37. Marvel Movies: Ghost Rider – the Spirit of Vengeance (2012)


Captain America: Civil War is coming soon, as is X-men Apocalypse, so this list was due.

#37 What in the hell happened here?

Most people seemed to hate the first Ghost Rider film, others…think this one was better.  What in the hell, this looked like an unfinished film.  The effects were so bad, the story was worse.

I don’t know, I didn’t mind the first film.  It wasn’t terrible like people think, i think expectations were too high, maybe.  I thought the second film we would at least have, Vengeance in the movie.  No, we get 90 minutes or how ever long it is, of Nic Cage acting crazier than ever.  I mean, did someone slip him some speed and yell “ACTION!”?


I did not see it in the theater, I waited, at the time it was released I had to pick and choose carefully what I saw in the theater.  So, I bought this one when it came out, I paid more for this pile of shit.  I thought the “experts” said it was bad, like the first one.  They were right for once.

Check out the trailer…

What do you think is worse, the 2015 version of Fantastic Four or Ghost Rider 2?

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