19. Marvel Movies: The Amazing Spider-man (2012)


Civil War is coming and Spider-man is coming home to Marvel.

There is a lot of hate for the Amazing Spider-man and its sequel.  I will admit the sequel is muddy and there is too much going on throughout the film.  It is hard to watch.

The first movie, it was decent.  I watched it a couple of times and where there are problems for me, like the portrayal of Peter Parker, it was ok.  I am not a Spider-man aficionado at all.  But I know there were problems with the character.  I am just not a fan of the casting of this one.  Andrew Garfield, he was playing a High School student, but he reads 25 to me.

I was happy to see the Lizard get some love on the big screen, even if he looked kinda strange.  Not bad overall, but it doesn’t matter.  Spider-man is coming home to Marvel Studios this summer for Captain America: Civil War.

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