Christian Bale as Deathstroke?

I am in no way making any kind of announcement.  As far as I know Bale is done with his time in the DCU.  But reading an article about Zack Snyder wanting to add Bale to Batman v. Superman got me thinking…

What of Christian Bale showed up in the new DC Cinematic Universe?  There were rumors and fan theories that Affleck was not Batman, but Deathstroke, some dumb shit.  I heard some wild fan theories, but that one was the worst.

Your mind goes to a Flashpoint or Earth 2 Batman type situation.  Hell maybe you can go as far as thinking of some classic DC comics “Crisis” story-line.  For me, why not a villain.  Bale has been very good as villainous characters before.


Why not someone who is nearly equal to Batman?  For Deathstroke, why not someone who has been Batman?

For all of the Bale as Batman lovers out there…its over.  Ben Affleck is currently Batman and killing it as the Dark Knight.  Bu think about it, Batman vs Deathstroke.  Affleck vs Bale…

This is all before I see Suicide Squad.  Who knows, Scott Eastwood could be Slade Wilson. But the character was pulled from Arrow because the film side of DC has plans.  Well we now have 2 men playing Superman.  Can Manu Bennett come back to Arrow?  So if Eastwood is not Slade Wilson, who is he?  We will find out soon enough.  But just think about it for a minute.  How would Bale be as Slade Wilson.  This may not be an original idea…but it is for me and I think it could work.  I thought if Deathstroke would no longer be in Arrow, he would be in Suicide Squad, still could be.  But, there is a big gap of time between Manu Bennett’s last appearance on Arrow and another movie that would make sense for Deathstroke to be in.  We don’t have a date or a year of when the solo Batman movie would be coming.  With that, would Slade, Deathstroke even be apart of the movie.

As for Eastwood, I think he is playing Dick Grayson, which would be awesome.

Of course I have no say in what happens in movies.  This will more than likely not happen.  I was never a big fan of Christian Bale as Batman, I think Deathstroke could be an interesting choice for the actor.  Also, who knows what real plans they have for Deathstroke.  We are more than a year away from Justice League and around two years from anything else.

But in all fun, what do you think?  Could Christian Bale pull of Deathstroke…without his Batman voice of course?

There you go, maybe not a wild fanboy theory, more like fan-casting.  What do you think?

Let me know!


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