to the darkside.  Padme then reveals that she is pregnant with Anakin’s child.  Obi wan tells her to never reveal this to Anakin and urges her to go into hiding.

Obi wan watches as Padme’s ship takes off as she escapes Mustafar.  Anakin shows up behind Obi wan and asks why he let Padme go?  Obi wan tells Anakin that if he keeps this up, he will be expelled from the Jedi order.  Anakin explains he no longer needs the Jedi and they fight.

Elsewhere Palaptine can feel the presence of the Darkside in Anakin and moves to aid him in his battle with the Jedi.

Anakin and Obi wan fight on Mustafar and Obi-wan bests Anakin, leaving him for dead.


Obi wan reports back to the Jedi council that Anakin turned to the Darkside and Obi-wan destroyed him.  The council said they felt him change and no longer feel Anakin in the force.

Palpatine arrives on Mustafar and retrieves Anakin and builds him the Darth Vader suit and names him his new apprentice.


(19 Years Before the Battle of Yavin)

  • I needed to see more Sith Revenge, rather than seeing clones gun down the Jedi.
  • Darth Vader and his Inquisitors hunting and killing Jedi.
  • Luke and Leia are older, show why Leia remembers her mother being sad.

darth-vaderDarth Vader has been born and now leads a new army.  Palpatine had transformed the Republic to the Empire and the Clones are now Storm troopers.  The Jedi have to defend themselves against Darth Vader, who is going around the galaxy killing all of the Jedi.  Vader is powerful and unknown to the Jedi.

Palpatine reveals the Empire before the Jedi and displays his power and demands they submit and turn to the dark side.  Every Jedi that does not becomes an enemy of the Empire.  No Jedi turn, Palpatine sends Vader to the Jedi temple.

There is a big battle on Coruscant.  Darth Vader and the 501st move in and destroy the Jedi temple.  Killing nearly all Jedi.  Yoda and Obi wan to the retreat point on Alderaan.  They decide it would be best to take the fight to the Empire.  Yoda and Obi wan would lead an assault on the Senate to kill Vader and Palpatine.  They have no idea Vader is Anakin.

During the assault Yoda takes on Palpatine in a light saber duel and Obi wan fights Darth Vader.  During the fight stormtroopers interrupt and Obi-wan retreats as does Yoda.  Darth Vader is overcome with anger and kills a bunch of stormtroopers.


Obi wan and Yoda retreat to Yavin where Padme waits.  She tells them she has to go back to Alderaan with her father and the twins.  Yoda suggests they be split and Obi-wan offers his brother, Owen, while the girl will stay with Padme.  If Darth Vader ever finds out he has children it could be bad and the Jedi would surely be lost.

Yoda takes his exile to study the force on Dagobah while Padme retreats with Leia to Alderaan and she is very sad to lose Luke and holds Leia close to her.  Darth Vader looks out of his Star Destroyer into a sea of stars.  Palpatine walks up and stands next to him as the see the Death Star being built.  Obi-Wan goes to Tatooine to his half brother’s moisture farm and drops Luke off.  Obi-Wan walks off into the sunset.

So, what do you think?

Some things stay the same, while others change.  There is still good in the prequel trilogy, I know it.  But you cannot deny, it didn’t go as expected.



That is it, my take on making the prequels better.  I don’t know if they will ever be remade, but this is how I would do it.  Please let me know what you think.  You can comment below or on Twitter here and Facebook here.

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