Best of Bond: Daniel Craig (2006-2015)


So this is the current version of James Bond, kind of a reboot the series.  They originally were going to go younger and well they did from Brosnan, but I thought it would be a Late-20’s or early 30’s Bond.  Henry Cavill, Superman, was up for Bond before Casino Royale, I think he was actually up for Superman for Superman Returns also, he ended up with a cooler film.

Well, that got off track.  I have said that each Bond had represented their time decade or time as Bond.  With Daniel Craig movies are gritter and more hard core, serious.  The stories are better written and of course the effects are terrific.  Brosnan really was a left over from the older Bond’s where his films were darker than Roger Moore, they were still campy.  In the Daniel Craig films we get a more down to earth and less campy James Bond.  But again, these films really represent this day and age in films.

It seems he is also a popular choice for James Bond, I mean I love his films, but I am not big on Daniel Craig, he is good, but not my Bond.  Sometimes, the films can make the actor, but usually the actor can make the film.   In this case they go hand and hand and Daniel Craig will probably go down as one of the 3 James Bonds.  We got his second to last Bond film this fall, with Spectre and I was stoked.  We thought, but now he was offered $99 million to do one more and he turned down the chance to play Bond one last time.  Spectre will likely be his last appereance as James Bond.  Casino Royale is the strongest by far and Skyfall is great, I do not think Quantum of Solace should be left out, it is pretty cool.  Spectre was terribly boring and I may not see it again.

Here is how I rank Daniel Craig’s Bond films.

Spectre (2015)

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Quantum of Solace (2008)


Skyfall (2012)


Casino Royale (2006)






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