30. Marvel Movies: X-men Origins: Wolverine (2009)


Captain America: Civil War is coming soon, as is X-men Apocalypse, so this list was due.

I like this movie.  For all of its flaws and problems and CGI claws and terrible Deadpool issues.  It isn’t that bad.  But so many people are butt hurt over Deadpool, even if the Deadpool movie killed.  But fans will never forgive this movie.  I wonder, what if Deadpool was in costume and correct…would this movie be better, oh and if he wasn’t the final boss. 

You have to admit, Liev Schriber was killer as Sabretooth.  He and Hugh Jackman were awesome on screen together and I could not get enough.  When the final Wolverine happens, I hope we see Liev back as Sabretooth and they fight to their death.  But, again, I like this one but it does belong near the bottom.

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