Official – Star Wars Episode VII: the Force Awakens Poster

star-wars-force-awakens-official-posterThis just popped up on my feed.  It is pretty cool, spoils my theory about Finn, maybe.  Luke is missing from this poster, but I am sure we will see him in a future poster, possibly after he is revealed.  I hope that will happen in the next trailer, which leads me to believe I am wrong.  There may be a trailer coming as soon as tomorrow, Oct. 19th, along with pre-order tickets.  I will be all over securing my tickets.  The Force Awakens, it seems like it may be the most anticipated Star Wars movie since, the Empire Strikes Back.  I was excited about the Phantom Menace and super excited for Revenge of the Sith, but getting to see the old cast together again and a fresh story where we have no clue what will happen.  With the prequels we knew, Anakin will become Darth Vader, the Jedi will be wiped out and so will the Republic.

Star Wars Episode VII: the Force Awakens is coming in 2 months, December 18th!  Oh and if I forgot to say, this poster is EPIC!  Check out this alternate look at an amazing poster.  I am sad it is not a Drew Struzen.


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