DC Extended Universe -What Could Have Been and Quick Fix

Caution – There are Spoilers below for Batman v Superman and the Man of Steel.  Also, this is really long, as I am long winded.  Read at you’re own risk.

I wrote this article a while back, feel free to read it, or not.  RAYZOR’S THEORY – DOOM? IS THE DC COMICS CINEMATIC UNIVERSE DOOMED?

I liked The Man of Steel when it was released back in 2013.  I liked Batman v. Superman when it was released in March.  To be honest, I am beginning to love the movie with all of its faults and problems.  I have yet to see Suicide Squad, I was hyped about seeing it, but now I have pause.  I plan to go this evening.  I am worried and at the same time, not.  I am sick and tired of seeing negative reviews of the DC movies, but at the same time, I get it.  Yeah, I do get it.  

In this article I will talk about what I would do if I were them.  Of course, the things I say hold no weight, but…this is my site.

DC’s problem begins with Batman Begins and Superman Returns.  Why would they or Warner agree to do some kind of “reboot” of Batman while doing a strange sequel to Superman II and release a year apart.  Batman Begins, should have been the beginning of the DC shared universe, with Superman Returns or a different title being the second film.  It did not go that way, I have talked about this before.  It would have changed everything and we could have seen a much different Justice League movie as early as 2010.  Way back when, I had it planned out.


Batman Begins (2005) Same movie.

Superman (2006) An origin film, including villains Lex Luthor and Zod, kind of working together.

Green Lantern (2007) An Origin film with Hal Jordan becoming Green Lantern, being trained by Sinestro, similar in ways to the 2011 film, without all of the Paralax BS…that would come later.  Sinestro is the main villain.

The Flash (2007) Barry Allen origin story including Zoom as the villain.  Barry Allen and Hal Jordan would meet.  We would see the first appearances of Captain Boomerang and Captain Cold.  Maybe Mirror Master.

Superman Returns (2008) The sequel to Superman would see the likes of Superman facing off against Bizarro, a clone created by Lex Luthor.  Lex Luthor using Kryptonian tech to build his Lexo suit and the coming of Doomsday.

The Dark Knight (2008) Same movie, why mess with a good thing.  We would not see any Justice Leaguers in a Batman movie, Superman and Batman have not met.

Wonder Woman (2009) Origin story of Wonder Woman, set in present times coming to America for the firs time.  Wonder Woman fights Ares and Cheetah.  Ares being the main antagonist.

Trinity (2009) The big three meet.  After Wonder Woman defeats Ares, it raises questions for Batman.  He watches from Gotham, sees Gods on Earth and confronts both.  They work together to stop a threat coming to the world…Darkseid.  Green Lantern, Flash and Shazam appear in the movie to help with the threat of Darkseid.

Colby Smulders as Wonder Woman. I could see it for that time.
Colby Smulders as Wonder Woman. I could see it for that time.

Justice League (2010) Trinity would bleed into the Justice League movie where Darkseid is defeated, but returns with his army of Parademons.  With a massive war between the Justice League and Apocalypse.  The end of the movie…Doomsday comes and kills Superman.

Superman 3: Reign of the Supermen (2011) 4 men appear after the Death of Superman and claim to be Superman.  Steel, Eradicator, Cyborg Superman(personal favorite) and Superboy. Superman comes back and defeats them and it opens up a new Steel movie and Superboy, which could lead to the Teen Titans.  Oh and Mongul would be introduced…

Batman Knightfall (2011)  We have seen the death of Superman play out.  Knightfall would make sense.  Batman takes on a side kick, Dick Grayson.  He is older in this telling, an onscreen 13 or 14 year old Robin doesn’t make sense to me.  Bane comes to Gotham and breaks the crazies out of Arkham and Arkham becomes, No Man’s Land or Arkham City…lol.  During this “No Man’s Land” Jean Paul Valley as Azrael offers his aid.  Batman fights Bane and his back is broken.  Robin wants to take the mantle of the Batman, but Jean Paul is more experienced.  He goes nuts with power after he defeats Bane and Bruce works his way back to defeat Azreal.

Wonder Woman 2 (2012) A more greek mythology type movie we will see Circle…yeah!  The beginning we could see Doctor Psycho.

Flash: Rogues (2012) This would be a Rogues gang up on the Flash.  We would meet Wally West and he would be Kid Flash to help at the end.

Green Lantern: Emerald Twilight (2012) We would see the destruction of Coast City and the birth of three new Green Lantern, John Stewart, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner.  Hal Jordan would be infected by Paralax and die.

Justice League 2 (2013) Brainiac…yes for a Justice League movie.

2014-2016 We would see another Batman movie, Superman and probably Flash and Green Lantern.

2017, Justice League 3: Crisis, this could bring on the end of Barry Allen and see Wally West become Flash and open the world up to the Multiverse.  Loosely based on Crisis on Infinite Earths.

This comes from one article I wrote way back in 2006.  I saved it for a rainy day, which, its not raining now…but you get the idea.

Casting, i cannot go in to at all, but of course Routh and Bale would be in for Superman and Batman, maybe Colby Smulders as Wonder Woman.  It is hard to image with Gal Gadot killing it so far.  Things turned out differently and we got, Batman Begins (2005), Superman Returns (2006), The Dark Knight (2008), Green Lantern (2011), The Dark Knight Rises and the Man of Steel in (2013).  Hell the Universe could have started off with Green Lantern if the movie was a little better and didn’t tank.

This film publicity image released by Warner Bros. Pictures shows Henry Cavill as Superman in "Man of Steel." (AP Photo/Warner Bros. Pictures, Clay Enos)
The Man of Steel

The Man of Steel, I did like it and overall it isn’t bad.  I thought Zack Snyder was the guy for the job when it comes to making a Superman movie.  It was not the Superman I grew up with.  I love the casting of Cavill and pretty much everyone else, with the exception of Amy Adams as Lois Lane.  I of course do not like the idea of the Phantom Zone being a thing and Supes killing Zod.  The mass destruction was huge, but killing Zod was not the thing to do.  Superman should have been viewed as a savior at then of the movie for saving the world.


BVS…The first half of the movie, is picking up the pieces after the Man of Steel.  We see the statue which makes Superman seems like a savior.  the movie reminds me a little of the Dark Knight Returns in ways, a lot of press bull shit and characters that do not matter.  I don’t like the beginning of the movie, most of it.  There is little Batman and little mopey Superman.  Their first meeting was a joke.  Lex Luthor is a mastermind to get these two fighting.  Snyder should have shortened the beginning down to about 30 minutes, less Lois Lane.  The 60 minute mark should have had the show down between Batman and Superman….or not at all.  The movie should have been Batman/Superman Dawn of Justice.  The moment Lois gets the kryptonite spear, it could have been Aquaman…not fucking Lois Lane, she shouldn’t have been there in first place.

Batman v. Superman is what it is and overall I like it.  But, I would have made a different movie.  Batman and Superman never needed to fight.  Who wanted to see this?  I wanted to see them meet work together to stop something.  Not Doomsday.  The Death of Superman should not have been explored this early.  Superman and Wonder Woman should have come out of this as heroes, with Batman in the shadows.  Check out my review for Batman v Superman.

Suicide Squad, I don’t know if it will impact the rest of the universe as much, or at least the grand scheme of things.  But it is getting mixed reviews at best.  I look forward to watching it a little later tonight.  I still think making a movie like this is ballsy and people may or may not be taking that for granted.  David Ayer never…never ever should have yelled, “FUCK MARVEL!”  That was stupid.  Marvel has how many successful movies since 2000?  We are talking 5 Spider-man movies, 9 X-men movies and all the MCU movies.  DC since 2000 has released 9 and that includes Watchmen.  I could be wrong.


So, what is the quickfix?

Well it has to come after Justice League.  I would change the order of films to come out and maybe have cameos.  Here is the current DC line-up.

June 2nd, 2017 – Wonder Woman

November 17, 2017 – Justice League

March 23rd, 2018 – The Flash

July 27th, 2018 – Aquaman

October 5th, 2018 (Untitled) Batman?

April 5th, 2019 – Shazam

June 14th, 2019 – Justice League 2

November 1st, 2019 – (Untitled) Man of Steel 2?

April 3rd, 2020 – Cyborg

July 24th, 2020 – Green Lantern Corps

I would alter this.  People may kill me, but Cyborg and his own movie…?  Justice League 2 should come later.  Why wouldn’t you want to do more with you #1 and #2 characters.  Batman and Superman should have movies after Justice League.  Green Lantern could be and should be introduced in Justice League, if he is…do not put it in the trailers.  It is probably too late, but move Justice League up to July and Flash to 2017.  This would open up a spot for another movie in 2018.  How about Superman and Batman having movies in the same year? Aquaman in March, Suoerman in July and Batman in October…why the hell not?

The lighter blue looks great and even rockin the undies looks good.We have to change Superman’s costume.  He gave his life for this world and we should feel that in Justice League.  He costume should be Blue and Red.  Not dark at all.  I don’t get it, why not a lighter blue?  Christopher Reeve and even Brandon Routh looked great.  The image to the the left can give you an idea of what the costume could look like with a lighter and different shade of blue.  To me, he would look more iconic.  I am camp undies for Superman or #UndiesforSuperman.  But that may be too classic for Zack Snyder.

Another quick fix…move past Zack Snyder.  He will have directed three of the five movies when Justice League is released.  Give him a break, a long break.  I don’t know that I like where this is going, the universe I mean.  I worry about what the future holds, a lot.  Snyder made Batman a killer, who pulled too many triggers.  That is not Batman.  Affleck was very good in the role, but shit man, he does not kill…not even in the Dark Knight Returns, when he was at his darkest.  Superman does not kill…the DCU in general does not kill.  Sure Wonder Woman killed Maxwell Lord once, but that was different.

Story is the biggest problem, the stories offered are full of too much info and come out scattered.  I am sick of it taking up to an hour for anything to happen.  Batman Begins waited 60 minutes before we saw Batman.  The Man of Steel was 60 minutes and BvS things picked up after the first hour.  My son was bored out of his mind.  This is where Marvel wins.  It does not take forever to get to the point.  Sure, Iron Man took some time, but that launched the entire MCU.  Origin movies I can forgive, but even so, we are getting to a point of not needing to see these origin stories of a lot of these characters.  Superman, Batman everyone knows where they come from and why they are what they are.  It hasn’t changed much over the years.

When in doubt read a fucking comic!  There are so many story lines in the comics that are so much better than any of these movies.

In short,

  1. Move the schedule, focus on the big guns.  The summer, June or July release should be the big one.
  2. Superman is a symbol of hope, brighten that costume and make him smile.
  3. Better work on story, pull from the comics if needed.

I would love to see The Long Halloween adapted, not some bullshit movie that takes place in Arkham Asylum, I have played that game.  The comics have so much, over 75 years of content, come on guys.  Geoff Johns, I am looking at you buddy.  One of my favorites, fix this, DC deserves better, we the fans deserve better.

Thanks for reading…it was long and I am sorry, I warned you.  But, part of me wonders if the DCU has a plan laid out.  There should be a 10 year plan in place.  The plan shouldn’t be, “catch up to Marvel as fast as possible”.  Establish!!!

Enjoy this!

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