38. Marvel Movies: Fantastic Four (2015)


Captain America: Civil War is coming soon, as is X-men Apocalypse, so this list was due.

#38 Do we really want to relive this film?

I put together a list of Marvel films, worst to first sort of deal.  This is the first post, going from worst to first.  Now, I did not just pick and choose, I came up with a ranking system and eventually came out like this.  So, out of 38 movies, this is the worst of the bunch.  Why not?  

Everything, everything everyone worried about came true in this film.  It is complete garbage.  I wanted it to be wrong, I wanted to see this movie make it out alive.  It failed.

Part of the issue is the story, the direction, character changes…Dr. Doom.  But for me, and this is a personal preference, Miles Teller was my biggest problem.  There is something about him and no matter what role he plays, comes off as an asshole.  Some kind of egotistical asshole.  How can you mess up Reed Richards?  He was not the only problem, the entire cast was wrong.

This movie was a complete train wreck and it just is not good.  I am happy about one thing, I did not have to pay to see this shit box of a film.


Here is the trailer for the Fantastic Four…This movie is 25 dollars if you want to own it on Blu Ray…

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